They are pushing us towards runaway climate change. study on why the Caribou population was declining in the ’50′s-60′s. The mission of R-Squared is to foster civil, objective discussions on energy and environmental issues. The first project for the extraction of oil from oil sands began its implementation in 1967, and in 2004 Alberta’s Oil Sands for the first time were recognized by international media as one of the largest parts of global oil reserves. On the other hand, oil sands extraction is more expensive than conventional sources. We may gnash our teeth and protest all we want, the Asian Tiger will take its kill and feed under the lone tree despite remonstrances from the distant edges of the field. Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Effects of the Alberta Oil Sands Tailings ponds: tailings ponds are a constant threat to the wildlife that lives around the areas where these tailings ponds are. These ponds are used as a place to store used water from the oil sands mining process. During Pembina Institute’s presentation, it became clear that different sides of the issue present information very differently to convey their point. Environmental issues pertaining to the development of oil sands can be broken down into several categories: Carbon dioxide emissions, impact on air and water quality, water consumption, energy consumption, impacts on wildlife, impacts on the landscape, and general impacts on people. The information in the application was confirmed by Shell, based on water use of 28.3 million cubic metres per year and daily bitumen production of 120,000 billion barrels per day. But the reality is that we live, drive, and work on altered landscapes. Baytex extracts bitumen in a procedure known as Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) in which bitumen and sand are brought to the ground and heated in tanks in order to separate the two. Kristin J. Gerdes and Timothy J. Skone, An Evaluation of the Extraction, Transport and Refining of Imported Crude Oils and the Impact on Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions (U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory, 2009), 16, figure 3-3, A recent report by the Center for Western Priorities found that 2,834 oil spills were reported by oil and gas companies in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming in 2018 – a record number since the organization started to collect this data in 2015. 19. Of course, $100/bbl is also what gave us tar sands…. I wouldn’t be so sure about that. So, the roads will soon be the biggest obstacle to wolf depredation. This recent Suncor approval highlights the staggering and growing cumulative environmental footprint of the Alberta tar sands. “What is Oil Sands” . ch_width = 550; Not very important to delay pipeline construction or slow oil sand development. Meanwhile, a pungent odour, like an oil leak on an old car, permeated the house. Big and small, oil spills have been steadily increasing in the West’s top producing states. Reckless drilling can be devastating for the environment and local communities. If extra heavy, oil shale, deep water, and arctic oil are added, we are toast – even if it takes 50 years to burn through it all. Government of Alberta, “Talk about oil sands,” (accessed May 5, 2009). Figure 1. 97-1, Application No. According to some experts’ estimates and forecasts, in Alberta’s the oil production could reach 5 million barrels per day by 2030. It may all be too little, too late for some residents of the area. 15. That is why there are complex problems which require government’s attention and control, to assess the situation in Alberta, to assess the opportunities and prospects, as well as negative factors in the industry. PI noted that at times they are consulting with and suing the same party at the same time in order to facilitate that changes that they advocate. The unsightly effects of oil and gas can degrade visitors’ experience on public lands and ultimately hurt local communities that depend on tourism. Resourceful. (You can read one of David’s articles from his trip here). Oil is the backbone of the Western Canadian economy, and as we are moving that way as a family, I’m not looking for a massive change in the way things are done, simply because it would be a shock to the system, and would see thousands of people out of work and the flow on effects would be terrible. These emissions have been trapping unwanted solar heat and causing the planet’s temperatures to rise. 22. Every time he goes [back to the farm] his condition gets worse. Pembina Institute was compared to the Environmental Defense Fund in the US, in that both are more apt to work with industry to help resolve environmental issues. The image to the left shows Fort McMurray, a few hours North of Edmonton, this is a city of around 80,000 people, on the right this satellite image shows the scale of the industry. No, the really big decision about economic growth (“good” or “bad”) is very much a foregone conclusion. In its Insatiable Pursuit of Power, Silicon Valley is Fuelling the Climate Crisis. the Energy Resources Conservation Board, which is responsible for regulating the oil and gas industry in Alberta; Alberta Energy, which provides granting rights for exploration and development of the industry, responsible for collecting royalties and administering the energy sector’s fiscal regime; Alberta Environment, which controls and regulates the impact of oil sands development on air, land, and water in the province, and is responsible for relevant legislation and policies, the Oil Sands Secretariat. Good to protect habitat that is contiguous meaning a isthmus of protection between habitat. Source: Canada: Alberta oil sands industry growing too fast: environmental group. Longer wildfire seasons are a consequence of the planet’s rising temperatures. See Web. Since development began around 40 years ago, 84,000 square kilometres of land underlain with oil sands deposits has been leased in Alberta, accounting for about 60% of the total resource area.8 Lands are leased to companies with no environmental impact assessments or consultation with stakeholders (including Aboriginal groups). var ch_selected=Math.floor((Math.random()*ch_queries.length)); Where necessary, values have been converted. “Even if all the recommendations [of the regulator] were implemented, I don’t believe he would be able to return because there will still be flaring and fugitive emissions from these facilities. Companies are required by the Alberta government to post a security deposit as insurance in the event of unforeseen events or in the case of bankruptcy.9 This reclamation security is likely inadequate to protect Canadians from long-term environmental liabilities.

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