RELATED: The Shadow of Death — SPIN’s 2005 Nine Inch Nails Cover Story. Last week, Nine Inch Nails … Recorded in secret to avoid interference from the record label, the follow-up to Pretty Hate Machine takes an unexpected abrupt turn into sheer aggression. The first taste the world got of The Fragile, choosing by design of course a track with no hope of commercial airplay. 13 – New York, N.Y. @ Radio City Music Hall The result is a beautifully restrained yet oddly emotive album that’s quite distinct from the overly academic approach so often undertaken by hardware driven devotees. The Fragile offers no insights into how people survive the assault of their own thoughts, but such wisdom has no place within Reznor’s compositions. I managed to compare the new remaster with the stupidly expensive previous release, and the new one is definitely the one to own. The result makes for a deep, accessible listen with lots hidden under the surface. 09 – Washington, D.C. @ The Anthem Alternately meditative and incredibly stress-inducing, the latest score from Trent and Atticus. @ Boch Center Bonus: HiRes 24bit/96 dl available with digital voucher. A companion piece to Broken. That’s one reason why he twists his music so much, to make sure unraveling it becomes the same obsessive game for the listener that making it is for him. 26 – Chicago, Ill. @ Aragon Ballroom Not a problem at all, of course, because there is so much more to hear on this new one. Remixes of The Perfect Drug from David Lynch’s Lost Highway soundtrack. Rediscover your favorite NIN record in a new light. If your event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you'll receive a full refund. UNAPOLOGETIC, UNFRIENDLY, DENSE, LYRICALLY COMPLEX, SO-FAR-BEHIND-THE-TIMES-IT’S-AHEAD-OF-ITS-TIME, HIPSTER-REPELLING UNCOMPROMISING MUSIC SMART PEOPLE CAN FUCK TO. We found the material was very suited to the space and we went a little crazy. Directed by David Fincher, original score by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross. While we had a vast array of tools and instruments at our disposal then, I decided to approach my pieces limiting myself to one instrument only, as I found myself being more decisive when faced with a limited creative environment.”. 28 – Irving, Texas @ The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory Nine Inch Nails, an influential and popular industrial rock group, is largely the effort of a single singer/songwriter, Trent Reznor. Unless I am missing something here. But the ghosts keep coming. Not meant to be a “remix” record, but a re-interpretation and deconstruction of the music found on Broken in it’s “proper” form. Described by Reznor as “Garage Electronics”, The Slip was the result of an inspired three weeks following the completion of Ghosts I-IV. Official online store of the band Nine Inch Nails. An excellent remix companion to Year Zero featuring Saul Williams, Alessandro Cortini, Stephen Morris & Gillian Gilbert, Fennesz, Ladytron and more. Featuring the work of Jack Dangers, Plug (Luke Vibert), The Orb and more. This week marks 10 years since the release of the Academy Award-winning score for The Social Network. The cycle continues ad nauseam, finally collapsing into the instrumental “Ripe (With Decay).” Shards of sound—another strummed guitar, a mournful mandolin, random static, muffled voices, an ear-piercing synthesizer loop—collide and then cut off bluntly, unresolved. The new Atmos mix is currently able to stream right now on Amazon Music HD. A puzzle-box that rewards the repeat listener. Reznor and Ross’ 3rd collaboration with David Fincher, and their personal favorite film score. Come for the first two helmed by Reznor himself, stay for the excellent cover of Gary Numan’s Metal. Mank. An elaborate concept record set in the near future (or the present, depending on how you look at the post-Trump world), each song  is a “snapshot” of life set against elaborately deconstructed electronics. Forse, meaning “maybe” In Italian, is a series of 3 double LP releases. Our Ticket Partner ensures 100% Money Back Guarantee. 29 – Nashville, Tenn. @ Ascend Amphitheater The first music released by Nine Inch Nails. I literally cannot tell you how good this pressing is. 23 – Detroit, Mich. @ Fox Theater WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY JONAH HILL, MID90S FOLLOWS STEVIE, A THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD IN 90S-ERA LA WHO SPENDS HIS SUMMER NAVIGATING BETWEEN HIS TROUBLED HOME LIFE AND A GROUP OF NEW FRIENDS THAT HE MEETS AT A MOTOR AVENUE SKATE SHOP. If Reznor had released one disc full of them, he would have had an easy hit to promote, and a disappointing record to think about. 24 – Memphis, Tenn. @ Orpheum Theater We were going to offer the option to purchase a download, but we couldn’t get it together to provide the most viable format (stay tuned). @ Boch Center At the time, 5.1 was the format of choice. Home of NIN’s The Perfect Drug. November PART ONE OF A THREE EP TRILOGY OF RECORDS. This piece originally ran in the November 1999 issue of SPIN. With Risveglio, Cortini implores and emphasizes the imperfections and visceral textures of electronics vacant from so much contemporary solo synthesizer music. 18 – Morrison, Colo. @ Red Rocks We direct you to the most trusted Online Ticket Exchange platform to buy tickets. Currently out of print. Exhibit B is a companion piece to 2013’s Exhibit A. Definitive Edition 2019. The brain is like that famous haunted Victorian mansion, in which a gun-company heiress tried to drown out the wails of her fortune’s victims by endlessly constructing staircases that led nowhere and entryways that opened onto walls. A strange collection of stripped down, sometimes live tracks new and old. A live release chronicling the 2005/2006 Live: With Teeth arena tours. Buy tickets for Nine Inch Nails 2019 tour. Also a video which is probably out of print – working on it. Featuring some tracks from the upcoming full-length Welcome Oblivion. The debut album from Atticus Ross and Claudia Sarne’s 12 Rounds project. (DIGITAL ONLY), 1 EVERYTHING BURNS 2 BAD NEWS 3 I’M DISAPPEARING 4 ODDS AGAINST 5 HOLDING IT TOGETHER 6 FEEDBACK LOOP 7 AFTER THE FIRE 8 NOBODY HOME 9 THE LIGHT SHINES THROUGH 10 FORGETTING 11 HOW TO BEGIN? Handled with care. The New Regime’s Exhibit A is an exploration of dynamics. “Black Bomb (Jerry In The Bag)” featuring Trent Reznor, Featuring and co-produced by Trent Reznor. Our results are live on Amazon Music right now – check it out. For the fans, there’s also plenty of guitar-generated, mechanically enhanced crunch. Trent Reznor is obsessed with his own mental architecture projects, a pre-occupation that would grow dull as a narcissist’s monologue if he weren’t so good at universalizing it through sound. One of Reznor’s favorite records of his own and the last record from The Fragile / New Orleans era. I just found I had to turn the volume up to get the same level as the previous release. the album has been released on amazon and other platforms as of today, Photography By [Booklet page 5 upper left], Programmed By, Co-producer, Programmed By [Sound Design], Written-By, Arranged By, Programmed By [Sound Design], Buy Vinyl, Barcode (Sticker - Text): 6 02557 14276 1, Barcode (Sticker - Scanned): 0602557142761, Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, etched [P.USA -52182- stamped]): B0025681-01-LP1-A 00602557142761 CB P.USA -52182-, Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, etched [P.USA -52182- stamped]): B0025681-01-LP1-B 00602557142761 CB P.USA -52182-, Matrix / Runout (Side C runout, etched [P.USA -52183- stamped]): B0025681-01-LP2-C 00602557142761 CB P.USA -52183-, Matrix / Runout (Side D runout, etched [P.USA -52183- stamped]): B0025681-01-LP2-D 00602557142761 CB P.USA -52183-. Absolute eargasm. Electronica it’s not: Most of the sounds here were first produced on conventional instruments (the first disc begins with an acoustic guitar strum, a sound that returns at various points) then manipulated. We're sorry, but we couldn’t find any events. Even the digitized drumbeats are sequenced and filtered so that each whack is distinct. 1 I DREAM OF IT OFTEN: 2 A YOUNGER VERSION OF MYSELF, 3 STANDING A THE BOTTOM OF THE OCEAN; 4 ARMS ALOFT, 5 MOUTH AGAPE, 6 EYES GLARING, 7 NOT SEEING, 8 NOT BREATHING, 9 STILL AS STONE IN A WATERY FANE. The second EP where the band comes into it’s own. Chris Bellman did a great job on this. The score to David Fincher’s excellent film surprisingly stands on its own as a complete work. 19 – Morrison, Colo. @ Red Rocks Click here. 08 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ Palladium @ Saenger Theatre It captures “a much truer sense of what happened” according to Reznor. The film is better than you are expecting and the score of course is awesome. Signed to Nothing Records, Kevin McMahon’s debut album features several tracks produced by Reznor. A cover of Soft Cell’s Memorabilia remains an engaging time-capsule of that era. Nine Inch Nails spent a lot of money to properly film shows from The Downward Spiral tour cycle, but threw the project away when Reznor said the footage “looked like shit – it was too professional.”  The “proper” tour document became this assemblage of Hi-8 footage filmed by Jonathan Rach.

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