Documentary. After speaking with former Scientology members and being stonewalled by higher-ups, filmmaker Louis Theroux hires actors to re-create alleged events. The film profiles eight former members of the Church of Scientology, exploring the psychological impact of blind faith, how the church attracts new followers and keeps hold on its A-list celebrity devotees. My Scientology Movie Synopsis. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO. But I’m fine with people making that comparison, because at the end of the day, everyone is familiar with that story and if it gets them to watch the show, I’m all about it.”. (archive footage), Self - Scientologist, 2009-2012 View All Videos (1) My Scientology Movie Quotes. $2.99. Documentarian Louis Theroux is denied admittance to the Church of Scientology's headquarters, setting into motion a clever, confrontational and funny plan to try and reveal the inner workings of the mysterious organization. Offers. But while the BBC's mild-mannered assassin brings all of his weapons to bear here – like awkward long silences, innocent but insistent probing, and using his vast reserves of likability – however he somewhat meets his match with Scientology.He is constantly bombarded by the organisations bug-eyed loyalists, threatened by its long list of lawyers and he is unable to get close to its leader David Miscavige, Theroux instead chooses to recreate its practices (and, more pertinently, malpractices) using young unknown actors he casts in sessions, with a little bit guidance from former Scientologists-turned feared whistleblower Mark Rathbun, and even the odd visit to its headquarters. Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. Louis Theroux meets people living with the long-term effects of a brain injury. in the form of The Arrangement, a series starring Josh Henderson as a mega movie star who enters into an arranged relationship with aspiring actress Megan (Christine Evangelista). Although they do pull off a rather convincing recreation to the infamous Hole which is used as a prison for some of the more senior Scientologists (or sea orgs) where some of the more extreme allegation to abuse took place, however since then Miscavige has denied the allegations and the existence to The Hole. Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie. My brother once signed me up to a Scientology mailing list as a joke. All rights reserved. But Vartan told Rotten Tomatoes that although it’s an “understandable” comparison, it really isn’t what The Arrangement is about. Check the My Scientology Movie (2015) trailer! “Kyle is really a good guy, he really is. Your new favorite soapy drama is coming to E! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. “There are so many self-help groups in our country today. Complicating matters for Kyle West — as if a contract girlfriend/wife weren’t complicated enough — is the fact that Kyle’s mentors at the Institute for the Higher Mind, Terence (Michael Vartan) and Deann (Lexa Doig), have differing opinions on whether Megan is good for Kyle. Rotten Tomatoes; Movie Posters; Movie Trailers; Film, Reviews. Swedish. “Throughout the course of Hollywood, there have been documented cases of contract marriages, like back when the studios first started. “If it was about Scientology, I really did not do my homework, because I didn’t do any research on Scientology whatsoever,” he added with a laugh. Search for "My Scientology Movie" on, Title: My Scientology Movie Videos. The film touches on a wide range of aspects of the church from its origin, to an intimate portrait of the Church’s founder L. Ron Hubbard, to its recruiting practices, to present day practices by church officials. ... Rotten Tomatoes® score. (as Steve Mango), Self - Sea Org., 1967-2005 Suffused with a good dose of humour and moments worthy of a Hollywood script, My Scientology Movie is as outlandish as it is revealing. Looking for something to watch? Following the 2013 Peabody Award-winning documentary ‘Mea Maxima Culpa’, his investigation into the Catholic Church, Gibney dives fully into one of the most controversial and secretive religions in the world in GOING CLEAR, exploring what members of Scientology are willing to do in the name of religion. NetflixReleases is an unofficial site for Netflix fans. On the bright side, there will at least be some award-winning puns/memes to come out of this. The Arrangement Isn’t About Scientology for Stars Josh Henderson and Michael Vartan << Rotten Tomatoes – Movie and TV News My Scientology Movie Synopsis. In a bizarre twist, it becomes clear that the Church is also making a film about Louis Theroux. In this new comedy from director Larry Charles (BORAT, "Seinfeld"), comedian and TV host Bill Maher ("Real Time with Bill Maher," "Politically Incorrect") takes a pilgrimage across the globe on a mind-opening journey into the ultimate taboo: questioning religion. “They have an instant connection at [an] audition in the first episode. In light of numerous allegations of abuse and sexual violence against the late Sir Jimmy Savile, Louis Theroux re-examines his media relationship with the enigmatic public figure. This FAQ is empty. MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE Available on 6/13 from Magnolia Home Entertainment. “CERTIFIED FRESH” BY ROTTEN TOMATOES MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE. Inspired by the Church’s use of filming techniques, and aided by ex-members of the organization, Theroux uses actors to replay some incidents people claim they experienced as members in an attempt to better understand the way it operates. Whether The Arrangement calls to mind real-life situations or not, Henderson did say that in the case of Kyle and Megan, the feelings in their relationship are genuine. But along the way money started pouring in, and collateral fame for Kyle, and I think he sort of lost his way. No quotes approved yet for My Scientology Movie. Rentals are not eligible. My Scientology Movie Year 2015 Genre Documentary Type Movies IDMB rating 6.7 (11810 votes) Metacritics rating 62.0 Rotten Tomatoes rating 89.0% Directors John Dower Actors Marty Rathbun, Tom De Vocht, Paz de la Huerta, Louis Theroux, Rob Alter, Tom Cruise It’s obviously about all these characters, but that has happened in Hollywood [before],” Vartan said. Louis Theroux travels to San Francisco where a group of doctors help kids who claim to be born in the wrong body. (as Jeff Hawkins). Eligible if purchased with select payment methods. Inspired by the Church’s use of filmmaking techniques, and with the aid of real ex-scientologists, Theroux uses unconventional methods to expose and antagonize the Church. Meet women in UK, legally providing sexual services, either to make a living or to supplement their income, potentially earning hundreds of pounds per hour.

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