Once the promise of this world comes to be, new ways will be created to measure even more data. 141. But the Turkish reform movement of 1908 seemed to promise a revival of Ottoman power, which might in time have enabled the Turks to demand the promised evacuation, and thus to reap all the ultimate benefits of the Austrian administration. I promised to visit him again the following summer, but he died before the promise was fulfilled. Teacher's eyes have been hurting her so that she could not write to any one, and I have been trying to fulfil a promise which I made last summer. I promise to drop in and see you the very next time I'm up this way. His stitution, promise was publicly proclaimed on the 25th of 1815' May, and was reaffirmed in the Zamok or palace at Warsaw and the cathedral of St John on the 10th of June. The cinchona has recently been introduced with complete success; and the mahogany of America reaches a large size, and gives promise of being grown for use as timber. 3. This promise was carried out, but two charters appeared, one being a revised issue of Magna Carta proper, and the other a separate charter dealing with the forests, all references to which were omitted from the more important document. Whoever it was he was to protect, even his promise to Gabriel wouldn't stand in his way of revenge. I promise I won't go into the woods alone again. The politicians hoped that Elizabeth might convert Mary to her own invisible shade of Protestantism if the sister sovereigns could but meet, and for two years the promise of a meeting was held up before Mary.

According to custom he promised his father-in-law, Deloneus, a handsome bridal present, but treacherously murdered him when he claimed the fulfilment of the promise. "Can I promise to be good?"

All Rights Reserved. As a reward for his obedience he received another promise of a numerous seed and abundant prosperity (xxii. The only reward he would accept was a branch of the sacred olive, and a promise of perpetual friendship between Athens and Cnossus (Plutarch, Solon, 12; Aristotle, Ath. His signing of the armistice seemed to promise as much.

This work breaks off abruptly at the end of 1142, with an unfulfilled promise that it will be continued. 18 f), as spokesman for the apostles, of the key of the household of God, of power to admit and exclude; (ii.) "Rhyn, will you promise me something?" the promise (Matt. an assurance or vow that something will happen, The husband and wife will promise to love each other for life when they say their vows on their wedding day.

CK 1 2389890 I promise not to sing. To promise and give no

2. (keep, fulfill, honor) " I knew you would break your promise. In 1835 Dingaan gave permission to the British settlers at Port Natal to establish missionary stations in the country, in return for a promise made by the settlers not to harbour fugitives from his dominions. Then, lastly, we have a parable of the servant who failed to employ the money entrusted to him; and a promise that the disciples shall sit on twelve thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel. CK 1 2380414 I made no such promise. While you were masterminding this manipulative plot, did you lose sight of your promise to protect me - or was that something else you planned on ditching? The town, notwithstanding a promise of protection, was plundered and burned; the citizens were massacred.

We'll go, then, and I promise to keep my hands to myself.

Having given promise of mathematical talent he was sent to the Ecole Centrale of Fontainebleau, and was fortunate in having a kind and sympathetic teacher, M. Though his eloquence had done more than anything else to make practicable a union of the British North American provinces, he opposed confederation, largely owing to wounded vanity; but on finding it impossible to obtain from the imperial authorities the repeal of the British North America Act, he refused to join his associates in the extreme measures which were advocated, and on the promise from the Canadian government of better financial terms to his native province, entered (on the 30th of January 1869) the cabinet of Sir John Macdonald as president of the council. At the opening of the session of 1845 the government, in pursuance of a promise made to Irish members that they would deal with the question of academical education in Ireland, proposed to establish non-sectarian colleges in that country and to make a large addition to the grant to the Roman Catholic College of Maynooth. When the news came of the truce of Regensburg Marie claimed the fulfilment of the promise.

The work of reform was now in a good way; the freedom of the pontifical elections had been assured, which gave some Gregory promise that the struggle against abuses would be VII., conducted successfully. Steps lead from this temple to an enclosed flight of stairs, which in the cold season descend to the water, but in the rains are covered almost to the top. This promise he was invited to fulfil in 1066, after the Confessor's death and his own coronation. 3.

(false, big, little, broken, empty)

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