He abruptly shoved me against the wall and shoved his tongue down my throat. LOL. His showed up first, so we both looked at each other, smiled and he kissed me! Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity.

She really was a girl of few words. My first kiss was at the age of 21. Thanks, but no thanks.-Rachel, My first kiss was actually on prom night and I was so nervous because I felt like everyone else was so far ahead on what they had done with their partners, or whatever.

But Tuesday was very close to D-day considering the dare-devil act that I wanted to pull on Saturday. I didn't want to kiss him, so I panicked and said I'd just vomited (it was the first thing that sprang to mind). He's now married with two children.

One evening, he came over to my house for pizza and a movie. Sure, a fart can be bad news bears when you’re mid-kiss, but nothing ruins a kiss faster than someone shoving a tongue down your throat. I was 17.

", 7. Spoiler alert: it was not silent. He put his arm around me, took his hat off, we hid our faces behind it, and he kissed me. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Read My first kiss from the story True Gay Stories by TomLutz with 4,489 reads. "First kiss was with a guy called Jason who, until then, I absolutely loathed.

Then leaned in and kissed me.

He ended up with a fat lip. "My first kiss was at a youth club.

I was really eager to do it, but I wasn’t eager to throw it away. He said stand up.

She had looked at me with that strange look. Not many 16 years old or that great of kissers, at least not back then, anyway. It'll also give you inspo for your next smooch. "I was maybe 8 at the time, and my YMCA summer camp took a field trip to the beach.

It was with the boy I liked, who actually became my boyfriend for most of high school after this, but at the time we were both super pimply and awkward and neither one had made a move.

I had my first kiss in front of a bunch of Insane Clown Posse CDs after I told my boyfriend I thought clown makeup was badass.

I had a date with my girlfriend, whom I hadn’t kissed yet. We went to Subway for dinner and to see the movie School of Rock. He took me out to his porch and we sat on the porch swing next to each other. So, after two days of completely avoiding each other, late at night we snuck into this abandoned upstairs room in the ski lodge and held hands, and then he kissed me. I was at a loss for words until I realized I should ask who so I called out who does? I had avoided kissing my 6th grade boyfriend for as long as humanly possible because I had NO idea what to do. A week later, she dumped me. during it. But we played spin the bottle and he dared me to kiss him so…I did.

But something told me that I had to tell her I wanted to kiss her.

Little did he know, I had visited pretty much every summer since birth—but I went with it. Brooke Sager penned her first story at age six and is now a Contributing Writer at Cosmopolitan.com.

Liked what you just read? My first kiss story. As we kissed for the first time, she told me she enjoyed how slow we took things. I looked back for a few seconds, and just didn’t know what to say to her.

After, I turned away from him because I could feel myself blushing. “Tonsil hockey” should not be taken literally. To make her point that it was easy, she walked up and made out with him and then told him to kiss me. [Read: Understanding the mind of an overly sweet nice guy], Somehow, with a bit of a tussle with her shopping bags and a lot of rustling and tearing of bags later, I found her lips at a distance and locked lips with her. I thought if I was gentle about it, it would be the long and silent kind. — Abby, 16, "My boyfriend and I had been together for about three months and we still hadn't kissed yet.

It was still the start of the week, and only a day since my dad had given me the permission to take the car. I wondered if my girlfriend wanted to kiss me. And I had heard that it burns the eyes real bad. I was panning to meet uo with him but I totally forgot. And then she went and she dumped him? Whether it’s your first time locking lips ever or that initial smooch with a special someone, you can’t help but recall every detail—especially if yours was as swoon-worthy or awkwardly adorable as these IRL first kiss stories. My first kiss was with my current girlfriend. ", "Our kisses were so 'passionate' that I was able to catch the saliva dripping from our mouths into my hand.

These Seventeen readers had the most aww-worthy first kisses! "I was 6.

I was 13, I think. She was quite excited too. We were walking in the park, holding hands.

My neighbor, Mrs. Jennings, said it was OK because she knew my mom was pretty strict. ahah, reminds me of my first kiss with my boyfriend.. he knew I was a bit more experienced than him and he was extremely nervous about going for it.. so after weeks of waiting when he finally went in for the kiss I got a bit over-excited and tried to takeover and we ended up missing lips.

I wasn't exactly surprised, but it was still really special." I was in my best friend’s apartment. In two days I would be kissing my girlfriend for the first time!

We were saying goodnight at the end of his driveway and he gave me a peck on the lips—soI pulled him in for a longer kiss. Noticing, she took off her scarf, swung it around my neck, and pulled me towards her. 12. ", 19. I think my lips were kind of torn up at the end!-Lizzy, My first kiss happened in a bush next to my house. The best part was when he pulled away with his eyes still closed and said, ‘Ok, good.’ It was as if he was saying, ‘Ok good, got that over with,’ or ‘Ok good, I see where this could go.’ My thought of course was, ‘Finally.’ We’ve been together ever since.” —Christine N., 32, Your Face + These Jade Rollers = Suuuper Zen Vibes, Nothing Is Supreme About the Highest Court Now, This Robot Vacuum and Mop Are Game Changers, 16 Cute Face Masks That Also Support Charities. I could barely move my lips, there was just too much distance between us. A2A. [Read: A heartwarming sweet unconditional love story]. Just a simple kiss that completely made my night!

His name was Juan.-Mary, I had my first kiss when on my 22nd birthday. Your tongue doesn’t need to be all up in there right away. And he did.

Being the proper Texan gentleman, I inquired what the matter was, and she replied that she had borrowed her dead grandmother's ring for the day and lost it somewhere in the sand. She was 14. Except, his teeth crashed into mine, he lost his grip, knocking me all the way down the stairs. "My first kiss with a girl was pretty uneventful. It was so loud in the club that he had to speak directly into my ear for me to hear him over the music. Get ready to feel all the feels and rouse your inner hopeless romantic just in time for Valentine’s Day. To break the tension he went into the stall and proceeded to USE IT. Some people don’t like being looked at when you kiss them — this is usually just insecurity. Then we got in trouble for making out, and they made us sit on opposite sides of the gym, but we ended up going back to the dance. She smiled at me and told me that she had a nice time.

I was 17 and my boyfriend met me to walk the dog. I took her to one of the movie theatres and we watched a mediocre movie, along with loads of popcorn and cola.

I was in my junior year of high school and was (still am) the biggest T. Swift fan.

The way both the actors moved their lips was weird and yet, so perfect! Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la to me. And my friends told me that girls sprayed it on guys who tried kissing them. "It was eighth grade during rehearsal for the school play. ", 24. ", 29. As I looked overhead, the sun was on the west side of noon. ", 17. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! (To quote him: “Back in those days, first kisses were a big deal, and you couldn. I was so dumb and nervous I didn’t even think about him wanting to hook up with me, so I wore Spanx under my sweats to “feel” skinnier.

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