Company Number: 7710669. LSE hosts the world’s leading thinkers and speakers as they give exclusive talks on their ideas and experiences. To start off with David Gordon, LSE Students’ Union General Secretary 2020-21 explains what the LSE Students' Union (LSESU) can offer. However, the society has also had several more controversial figures speak before such as Benazir Bhutto or Chen Yonglin. [32] Its members have also represented the society at international conferences in New York, Berlin, and Shanghai. The campaign at the LSE was named the "strongest organising drive of any campus in two decades" by the leadership of the National Union of Students (NUS). [55][56] LSESU had had controversies before over the Israel-Palestine conflict with several sit in protests, and a mock Israeli check-point in regards to the defence wall in the West Bank run by LSESU Palestinian Society supporters.[57][58][59]. Reasons for this largely stem back to the LSE's radical past in the 1960s, but it has been upheld today, and meetings are well known to get heated, almost violent at some points. The elections themselves are broadcast live throughout the night on both the School's radio and television stations. The occupation ended after nine of their demands were met by the LSE management. To visit LSE's Welcome page, click here. The London School of Economics Students' Union is the representative and campaigning body for students at The London School of Economics and Political Science. Powered by MSL. It is affiliated with the Department of International Relations, yet its membership is open to all students of LSE. Unusually, the Postgraduate sabbatical officer works part-time, but is paid. An LSE education is designed so that you can engage critically with your discipline and real global challenges, equipping you professionally and personally for the world into which you will graduate. In 2006, the Union also voted to divest from fourteen listed arms companies and are currently lobbying the School to do the same. [10], Off campus, LSE rents a 25-acre (100,000 m2) sportground, known as Berrylands, in New Malden, Surrey, where the LSESU Athletics Union (AU) sports clubs play.[1]. In 2009/10, the voting system was run entirely through online for the first time. The Economics Society also publishes Rationale, an annual working paper series consisting of student academic research from its Research Division, with Houghton Street Press. Founded in 1923, the Grimshaw Club is one of the oldest and most controversial student societies in the UK. Keynote speeches and panel discussions focus on current economic affairs and latest developments in the field of economic research. The Trustees for 2016–2017 include William Stein, Paul Vella, Hannah Nairn, Yuvraj Khetan, Andrea Solis and Krishnan Puri Sudhir.[13]. The two running candidates were rejected by the electorate and the position was re-opened for nominations (RON). Find out more about LSE's sports facilities. [35], In 2016, the Grimshaw Club brought US Ambassador Matthew Barzun and His Excellency Sir Lockwood Smith (High Commissioner of New Zealand) to the LSE for a student lecture. The Clare Market Review, established in 1905, is one of the oldest student journals in the UK. [1] Historically there is a rivalry between the LSE Students' Union and those at Kings College. In this time they also proclaimed the establishment of "The Free University of London" and noted the depoliticised nature of the LSE campus, including the LSESU. We bring together like-minded people to promote informal discussion and debate about Geography and Environment. Bringing staff and students together to work on sustainability projects. These initial security gates were removed by students. Students are permitted to use the facilities of other University of London colleges and those at Student Central comprising its own sports halls, courts, multigym and swimming pool. [43][44][45] In 2007, David Irving had been in negotiations to speak at LSE, before he was invited to speak at the Oxford Union which led to national outcry. Held every February, RAG Week is one of the biggest weeks in the LSESU calendar where every society, sports club and media outlet comes together in an effort to raise as much money as possible for charitable causes. Atheist, Secularist, and Humanist Society, Learn how and when to remove this template message, The London School of Economics and Political Science, Millennium: Journal of International Studies, "Student statistics from the LSE website", "BBC website: On This Day – LSE Student Protests", "LSE website on the New Students' Centre", "Huge win for The Only Way Is Ethics campaign", " – This website is for sale! These positions are LGBT Officer, Disabled Students' Officer, Anti-Racism Officer, Ethics and Environment Officer, Women's Officer, International Students' Officer, RAG (Raising and Giving) President, and AU President. The officer's role involves organising ballots of all student Union members with the assistance of the Union Staff, specifically the Democracy Co-ordinator. [19], In late 2009, the LSE Students Union passed a resolution to twin with the Islamic University of Gaza and support the Right to Education for students in Gaza. The Athletics Union (AU) was created as a constituent body of the Union in the 1940s, and The Beaver newspaper was established in 1947.[1]. His appointment made most of the major papers and he appeared on radio as well. LSE Students' Union Discover the range of opportunities the SU provide for students. The campaign was led by students, cleaners, academics and The East London Citizens Organisation (TELCO) and has involved several protests, petitions, motions and lobbying of the School's administration in an effort to lift cleaners out of poverty pay.[14]. [citation needed] When the riot police attempted to storm the building, the students left immediately en masse without confrontation, marching to South Africa House to protest outside the Embassy, leaving the police at the Old Building in confusion. A salary of £27,000 per academic session is paid for each of the full-time roles. Highlights often including the Pulse RAGathon – a week-long broadcast of the Union's radio station, with participants unable to leave campus, the Hacks vs. Jocks gunging event, inter-halls sports day and much more. [27] There are over fifty national societies, reflecting LSE's position as arguably the most international higher education establishment in the world, with around 65% of students coming from outside the United Kingdom. In 2005, the Union campaigned successfully to secure a Living Wage for the cleaners on campus and within the LSE's residences. The SU holds two sets of elections throughout the academic session, in October and March, to elect new officers and sabbatical officers.

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