Here are some criteria used for evaluation. For more information about Nashville SC Academy, click HERE. Learning to assess individuals on the basis of their performance in live games is an important step towards helping coaches recognize true soccer talent; an important step towards picking teams based on realistic soccer criteria; and an important step towards helping coaches develop an individual focus for the seasons’ practices. SPEED OF PLAY: How effective is the player in this game with these opponents and teammates? My premise is that quantitative (numerical) measures of ability do not work very well in evaluating soccer players. We are traveling to multiple cities to find the best talent. Does the player control the ball quickly (midfielder)? Nashville SC Academy will participate and play against other major league soccer clubs at the highest nationwide level of youth soccer in the U.S. } Or is it time to run forward and look for a through pass? Can they collect a ball safely, initiate a pass, a run, a turn, a feint, carryout some surprising unpredictable moves, in order to help themselves or a teammate score a goal? TRYOUTS are not only NUSA’s evaluation of a player’s talents, but they are also a chance for the parent to find a program that is the, Pre-Academy U7-U8  (Birth Years 2013-14) --, Lower Academy U9 thru U12 (Birth Years 2009-12) –, Upper Academy U13 thru U19 (Birth Years 2002-08) --, NUSA Antioch U7 thru U12 (Birth Years 2009-14) –, ** ALL players are asked to register in advance through our website, We look forward to another exciting year at NUSA and to meeting you at tryouts. } Or do they run too late and the passing lanes disappear? ULTIMATELY, COACHES PICK THE PLAYERS THEY WANT ON THEIR TEAM. While 5v5 is the best option to assess 9 and 10 year-olds, younger or very inexperienced children might find these numbers too complicated. ... Dec 12 Nashville, TN. Tryouts leverage competition as a motivator to encourage players to examine where they aspire to be and to work toward those aspirations. We already possess a good deal of information about players already in our club. Does the player understand when to SUPPORT A TEAMMATE AND WHEN TO STRETCH THE OTHER TEAM? font-style: normal; We are looking for players that want to improve their soccer skillset and become better trained, elite soccer players and have fun while being part of a cohesive team. Receive an exclusive First String Founding Member collector’s pin. DECISION MAKING: Does the player understand when it is time to possess the ball and play sideways or backwards, or when it is time to go forward? Here’s an answer, directly from Ian Ayre. You will register a parent first and then add the players. TSC offers a full service youth soccer experience, from the recreational level starting at Pre-K through our U19 competitive teams. Can you exhibit quick feet, combined with a sense of comfort under pressure, to penetrate into space to open opportunities for yourself or a partner? Are they competitive? On the first day of tryouts, players are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of their tryout in order to register, and to warm up before the start of the session. A critical question here is whether the player’s movement allows the team to keep possession or not? font-style: normal; Does the player’s choice of supporting positions allow the team to maintain possession? Each coach loves to identify key players with personalities and qualities that cause them to become team leaders. @media only screen and (min-width: 980px) { Are they focused and intrinsically motivated? Do they understand when it is time to pass, dribble or shoot? ADVANCE registration allows our admin team adequate time to prepare coaching lists and speeds the check-in process at the field. Do they play quickly or slowly? font-size: 26px; Therefore parents, are welcome to observe from a distance, but should not approach the coaching staff before, during or after the tryouts. The same holds true of players who are physical specimen only to have below average technique. Ayre said Nashville SC is willing to accommodate individual requests for refunds equivalent to the matches impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Suites & Premium Group Outings. Contrast that message with the information that their child is on the “B” or “C” team because they can’t run fast enough, juggle well enough, dribble through a line of cones under control, or because they finished bottom of a competitive heading ladder. "I am thrilled to have the opportunity to launch the Nashville SC Academy and look forward to working with the youth of the region, along with the established clubs and their directors to create a clear path to the professional ranks right in our home state,” says Smith. Without question, she would have been the #1 ranked player at camp had the team been selected on skill tests. Tryouts . however, it is in the best interest of all the players and teams to postpone until early 2021 tryouts. *Although we highly encourage all players to attend tryouts, we also understand that some players are unable to attend tryouts due to vacation schedules or other commitments. margin-top: 20px; Do they understand how to play within a zone? Smith come to Nashville SC Academy from FC DELCO in Philadelphia where he also served as academy directory for the program. Are they responsible? .field h3 { Does the player move to help the passer make a connection? Boys wanting to try out must register HERE by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 23. If we separate the tactical aspects of play (when and why do I pass there?) font-style: normal; This aspect takes in the correct technique of striking the ball in various ways; driving low balls, hitting volleys, half-volleys, half-chances, chipping, bending, heading, etc. **While it is not mandatory to attend every tryout session, it is highly encouraged. For stories about Nashville SC or Soccer in Tennessee, contact Drake Hills at Do they read the position and movement of teammates and opponents? This may involve losing a defender to create space, or simply demonstrating an awareness of where the passing lanes are. letter-spacing: 3px; Does the player have the spatial awareness to perceive pressure and move into an open space with the ball? We ask that players listen, work hard, and have fun! Tryouts are for both boys and girls from the ages of U9 through U19. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. color: #000000; Or prevent forward passes? background-color:#ede939; No. Does the player stand behind other players or do they perceive open space and move away from the crowd? This will allow you to sign up multiple players if you have them and make one payment. Players will play many small sided games and be asked to play in different combinations of players. Are they a positive or negative influence on teammates? Tennessee United Soccer Club is committed to providing each player access to the highest level of competition. color: #000000; You must be able to bring a ball played to you under control instantly and smoothly. NUSA is a 501 (c)(3) and accepts donations here for families needing financial assistance. Please note *Although we highly encourage all players to attend tryouts, we also understand that some players are unable to attend tryouts due to vacation schedules or other commitments. ... Kevin Nebel Named TSC Nashville Director The 2020 Major League Soccer season has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, with 32 matches left to play for all 26 clubs. Their agility and skill allow them to run forward, dribble at opponents, play one-twos by using up front players, shield the ball, and to have the courage to shoot at goal and score. Does the player try to CONTROL THE BALL when it comes to them, or do they look to kick it away? tryouts for all teams and ages for the 2020/2021 scdsl/cal-south season have been cancelled indefinitely. Does the player open their body and look for teammates before they get the ball? Does the player like to play in goal? “The launch of The Nashville SC Academy further solidifies the club’s commitment of being in Nashville, with Nashville and for Nashville,” says Nashville SC CEO Ian Ayre. The successful goalscorer has the mentality of a great used-car salesman, very aggressive and not afraid of failure.

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