Current employees know best of all who from their networks would fit in. ), medium (iPads, cameras, etc. Job seekers may frequent social media platforms even before they are officially on the job market, so this is a great opportunity to catch quality candidates’ attentions early. Use these opportunities to trade ideas with other business owners on the creative recruitment techniques they favor. 6. One potential idea is, instead of asking tech talent to submit their cover letter or resume, you can ask candidates to help solve some of the major challenges your company is currently facing. You can also infuse a fresh perspective into your recruiting by inviting some of your best employees to join in interviewing candidates. Interested in a free quote or product demo? Applicant tracking systems streamline the process for applicants and hiring managers alike; candidates can easily submit all their materials online, and hiring managers and HR personnel can access all the information they need from a single interface. The Latest Trends for Recruiting on Social Media, Easier registration with the new version of our Firstbird2Go app. Here are some unique recruiting ideas to help you get your next best employee: Nothing brings people together more than good soulful food. 2019. If you have a funny and compelling recruitment video, you can bump up their attention span to up to four minutes per posting. The startup then sent each one a personalized iPod equipped with a welcome from the CEO.’. your team to refer their friends and colleagues, so think of a cool reward you want to offer to your employees. This allows you to gauge a candidate’s coding skills, and at the same time it gives prospects insights into the kind of problems they’ll get to help solve if they were working at your company. Follow up to no shows – ask them why they didn’t show, and possibly reschedule them. Use vacation planners as giveaways to clients. You can work with a popular food truck to give out free or discounted food in the parking lots of targeted companies during their lunch break. Go back into the archives and dust off top applicants from past cycles who were not hired. An integrated human capital management system that includes a customized applicant tracking solution is essential to making sure that qualified candidates don't slip through the cracks. If you haven't yet initiated a referral program, investigate establishing one and emphasize its high priority within your existing workforce. Passengers are given the option to complete three coding challenges, with a one-minute time limit for each exercise. First, consider incorporating background screening into your hiring process. Kerry is a Web Developer at Red Branch Media, a full-service B2B marketing agency specializing in Human Resources and Global Workforce Vendors. Integrate an applicant tracking system. Let's take a closer look at what HCM and Talent Management are and how companies can benefit from each one. Watch how IKEA planted its secret job descriptions here. AI or artificial intelligence is a promising recruitment tool that can help you select … Conferences and trade shows can be more than just a promotional venue for your company.

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