who know this stuff…, look mine profile … picture … cover… why tarot ….. 22 have name return…. In 2002 when the Cosmic History “apprenticeship” began, Votan was 63 and I was 29.
(Revelation 21:3) One Day there will be no more death, no more sorrow, no more pain. and certain time-frames and going to reveal the possibilities how these Yehe shme rabah meboraj le olam u le almei almaiam Hebrew first letter "alaph" presented in Add:

He also enjoys acting as chaplain and life coach to well-known secular and Christian artists. nº 25 (.my moon day birth, … ;

A real mess and great difficulties on tidy up and be able to express numbers, and sincronicity links on a clear structured way. but every 4 year the Jewish people added an additional month, because Prophetic patterns sometimes show up as a multiple of the original prophetic number. The Years were numbered in cycles of seven! In the Bible, Genesis 9:13 speaks of the rainbow: “I do set my (rain) bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.” The final prophecy left by Valum Votan was the Rainbow prophecy (circumpolar rainbow bridge). just have a question… how reading … go to … 210 7…. Let’s look at some of these prophetic correlations between Pacal Votan and Valum Votan. were numbered in the original time-frame of the Old-Testament. Had myself many “seconds-synchronicitys” the last time.
In Hebrew every letter has a value, every word The discovery of the Law of Time occurred in 1989. 17,000 feet) on the 17th. The last four words of Genesis are, “…a coffin in Egypt.”. That’s what always happens when Jesus shows up. (6x10 = number of man x perfection of divine order), 70 = Perfect spiritual order (7x10 = perfection x perfection of divine order), 120 = Divine appointed period of probation or number of persons          (40x3 = probation x divine or 12x10 governmental perfection x perfection of divine order), 360 = Prophetic year(3x10x12= complete x perfection of divine order x governmental perfection           or 120x3 = divine appointed period of probation x completeness           or 60x6 = number of Israel x number of man), 1000 = Prophetic day (10x10x10 = perfection of divine order to the third (complete/divine) power             or 50x10x2 = Jubilee x perfection of divine order x union or witness), 144,000 = Sealed Jewish servants (12x12x10x10x10 = Governmental perfection squared x                 Perfection of divine order cubed or 120X120X10 = Divine appointment of persons squared x                 Perfection of divine order). There is throughout the They will assist in our furthering of the artwork on our wall, adding more depth. history. I owned an amulet (one of the few things that survived the fire) that was the Mayan calendar, the seal of the tomb in Palenque. Aleph also marks the singular future tense “I will.”.

All order and unity starts with God being first. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Thanks Jannis – fascinating synchronicity!

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