Your photography is beautiful as always, and your words about trusting in God are exactly what I needed to hear today. This made me tear up. 8,206 Likes, 93 Comments - Naomi Davis | Love Taza (@taza) on Instagram: “When it’s too early for Mama and I think maybe they won’t notice if I lay down on the playroom rug…” a front stoop for carved pumpkins I’ve been following you since you lived in DC (while I was also living there!) a lot of therapeutic tears and hard conversations I’ve been following along on your blog for so many years now and I’ve missed reading it these last few months. Thank you for this great message. All the best to you on your next adventure. So happy to see you blogging again and welcome to AZ. Naomi Davis | Love Taza on Instagram: “In my stories right now, I’m walking you through our green smoothie popsicle process which is the tried and true method in our home to get…” I asked Madalena to hold the door open for me whil, Conrad drove his little sisters through the fruit. You and your family are an inspiration to young mothers and families everywhere. ... just logging in with so much to say but also very tired eyes (which means all the words may have to wait). Brought home a bunch of pumpkins last night! After years of raising our 5 littles in New York City, we are currently embracing a new chapter among our citrus trees and chickens in Arizona! hi! Where have your little babies gone? I could not believe it when I saw that my favorite blogger/instagramer and her family moved to my home town! you don’t need the hottest lens or the most expensive camera body to document. i’ve said it from the get go, but it doesn’t matter the camera. drawn up dreams on tracing papers with a home renovation slowly taking shape Can’t wait to see your new lives unfold. I’ve followed you since before Eleanor and I’ve missed your cute family on my feed. i have felt it, and i have appreciated it. Sending love! it all feels like the blink of an eye but also 500 million years of time, right? I know the summer is so hot, but just you wait for fall and winter! Just the message I needed today <3 thanks Naomi! I hope to go back sometime, now that I know what the city feels like. i didn’t intend to be away from my blog space for as long as it’s been, and i thank you for your patience as a few weeks away turned into a few months. but as we have held onto the small bursts of clarity and insight we’ve been given, we can acknowledge deliberate gifts received and simplified moments we’re treasuring. Even the hard unexpected events. freckles and tan lines and sun hats (and 110+ degree temps each day for 50 days) Wishing you and your family well! and there are silver linings in the pink and orange sherbet sky if we want to grab ahold and bring them in close. I love these photos and all the FRECKLES! Oh how I have missed your family and your beautiful photos! a roof strung with twinkling christmas lights soon enough and have since moved many times. God is still on the move. can you please do a post on how each of your kids feel about the move? Welcome to AZ. Why did you choose Arizona? Welcome back Mama! ... if somewhere in the world there was an award given for “best hand washer,” i’d confidently place my bets on one of my girls to take home the title. ️ Can’t believe what a year it has been! I understand why you’ve taken time out and even though we’ve all missed it, you guys come first. Sending you all the love for your courage and faith… and the happiness you share with the world via the internet. I’m so glad you’re back! so many photos. These pictures are so beautiful! Naomi Davis | Love Taza on Instagram: “We ate take-out on the floors of our new apartment last night. there is still a lot to celebrate in 2020. we caught the sunset on a little hike out in the desert the other evening and it was glorious. a graduation from stroller napping I’ve followed your blog/instagram for years. A simple and beautiful post, thanks for sharing! it had been the first evening in a long time where i grabbed my big camera on the way out the door. I look forward to watching your new life unfold. It made me cry! :). But I completely understand you might not want to share and I get that! i hope you’re doing alright and have had good moments in your week that surely had rocky parts, too. Much love and prayers for your family. I have to ask if the leather sofa also made the move. Thank you for continuing to share with us your marvelous view of the world. I hope you end up loving it here, too! ), and i’ll share more soon as we embark on a little bit of a renovation on an old ranch style house on the property we are excited to make home. 451.2k Followers, 180 Following, 5,946 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Naomi Davis (@taza) Oh my goodness your babies can walk now! Tears have been close to the surface lately but these weren’t sad tears. I hope you’re making friends and maybe even able to see family a little more easily. I’ve been following along since we were both pregnant with our firsts and am impressed by your bravery and this new adventure. My goodness how I’ve missed you all, glad you’re all safe & healthy. So happy you’re back to blogging!! xo, Congratulations on this chapter and making decisions that are right for your family , Gorgeous photos Josh and Naomi! I want to thank you for this lovely post! He will continue to guide you and all of us. Brought home a bunch of pumpkins last night! How did you guys decide on Arizona? Beautiful pictures and so good to see you all doing to well and looking so happy! Hi Naomi! how have you and your loved ones been doing the last few months? Thanks for remaining positive and looking for the blessing in 2020 despite all the difficulty it may be bringing. love taza / rockstar diaries copyright 2020. all rights reserved. She’s baaaack and aren’t we all so glad!! a new zip code and a three hour time change a deeper love and appreciation for dear friends, family and loved ones we don’t get to see, hug and hold as often That’s awesome! There is so much unknown, but I…” What a lovely new home! The desert is a beautiful restorative place. Your photography is beautiful as always, and your words about trusting in God are exactly what I needed to hear today. Conrad looks like he’s grown SO much since March. Such a beautifully embraced change. Your blog has always o uplifting to me. how are they adapting? Can’t wait to see your new place and how you decorate it. I’ve been a fan for a long timmeee (like 2009 I think)….. i am sending lots of love your way as you navigate your current chapter, too. Looks beautiful there. You display your faith beautifully for the world to see. I’m so glad to see you living and thriving! Good luck! I appreciate your honesty and transparency about the unexpected turns life has in store for us. I imagine it’s not as hard because you’re always traveling and on-the-go. our first home purchase (+ a floor pooled with water in the laundry room on day two in the new house because #welcome-to-home-owning, the walls laughed) I’ve followed your blog/instagram for years. all from the phone camera and all holding special moments, i could blow them up gigantic and frame them everywhere, it doesn’t matter that the big camera never left the shelf the last several weeks. 2020. only eight months in but it’s a year none of us will ever forget, yeah? These are so completely gorgeous. Thank you. especially the older ones. I hope you fall in love with this beautifully diverse state as much as me! Then we had a little sleepover with a few blow up mattresses and I cried…” I know it is for me, especially since I moved away almost 10 years ago. This is the sweetest post. I am so sorry you weren’t able to give NYC a proper goodbye but I hope life in Arizona is treating you well! and as much as it pains us to see all that’s still happening in NY, it’s refreshing to see your family enjoying life in the desert! You’re doing great! Lots of life lately (swipe!) I miss seeing your little family updates. with HIM all gonna be just fine! Sublet? I absolutely love Arizona (and our whole beautiful southwest here in the U.S.) and I cannot wait to see more photos of your home and pool and backyard and life in Arizona. It’s hard because I, and others feel so much a part of your life… I mean for me I’ve been following since before E… But I also know I couldn’t share my life easily like you do so I get it as much as I can! Best wishes to your family. You are in for a treat! They’ve grown so quickly! sherbet shades of pink and orange that had all seven of us oohing and awwing at all the beauty still surrounding us. 105 talking about this. There’s nothing like them in the world! our first monsoon soccer shoes with cleats hidden underneath That landscape and those sunsets are like no other! New to your account and excited to follow along. i don’t know what all the future cards hold for our family, but i’m thankful for the peace i have received as i have let go of wanting to hold all the control and instead let our Father in heaven guide.

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