If he sends one of your guys to the hospital you send one of his to the morgue. Good luck in all you do ‘though. Consequently, I look forward to getting their submissions at the end of next month. Do you think that Close, Hummel etc are now thinking they need to move to protect their interests, by applying for money to be ring fenced? . Does such a salary exist in any other PLC? However, like the road to Galway, I wouldn’t start from here. It was all about selling the “Old Firm” package to the football authorities in England. not forgetting “errafishulsportsocks!”, purchased from the wee guy doon The Barras!! We will never see eye to eye with these people no matter what they do. Continue reading “An alarm call in Paradise?”, For an eight-year-old club, Sevco has experienced quite a few false dawns. The most powerful advertisers have been bookies with a bookies executive on the game board. The SFA and SPFL are incorporated to govern and run football competitions with honesty, integrity and A Supporter looks at a Board as a Custodian of a Club that they own. With certain assaults on Celtic players , if i punched someone at Celtic park , i wonder what my punishment would be. Just read one already on twitter saying that’s fake news and nothing to worry about. It is widely accepted among the Celtic support that Dermot Desmond is an absentee landlord, a disinterested billionaire. Then the Hampden chaps blinked when Charlie and the boys said that they could run A Rangers. I’d need to look at their accounts to see how much they have actually taken in. In the case of these two Gers stars, their valuation is entirely justified based on their performances last season. This enabled them to change the approach from a Club that bought to build to one that bought to sell in the Transfer Market. Zero…once they meet our valuation we’ ll have a sit down…..( think Dembele x2 ) If the £15 million on offer was genuine and was rejected by the club then presumably this was because it did not meet their valuation of this Prime world class asset. 55 looks a long way off. Oh…wait…we don’t know what we were told …because PL decided to accept the findings in the letter…and keep them to himself. It’s not called the “Old Firm” for nothing. GO TO COURT then watch them panic. Statement O’ Clock is not on the money about the battle with Big Mike. They’ve released a decent statement calling out the sfa decision, I’m not sure there’s anything else that can be done. The name dates back over 100 years to a time when press and supporters were a damn sight more clear-sighted and outspoken than nowadays. As any fines would be passed to the club in liquidation so the money involved wouldn’t be worth giving to a beggar. At a recent conclave of the Sevco High Command, I am told that there were several senior voices who were calling on the Conveyancing Consigliere to do the decent thing. has sevco 2o12 ditched laughs at us Tina Turner’s hit simple and best ‘ and gone with the other liverpool legend’s songwriting master sir Ken Dodd. When he seen the paperwork of the tax cases what communications were had with him and the governors of football in Scotland? We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Except perhaps the end of the Chines transfer window yesterday ? And a strange kind of understanding. The other side of the issue regarding Rangers demise was the inevitable loss of GUARANTEED Revenue that the O/F brought in. payment due. If  you like what I do please consider giving a donation to help me keep this site going. Imagine that nine years ago you think that you are well on your way to getting Celtic into the riches of the EPL. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. No doubt Hummel and Elite will have their own legal beagles going over their contracts with Rangers in great detail. Do you believe Celtic should just sit back and let our players be stamped on and the offending player gets no punishment? ... Great article Phil you could not put a cigarette paper between sevco and celtic they both need each other but its Celtic fans that get CHISELLED all the time . This board are treating us the fans as morons, but always It is my opinion these guys will bail out when it suits them. Anyhow, buoys and ghirrells, whats to stop another bid from the Chinese club for Alfredo ? Should they even get to a next set of Audited Accounts that is. Our Board are not fit for purpose. And all happening just hours before Chinas transfer deadline closes. The hens are coming home to roost at the Stadium of rust and this is quickly turning into one almighty Fustercluck. Or would he say enough is enough and go back to the SFA and tell them they must act and put this thing to bed before it brings down Scottish league football beyond repair! Grow a set!! The Customer base has now got used to the concept of buying players to sell. BOARD in talking with, Billions on line , As Supporters you pay into something that actually doesn’t exist in their minds. This page will feature links to my site www.philmacgiollabhain.ie as well as other content. Entrepreneur tells Dave king, he’s got a cue Always found the silence baffling at Celtic. They see Celtic as one thing and we as another. If they fight this they have to open up the whole can of worms once and for all. Morelos earned the Tartan Ball as the top flight’s top scorer. At least you have chicken in your name. Dermot Desmond seems to be accorded the same Teflon coated protection as David Murray. But, I’d also guess that difficult questions won’t be forthcoming either – well, not from within the Celtic hierarchy anyway! Here we show some of these topics and influential followers within. Not that I care that much about any of it, of course. Peter Lawwell is “an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill”. Well, according to the Daily Retard, when he signed it was reckoned he had a sell-on value of £20 million. TV could Have actually leverage UEFA on board with that. Celtic remaining 5 ahead. Fast forward 12 months and we have… CRAIG white asking for 2nd class stamp, https://t.co/kFRlgCTXEy If  you like what I do please consider giving a donation to help me keep this site going. Whatever Sevco got they were getting whoever was running the deal. I want Celtic to despatch a strongly-worded, no-holds barred statement to the muppets at Hampden. The Chinese approach has been ridiculed by Gerrard as nonsense. He’s been Celtic CEO since 2003: 17 years is a long time. That’s up to you and me. Now they that is the Board find themselves in a Situation where a “2angers” are back in the Top Flight and with it comes the missing millions-Hence the extra dough currently sat in the Bank- and a chance to also Capitalise in the Transfer Market AND Europe. With legal fees, damages and the Close Bros loan amounting to north of £10m will King come to the rescue using the cash that he had at hand to make an offer to the other shareholders? Longer than your willy, waiting for him posting a letter, take your pick Dave! They WILL SELL provided the price is right. Celtic is no longer a “Club”. A very well placed source at Shirebrook had recently advised me that  Sevco WILL have to pay 40% of SDIR’s legal bills by the end of  August. As the director of the club he has not acted in the best interests for its shareholders. That is quite an achievement worthy of a statue on a plinth along the fabled heated driveway. If you truly want transparency in Football then you really need to start seeing things for what they are folks. The people in charge at celtic are no different from the Whytes years past . But that would probably be all that could be asked. By the time the January window comes around desperation will have set in (and be even more widely known) Your right mate, how can a board treat supporters like that, its a nightmare. No surrender two! Fantasy football – where the Ibrox club excel! Even if they were getting 20% of the gross takings, and I seriously doubt they were, that means Elite and Hummel between them were taking in £16m. A key event in the history of ourselves and our rivals was the 1909 Cup Final. The Resolution 12 requisitioners have, by their dogged diligence, slowly stripped away all the excuses and delaying tactics. These graphs show you how your audience has been growing over the course of time. Is that the same Alfie who rejected a bid which was never made? Sack The Board. According to this document which was sent to me this morning, that will happen at a one day hearing on September 23 2019. It’s laughable and unless Kingco get their act together pronto the number of Gerrard followers on Instagram will have little consequence when the money runs out on Edmiston Drive. Not a fatal blow – but rather debilitating.I That turned out well for him, not. Dermot Desmond messaged same. This piece is perfectly believable for me. Pouring pish on the fire that threatens to consume the basket of assets. Yes this explains a lot for me. Is that a non-starter, and if so, why is that? Supporters of both sides joined in a riot when it became clear that there would be a second replay after two drawn matches. Clancy certainly did his best to add on those 15 minutes you think were required. However, he is Dave King’s representative here on earth so that gives him some cover. However, what is seen as being beneficial or prudent financially may not be seen the same way by each. Continue reading “Terence MacSwiney”, Regular readers will know that last month I interviewed the filmmaker Sean Murray about his documentary Unquiet Graves. In the summer of 2102 with the new season looming folk were getting desperate so ANY Rangers would do. If they can call in the loan and get back their money now that will take precedence over any security. This has been a golden age of feasting at the dripping roast for DD and PL . And if you believe that because we have a winning team that it’s acceptable our players are kicked stamped by opposing teams and yet our players are punished for sometimes less serious incidents then mate I think your completely fucked up in the head and need to grow a set of balls. Meanwhile Coo Cluck Clan at Hampdump remain silent. By the time that I have some short stories to critique the Sevco High Command will have had to give Big Mike what he is due. Expect a ‘Statement ‘ imminently from Klub 1872 informing the Gullibillies that they should disregard the latest Court Papers claiming that Sevco and Pop-Up shops Ltd are f*cked . What do we do about it…? So saying, I don’t see the court ruling as a fatal blow. For the avoidance of doubt, that is not the whole legal bill. At what stage, if ever, will the gullibles realise that Kingco and Club 1872 have played them like mugs and with the big bill coming down the line the future of the new club is hanging in the balance. Therefore the arithmetic contained within this document does square with what other sources have told me throughout this case. Why has sevco player mr kent not been banned. The clubs are the shareholders of the SFA and SPFL and the office bearers/directors must run both according to the law. Indemities given to both by Rangers will be closely reviewed and Sports Direct may soon be joined in further legal action by others in the supply chain. I have seen communications that clearly indicates the extent to which they were working in tandem back then. This will surely deter all but the richest of clubs from bidding. Or maybe we are guilty of having some outstanding tax debts of our own at some point in our History and Sevco and the SFA knew/know about it?. #Think32 Of course, all idle speculation on my part dear reader and thank you for playing along. Spineless rats on our board. So as I have said before as long as celtic fans buy season books and sell out Parkhead on European nights the conmen at Parkhead will continue to bleed the fans dry . The Scottish media, almost to a man, has ignored the court writ and the potential consequences for the Rangers board if they fail to comply. We can only hope that the sevco directors don’t enter an insanity plea,coz from where I’m sitting that plea might actually work,well,they’re certainly Donald Ducked,that’s for damn sure.✅. Declare them a new club. If (and it’s a gargantuan IF! ), Hebei Fortune are genuinely interested in ManChild, there is NO WAY they will meet your valuation, since (2 players apart) the average valuation of each player in their squad is about $6-700,000.

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