The multinational giant, however, has been mired in controversy over the last few years. If you have a comment regarding the products or services of the company announced in this business directory, please use any of the contact options published in the company profile.

They tell them what to do. Pacific Rubiales Energy Guatemala SA. Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp drops record 42% after takeover bid quashed. Spokesperson for the NGO, Felipe Harman, said that the company had responded aggressively to attempts at worker organization as well as to complaints by local of environmental damage.

This seal allows your company to demonstrade that your business has been verified and validated by D&B. Provides smart, simple, time-saving tools that help you make the most of your sales and marketing initiatives. produced water). He said that his office has produced several reports on the action plan, all of which show that it has been ineffective. By posting, you agree to be identified by your IP address. Pacific Rubiales Energy (PRE) TSX: PRE FWB: 3PY1 is a petroleum exploration and production company in the business of heavy crude oil and natural gas. Valorém. 502-23633503. The highest profile speaker at the event was Senator Alexander Lopez. Some of the leadership of Pacific Rubiales are former members executives of PDVSA, Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, including CEO Ronald Pantin. Pacific Rubiales Energy has over the last decade grown to be the largest independent oil company in South America. The army is directed to violate human rights and it is done with complete immunity. Pacific Rubiales Energy has over the last decade grown to be the largest independent oil company in South America. In September 2010 the company followed through with its promise to focus more on developing assets already mature or low risk and less on exploration in high risk areas by divesting itself of fields within the Buganviles oil and gas block of Colombia. All rights reserved. Later that year it was ensnared in a bitter labor dispute. The most trusted report for global business credit decisions. Pacific Rubiales, the largest foreign oil company in Colombia, created their own in-house labor union in attempts to cut the legs out from under the USO, Colombia’s national oil workers union, said the union’s president on Tuesday. A Colombian-based NGO, Proyecto Gramalote, accused Pacific Rubiales of threatening to fire workers who wished to join labor unions. A result of a myriad of mergers between different companies, it can trace its presence in Colombia back to 1982 and made big inroads in … If Proyecto Gramalote’s goals were realized, Colombia’s oil industry would more closely resemble that of Venezuela in which PDVSA has a state monopoly on oil extraction. Next year in 2012 it was put under investigation for obstructing environmental regulation by failing to provide a environmental compliance report and giving false information to environmental authorities. “The state of Colombia is owned lock, stock and barrel by the oil companies. At the Rubiales oilfield, 165,000 barrels of oil are produced daily. Currently, The intangible assets held by the company are Colombian pipeline system usage rights. Pacific Rubliales responded by creating their own “in-house” labor union called UTEL. The criticisms of Pacific Rubliales have recently come to a head, prompting a convention last month in Puerto Gaitán, site of the company’s largest operation in Colombia, the Rubiales oilfield, to discuss the alleged abuses. For now, Ecopetrol is a joint partner with Pacific Rubiales in Puerto Gaitán as part of a public-private set-up. Its focus is on Colombia and Peru where it holds numerous properties including 38 blocks in the Llanos, Lower Magdalena and Cesar Valley, Rancheria, Upper and Middle Magdalena Valley, Putumayo, Ucayali and Maranon basins. Pacific Rubiales Saves Deviated Exploration Well With Thru-Tubing Intervention Technology Thru-tubing hydraulic pipe cutter allows recovering 4-in cemented drillpipe to perform openhole sidetrack, Colombia The TT intervention tools milled cement and cut the drill-pipe 100 ft below the casing shoe.

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This form will be sent to the editors of dun’sguide by CIAL Dun & Bradstreet. In 2011 it was embroiled in a clash with the Colombian government over security (. It sold a 29.5% interest in Visure and 25% in Tuqueque to a subsidiary of Peruvian company Petrodorado. Lopez said: “it’s very sad that the Colombian people have to come and judge this company and review the perverse actions on the part of the company. It believes that full control would allow profits from the oil field to be put toward social programs for the nation and that there would be better union guarantees. During the production process, large quantities of natural ground water are extracted together with the petroleum (i.e. The D&B´s D-U-N-S® Registered™ Seal is an electronic mark displayed on your website and in the dun´sguide in the form of a logo. The way they degrade the our ecosystems and environment. All you need to know about businesses in Latin-America and worldwide. A center piece of the conference was to bring to light the social, economic and environmental problems that the organizers believe are caused by the presence of transnational corporations in Colombia. Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. is the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production company in Colombia. Identify suppliers of risk, through a comprehensive risk assessment of your suppliers and the potential impact on your business. He said: “multinational corporations are not abiding by the simplest of human rights conduct in Colombia.”, He said: “it is a poor reflection on the Harper/Obama government that they knowingly signed these agreements during a period of time when there are still huge human rights violations taking place in Colombia. Use the Business Information Report to give you the insight you need to evaluate a firm's operations, profitability, and stability. Mailing Address. They were joined over the weekend-long conference by a number of international organizations including labor unions and human rights groups such as Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie (PASC) and Peace Brigades International (PBI). The state condones it.”. Originally organized by Red de Hermandad y Solidaridad con Colombia (REDHER), the conference was also led by the USO, Proyecto Gramalote and Corporacion Choapo, a grassroots social justice organization. Pacific Rubiales has denied the charges in the past and did so again this week in response to an IBTimes query about the matter. And they did it to support the corporations.”, He added that Colombia is not living up to the human rights and labor rights provisions of the free trade agreements and that while that is not surprising given the nature of free trade agreements, he was shocked to uncover the extent of corporate control of the state. How they displace our indigenous communities and campesinos.
Please post helpful feedback. The company threatened to bring a halt to production unless they were given guarantees over security. USO president Rodolfo Vecino accused the Canadians of attempting to cut the legs out from under the USO. Languages. He added: ” This illustrates the high levels of corruption and irresponsibility and anti-patriotism that Santos and his government has displayed.”, I asked him specifically about the Labor Action Plan, an agreement that was made between president Santos and president Obama to allay the fears about free trade agreements and the effects they might have on Colombian workers. The NGO also discussed how ownership by a majority state-owned company would lead to greater penal responsibility in the case of environmental or social damages as there would be a judicial body present to provide recourse through the law. Fax Number. Alfa’s exit means Pacific Rubiales executives now will have to restart a turnaround effort, while saddled with about $4.5 billion debt and set to lose 35% of its oil production Fue el producto de un encuentro fortuito en el que confluyeron cuatro venezolanos, dos de ellos antiguos cuadros directivos de Petróleos de Venezuela, PDVSA. Complete $2.5 Billion Merger",, "pacific rubiales closes acquisition of kappa energy",,, "Pacific Rubiales Energy strikes farm in agreement with Petrodorado Energy", "Ecopetrol Gives Go-Ahead to Rubiales Expansion",,, "Petrodorado, Pacific Rubiales sign agreement for two Peru blocks", Get instant access to a free live streaming chart of the Frontera Energy Corp Stock. Phone Number. Get Colombia Politics direct to your inbox, free. Copyright 2017. The Toronto-based oil giant today extracts around 20% of Colombia’s oil and has surpassed BP and Occidental to become the country’s largest extractor of oil behind the state-owned Ecopetrol. Proyecto Gramalote put forward its position that Ecopetrol should take over total operation of the Rubiales oilfield by 2016. Standardize all your base of providers according to your politics and regulations and obtain the information you need from them. Opening Hours. Rubiales, Piriri fields - covers 72,839 acres (294.77 km, Llanos basin (reserves estimated to be over 4.5 billion barrels for the whole basin). Europlaza Torre IV Nivel 8 5ta, Guatemala - Guatemala. Según los registros oficiales, Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp nació el 23 de enero de 2008 en Toronto, Canadá, con la fusión de las empresas Petro Rubiales Corporation y Pacific Stratus Energy Limited.

No, Articles with dead external links from May 2011, Articles with invalid date parameter in template, Companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, "Pacific Rubiales Energy 2010 Financial Results",, "Pacific Rubiales farms into two blocks in Guatemala - announces exploration success in the Guama Block, Colombia",, "Ecopetrol gives approval for Pacific Rubiales to expand Rubiales field in Colombia",, "Petro Rubiales Energy Corp. completes acquisition of remaining 25 % interest in rubiales holdings limited",, "Pacific Rubiales Branches Out Into Refining, Coal",, "2011 First Quarter Management Discussion and Analysis",,%20Management%20Discussion%20and%20Analysis.pdf, "pacific rubiales production and reserves",, "Colombia to auction 200 oil exploration blocks",,, "Pacific Rubiales Energy 2009 fiscal year financial report",, "Pacific Rubiales: Strong Colombia Growth",, "Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp. stock listings",, "Pacific Stratus Energy Ltd. and Petro Rubiales Energy Corp.

The army is directed to de-unionize the energy sector. USO president Rodolfo Vecino claimed in 2012 that Lopez had been blocked from meeting with USO representatives when visiting a Pacific Rubliales worksite. Service Areas. Did you find what you were looking for? Yes

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