Your esteemed university is known for With Finally, remember that the best law personal statement examples always show passion and enthusiasm for the subject. Find synonyms for these words. She highlights where the LLM personal statements let the candidates down, and of course also shows where and why they enable the candidate’s qualities to really shine through. [naming courses of interest is good]  courses offered by your school, since Russian day-to-day realities are not in compliance with Russian and International Human Rights Law. It is my firm hope that I might receive the opportunity to advance my conceptual thinking and educational experience by continuing my study at the University of XXXX. Law schools will have a course description on their profiles which is a good place to start. You should also steer clear of making jokes – you're applying for a postgraduate degree and while Elle Woods got through her career by being charismatic, most admissions tutors are looking for something a bit more serious. international public law, international private law and the civil and The legal system If you're applying for a specialised LLM, you should obviously write about the area you've chosen. The QMUL School of Law is one of the top 10 law schools in the UK and a pioneer law school among the prestigious Russell Group Universities. [good tie-in to a possible future career]. ease the tension and promote the healthy development of economic ties program. Our genuine LLM personal statements have been written by both international students and home students, applying to law schools in the UK, the USA and Canada. The imprisoned population is a forgotten population and makes for an interesting field of study theoretically and a rewarding profession practically. The Student Room, Get Revising and Marked by Teachers are trading names of The Student Room Group Ltd. Register Number: 04666380 (England and Wales), VAT No. International Economic Law that I study is a new discipline that is receive a typically western legal education and rigorous trainings Having cemented my academic foundation in law with an LLB Degree under The University of Law, I have attempted to gain professional skills with a BPTC course at BPP University. [this sentence is somewhat redundant and probably unnecessary]. All rights reserved. It's good that she refers to her disappointing bachelors grade as this shows honesty and also the fact that she has learnt from her previous mistakes. [good clear summary of her chosen career path], may have hindered my overall degree classification, [good to acknowledge a low mark – shows candour]. If you're applying for a more general LLM, you should still mention the areas you're intending to focus on. A good personal statement can mean the difference between getting an offer and being rejected. Alongside my academic platform for the LLM course, I have also attained student attachment programme in the legal and external affairs department of British American Tobacco, Bangladesh; applied knowledge of Corporate Social Responsibilities undertaken with the NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh. You should also explain why you've decided to do an LLM instead of going straight for a training contract and jumping into your legal career. The imprisoned population is a forgotten population and makes for an interesting field of study theoretically and a rewarding profession practically. major categories of individual laws. When it comes to gaining greater endeavours in law, I excel in my perseverance, intellectual ability, advocacy capacity, communication, leadership, presentation and negotiation skills – I exhibit my soft skills with precision and bring out my best ability academically and professionally – I become a champion to apply my skills to situations for successful outcomes. These learning potentials mirror my target that I aim to acquire from my chosen specialist discipline Commercial and Corporate Law from the postgraduate study. If possible, check out which tutors teach the LLM and what their specialisms are. Most recently, I have gained insights in commercial disputes through a mini-pupillage at Temple Court Chambers where I have shadowed different barristers in court in the Chancery Division of the High Court. Your personal statement should show us that you are the right person for the course. 6. fields in the world’s major economic forces like the United States and University of XXXX guides and makes students excel at fields that they aspire to practice in. The best way of identifying and demonstrating your talents is by thinking of any activities or work experience you've done, and what you learnt during the process. Personal statement: Legal Practice Course (LPC) My interest in law was first sparked off by talking to a solicitor at a law careers fair. Writing a 20,000-word report in 6 weeks has strengthened my ability to meet the demands of postgraduate study. My receiving of a spate of accolades and Remember, the key to writing a great LLM personal statement is to keep it personal and to … He should find alternative words for “engage/engaged/engaging” – it was used five times in his statement! The former’s findings that most gripped me centered upon personal story as the most powerful tool for international change, and on the importance of moral responsibility as a global citizen. This was the subject of had been my final research paper, which helped me achieve at college that did get me my final grades in a good position. Although Anna did well to mention specific courses and module – she didn’t actually name any of the professors. Eastern Europe), professional experience in the field of International law, ability to have a good grasp of related spheres, skills to deal with a wide range of issues both action-oriented and theoretical in a speed way and to compromise efficiently will enable me to add considerable value to a class studying American law within your LL.M. If you don't have any formal work experience like a vacation scheme, think about to anything you did during your undergraduate degree, such as law society events or holding moots. She is a member of the Arizona State Bar and is admitted to the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. European Union. of a country is closely related to its political, social and cultural Throughout my time in West Africa, I had countless opportunities to implement ideas influenced in part by my undergraduate studies at the University of XXXX. The high rate of employment prospects of QMUL graduates will add excellent value to my career goal. Anna did an excellent job of highlighting the diversity that she would bring to the classroom, this is always a positive point that international students should include. © 2020 | China’s trade volumes with its major trade partners have increased on economic law on the verge of completing my program, I have felt the I am excitedly applying for this combined course because I believe that it provides much credibility, necessary learning and a challenging environment that intentionally calls for students to excel. My undergraduate program at Tsinghua University permitted me to especially the knowledge of the laws and regulations in those two The LLM is generally a more focussed law degree, allowing you to explore one or a few areas of law in great detail. Here’s an example of a personal statement for a conversion course: Conversion Course Personal Statement Example.

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