So between1979-89 these extremist organizations were in the service of the Western camp. There is as yet no unchallenged connection of the historical record to the person who was Bede's Ninian. The Sept. 11 tragic events perpetrated by Muslim extremists, and the war in Afghanistan, have inevitably focused world attention on the relationship between Islam and terrorism. Northumbria had established a bishopric among the Southern Picts at Abercorn in 681, under Bishop Trumwine.

There are dedications to St. Ninian in East Donegal and Belfast; and a spot formerly on the shore of Belfast Lough was traditionally known as St. Ninian's point, where the missionary reputedly landed after a voyage from Scotland. Despite all appearances, bin Laden remains a marginal figure in the Muslim world. The original Kishorn Yard was developed as a manufacturing and fabrication yard for oil platforms in the 1970’s.

The early revelations were in the nature of exhortation to believe in the one God, exercise moral rectitude, do justice, and acknowledge the brotherhood of all human beings. “Islam and the Muslim prayer are inseparable.” Mecca is the direction of prayer, toward which every Muslim must turn his face “in a gesture which makes him part of one history and one solidarity.” There are five obligatory prayers each day, and some optional ones. . He added: “We do not deny there are fanatic religious movements in our countries, some of which turned to violence and terrorism.” He also recognized that these movements find justification for their actions in some old religious text. Together with the Qur’an, the sayings and practice [Sunna] of Muhammad constitute the foundation of Islamic laws and teachings. But it is a distortion . O'Neill, Pamela. In Scotland, Ninian is also known as Ringan, and as Trynnian in Northern England.

Variations of the story add that he had actually met Saint Martin, that his father was a Christian king, and that he was buried in a stone sarcophagus near the altar of his church.

Tradition holds that Ninian was a Briton who had studied in Rome, that he established an episcopal see at the Candida Casa in Whithorn, that he named the see for Saint Martin of Tours, that he converted the southern Picts to Christianity, and that he is buried at Whithorn. So did U.S. allies in Europe. [3] Patrick could not have been referring to the Northern Picts who were converted by Saint Columba in the 6th century because they were not yet Christian, and thus could not be called 'apostate'. East Lansing, MI 48824, (877) MSU-ALUM (678-2586) . MSU is an affirmative-action, equal-opportunity employer. Our goal is to make your living space as comfortable, liveable, and functional as possible. Leaving aside the tales regarding miracles, in the Vita Sancti Niniani Aelred includes the following incidental information regarding Saint Ninian: that his father was a Christian king; that he was consecrated a bishop in Rome and that he met Saint Martin in Tours; that Saint Martin sent masons with him on his homeward journey, at his request; that these masons built a church of stone, situated on the shore, and that on learning of Saint Martin's death, Ninian dedicated the church to him; that a certain rich and powerful "King Tuduvallus" was converted by him; that he died after having converted the Picts and returned home, being buried in a stone sarcophagus near the altar of his church; and that he had once travelled with his brother, named "Plebia". Ninian Central Platform All Viewed Records Ninian Central Platform Synopsis Record of the construction of a 600,000 tonne offshore drilling platform at Loch Kishorn in the North West Highlands of Scotland. Most Muslims, and there are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, 6 million of whom are in the United States, have dismissed bin Laden’s appeal to wage Jihad against the United States and the West as the ravings of a madman. Nabil Fahmy, Egypt’s ambassador to the United States, said on the CBS News Program Face the Nation that “bin Laden has been trying to take advantage of Islam, distort Islam to take on the world . That they had once been Christian is known from a 5th-century mention of them by Saint Patrick in his Letter to Coroticus, where he refers to them as 'apostate Picts'. Consequently, there are different interpretations of Islam in terms of modern life.

The Ninian Central Platform is an oil platform in the North Sea. These are the sources of information about Ninian of Whithorn, and all provide seemingly innocuous personal details about his life. In conclusion, he deplored what these organizations are wreaking in Arab-Muslim societies:  “They feel with their axes upon the constituents of our life, the constitution and law, security and the economy, literature and the arts, and finally upon women and fashions. It is also used by Muslims at the beginning of every action, be it starting work, going on a journey or eating daily meals, as, in the words if Kenneth Craig, “a recognition of Allah in all ventures and vicissitudes of daily life.”. No on can claim superiority except in piety. 53:3-4]. “Read in the name of the Lord…”[Q. Aware that there is a great deal of ignorance of Islam in the West, Muslim governments and private organizations have sent emissaries to explain Islam’s true message of peace, benevolence and tolerance.

© Energy Voice 2020. Muslim intellectuals have asserted that Islamic civilization is not anti-Western or anti-Christian. The Prophet’s aim was to convert the people by means of persuasion, from their false gods to the One God. The early transformation of the community of the faithful into a state has been formative of all else in the history of Islam. and Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. in political science and received his M.A. c. 1366), John Colgan (d. c. 1657), and many others,[20] up to the present day. Americans need to better understand Islam, a religion that terrorists have invoked to justify their actions. As such, it envisions a politico-religious community managed by divine guidance through the revealed law and embodying God’s pattern for human society. Since retirement he has continued his research and writing. [2] This article discusses the particulars and origins of what has come to be known as the "traditional" stories of Saint Ninian. The term ‘Islam’, derived from the root verb SLN, means peace and surrender to the will of God. But a “gulf of misunderstanding” still exists between the two worlds. The full nature of the relationship is uncertain. The principal or cardinal duty in Islam is the Shahada (Witness): “ There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.”  This profession of faith not only affirms the existence of God, it also denies the existence of any other deity. To his credit, President Bush paid a visit to the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C., where he declared that the war was against terrorism an not against Islam.

In 1975 work began on the North side of Loch Kishorn to develop a substantial acreage in order to build the Ninian Central […] From Dante’s Inferno and Italy’s Prime Minster Silvio Berlusconi’s remarks about the alleged inferiority of Islam to Rev. At a colossal 600,000 tonnes the platform was the world’s largest man-made movable object before being towed to its current position and fixed to the sea floor. The only punishment with which he threatened his heathen adversaries was Eternal Punishment on the Day of Judgement.

[6][7]. “Islamic terrorism is mostly a Western product,” he asserted. But why is Islam so susceptible to such manipulation? Moderate Muslims, although critical of American policies, especially in Arab-Israeli conflict, make the distinction between theses policies and the American people and their culture. The Ninian Central platform has courted controversy after a number of high-profile incidents. For this reason he is known as the Apostle to the Southern Picts, and there are numerous dedications to him in those parts of Scotland with a Pictish heritage, throughout the Scottish Lowlands, and in parts of Northern England with a Northumbrian heritage. An illiterate orphan, he had suffered many deprivations before he was called to preach the new message. Media accounts and statements by American religious leaders have presented a distorted image of this great religion, describing Islam as a religion of violence and barbarism. MSU Alumni Office. They fear the loss of their religious values and way of life. Addressing the Muslim-Arab world and Egyptian intellectual state that linking Islam to terrorism is “a mean lie,” but what is taking place in most Arab and Muslim countries helps to make it credible. The Ninian Central Platform is an oil platform in the North Sea.When constructed in Loch Kishorn, Scotland in 1978 the 600,000 tonne platform was the world's largest man-made movable object before being towed to its current position and sunk to the sea floor. Muslims have been confronted with challenges from Western technological and secular civilization. Instead of a clash, they called for a dialogue, free of bias and stereotyping as the only guarantee of a future free of terrorism and violence. Others who wrote of Saint Ninian used the accounts of Bede, Aelred, or Ussher, or used derivatives of them in combination with information from various manuscripts. The Ninian Field uses 3 platforms to produce, one of which is the Ninian Central Platform, when constructed in 1978 …

Needless to repeat, the militants do not represent Islam or all Muslims. In particular, they reject Western secularism for its separation of religion and state. Next in importance to the profession of faith is the Salat (Prayer), which is strictly regulated. St. Ninian's Cave, Glasserton, Wigtownshire by Sir Herbert Maxwell. No job is too big or too small for us. They dismiss as inconsequential and inconclusive the fact that the Prophet actually ruled a community, legislating for, and adjudicating among, its members. In the modern era, Ss Ninian and Triduana's Church, Edinburgh is a Roman Catholic church constructed in 1932 that is dedicated to St. Ninian.

The Prophet as well as later Muslims regarded religion as necessary for the organization and integration of society. It represents the rig seen at twilight on a calm summers evening. . Among the foreigners, the United States and Israel in particular are looked upon as enemies of Islam.

The earliest mention of Ninian of Whithorn is in a short passage of The Ecclesiastical History of the English People by the Northumbrian monk Bede in c. 731.

For their part, Muslim leaders and theologians deeply disturbed by such an onslaught on their religion, have condemned the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and disassociated Islam from all forms of violence against innocent civilians. There is none co-equal with Him.” [Q.112] Islam recognizes Christ as just a prophet, and not as the son of God. Unfortunately, instead of helping to overcome these difficulties, the advanced nations “tightened their grip on us, abused us, and encourage these extremist religious organizations to put themselves froward as folkloric alternative to reform.”  He blames the CIA for recruiting Osama bin Laden to help chase the Soviets form Afghanistan. [13][14], In addition, Skene attributes the "traditional" date of Ninian's death (16 September 432) ultimately to Ussher's Life of Ninian, noting that the date is "without authority."[15]. "Six degrees of whiteness: "Finbarr, Finnian, Finnian, Ninian, Candida Casa and Hwiterne." Linguistic variations across the territories associated with each saint have provided evidence that the Ninian preserved in literary tradition originated from this individual. [4] By the time of Bede's account in 731, the Northumbrians had enjoyed an unbroken relationship with Galloway for a century or longer, beginning with the Northumbrian predecessor state of Bernicia.

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