makes no claims to rights of any kind in this content or the sources from which it comes. New York: Oxford University Press, For a complete listing of songs used in the original production of the show, see IBDB song list. "Fred Astaire was a famous dancer, a popular movie actor, and a singer who had introduced the immense majority of memorable songs from the golden age of the American musical. and the American Musical Someone has suggested that the spoken voice at at the conclusion of Murphy's performance is that of talk show host Jack Paar, but no matter who it might have been, its presence suggests that Murphy's performance was live as it would have been on a talk show where the performer interacts afterward with the host. Notes: KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler are The tempos on the Moodsville album are brisker than usual for that label, and the results are very impressive. 1936 Why this difference? This is the first recording of the complete score with its original orchestrations by Kern's orchestrator-of-choice, Robert Russell Bennett (album recorded New World Records, 2014). # 7; Perhaps it would have been more "normal" for the men to sing the song in both films, but Scott was not a strong vocalist and often didn't sing a song one might have expected him to. (Please complete or pause one Also in both cases, an element of clerverness is introduced into the staging of the song. Here, "Lovely To Look At" is simultaneously serving the dual purpose required by producer Pandro Berman: musical accompaniment for the models and love song. background-color: #FBECD5; LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY and WHY DO I LOVE YOU practically dance off the disc. 1938 Delightful to know and heaven to kiss "Lovely To Look Fit," therefore, though often reprinted, remains an unsolved riddle, at least by us. Catalog of The Great American Songbook: 1. The cast includes West End, Broadway, and opera stars Kim Criswell, Annalene Beechey (who sings "Lovely To Look At"), Jason Graae, and Diana Montague. Listen to Jan Garber Lovely To Look At MP3 song. He wanted her lyric to accomplish two purposes simultaniously: to be an accompaniment for glamorous models in a formal fashion show as a tender love song. # 16; (Please complete or pause one Any other images that appear on pages are either in the public domain or appear through the specific permission of their owners. Once Dorothy Fields supplied a lyric for Jerome Kern's previously unused music, the song was was added to the score and used in the 1935 film. Either way, I have always found this song absolutely hypnotic and it was the first Kern number to jerk those time-honored words out of me: 'He's the best, you know, the very best'.". # 15; # 6; # 3; # 46; video before starting another. body { . Is quite my most impossible scheme come true, Dick Jurgens & his Orchestra, The Music Goes Round & Round - But no. ), 1952 background-color: #FBECD5; LONG AGO AND FAR AWAY and WHY DO I LOVE YOU practically dance off the disc. background-color: #FBECD5; Click here to read Cafe Songbook lyrics policy. ), Notes: This Lucky Thompson track of "Lovely To Look At" first appeared on a 45 rpm single and on the Jerome Kern and No More album (1963) noted above. *Some confusion as to which Shilkret brother's (Nat's or Jack's ) orchestra accompanies Irene Dunne on the original Brunswick (7420) recording of "Lovely To Look At." # 2; (Gioia, The Jazz Standards, p. 15, Hardcover, Ed. Guy Lombardo, 1930 He will tell you this, Lovely to look at, . Winer also points out that Dorothy could have been heading for difficulties not only because producer Pandro Berman would put Kern's sixteen bars with its new lyric ritht into the movie without prior approval from the Dean, but also because he double tasked Field. # 42; Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers sing and dance to smippets from "Lovely To Look At," but it is only Dunne who sings it fully, including the verse, during the film's fashion show finale. -- See video clip center column, this page. All such images are linked to the source from which they came (i.e. In the Blue of the Evening, Notes: This CD contains the tracks from two David Allyn albums both recorded with Johnny Mandel as conductor and arranger: David Allyn Sings Jerome Kern and In the Blue of the Evening. . Wilder calls Kern's answer "courageous and forthright," but adds that because he likes the song, he "feels slightly cheated. } And to make things more complicated yet, all of the new songs for the movie with lyrics by Dorothy Fields were published with a words credit given to Fields earlier writing partner, Jimmy McHugh; but that was only because RKO's contract with Fields required it to be so. The lyric for "Lovely To Look At" was finally written two years later by Dorothy Fields, who had been hired to write lyrics for new music by Kern for songs to be added to the score of the 1935 movie version of Roberta. Duchin's recording quickly went to number one on the charts. The CD also features extended extracts from the soundtrack of the film version of Show Boat in which Dunne starred as Magnolia. Here, while Irene Dunne's character is singing the song she sees Randolph Scott (John Kent) and realizes that all is well with their romance. Guy Lombardo, Lullaby of Broadway - See notes below video for complete personnel, I Feel a Song Coming On: The Life of Jimmy McHugh, American Popular Song: The Great Innovators, 1900-1950, a widely reprinted Kern anecdote and quotation, When Kern was asked why the music for "Lovely To Look At," written for the score for the Broadway show, Alec Wilder praies "Lovely To Look At" with feint criticism. body { album: Lovely To Look At, Notes: In 1935, three versions of "Lovely To Look At" by orchestra leaders and their dance band style orchestras (with vocal accompanyists) made it onto the charts: Eddy Duchin's version on Victor was recorded on February 15, (vocal by Lew Sherwood) was the biggest hit rising to number 1. You're lovely to look, it's thrilling to hold you terribly tight.

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