The slope of the oval to the right conveys the desire of the oil and gas magnate to develop and adamantly move forward. This is a simple individual sign with classic sunset and watercolors – red, orange, and navy blue. One of the largest energy companies, present in the entire value chain: exploration and production, transformation, development and commercialization of efficient, sustainable and competitive energy. In 1987, Wolff Olinsdesigns the Repsol brand, to create an identity that can be easily recognised and remembered and that can serve to integrate the different companies that make up the group. A global, integrated company with over 90 years of history seeking to supply society's energy needs. Our services stations have photovoltaic panels installed for energy self consumption. A meeting and communication hub between Repsol and media professionals that originally came about with the aim to reach out to journalists interested in getting to know our company better. Our priority is to minimize the environmental impact of our activities by optimizing water management, air emissions, waste management, and spill prevention and response, in addition to considering biodiversity a key element. It was this company that served as the basis for the modern company. The Hex, RGB and CMYK codes are in the table below. Repsol logo image files for download. We cultivate our relationships with the communities surrounding our operations. The people on our team represent our prime competitive advantage and guarantee the company's future. Commitments to internationalization, innovation, new technologies, and the adaptation to new consumption patterns are the main qualities of the brands at the top of this ranking. Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy | DMCA Information | Contact US. Our brand is based on an efficient, modern, responsible, and transparent management style, which is reflected in its design and provides us with Meaningful Energy (emotional, rational, and purposeful). The alternative fuel that allows you to drive restriction free and helps us to continue moving towards the energy transition. Explore a huge library of images and videos related to our company and business areas selected especially for you. Our financial strength and transparency are clearly demonstrated in our company's annual statements and reports, as well as the quarterly results and main figures that we publish. Thanks to our strong presence all across Spain and our production centers in Mediterranean and Atlantic ports, you are guaranteed a fast and flexible supply. Speak to us whenever you want. For your home or business, and a range of industries. It represents the line of the sea, the sky, and the rising / setting sun, as well as its mirror reflection in the water. Repsol is an example of a company that has been developing its trading business in recent years and has set the development of this business as one of its challenges for the future. English We are committed to managing our tax affairs by applying good practices and acting transparently. A flexible and committed team comprising over 25,000 employees, united by a shared vision and values. Repsol Logo. In short, today Repsol boasts a strong, responsible, and people-oriented visual identity. The first brushstrokes of our logo recreated the Repsol “R” and led to the brand being quickly recognized, accepted, and preferred by consumers. All of our financial information delivered with full transparency. Speak to us whenever you want. The products from Repsol’s Chemicals Division are used to manufacture everyday objects that improve people’s quality of life, their well-being and their safety and can be found in almost all industry segments. Our challenge: responding to the demand for energy both responsibly and sustainably. A number of international awards recognize Repsol as one of the top companies that best manages its brand, continuing to build trust, respect, and admiration among all our stakeholders. At Repsol, we work to bring society the highest-quality infrastructures that are also environmentally friendly. Providing all kinds of solutions to meet whatever needs you may have. These colors, with a multi-layered effect, aim to communicate the diversity of an intuitive, approachable company showcasing a rich and flexible visual language. Our suppliers are a part of our team and working together enables us to continuously evolve. Click on the image you want to download Repsol logo. At Repsol, innovation is part of our DNA. Sustainability is an essential part of our forward-looking vision and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Repsol. Find out our latest news and press releases about Repsol. Once again, the brand would play a role in the integration of two large companies uniting to combine forces under a shared emblem. Useful documents to follow the company's profitability and sustainability-related measures and initiatives. Global, integrated, sustainable, and present throughout the entire value chain. This typeface is recognizable by its rounded corners, smooth gradients, Z-shaped “S” and beveled “O.”. Our brand reflects our efficient, modern, responsible, and transparent management style which characterizes our company. Repsol's identity has evolved throughout the years. There's more than one way to get in touch. The Repsol Logo Colors with Hex & RGB Codes has 6 colors which are Dark Tangerine (#F6A60E), Maize (Crayola) (#FEC547), White (#FFFFFF), Alizarin Crimson (#E3192F), Spartan Crimson (#A51A1F) and Cetacean Blue (#0A1743). Our financial strength and transparency are clearly demonstrated in our company's annual statements and reports, as well as the quarterly results and main figures that we publish. Find out about call, sale, or holding options of Repsol shares with the help of experts. The debut version is a long and flat horizon. This interesting resource provides information regarding all of our activity around the world. These elements make us universal, thanks to consistent brand communication. Our products are made using cutting-edge technology. At the time our company was born, the market was characterized by the supply of generic products, where quality did not influence choice, prices were set without brand differentiation, and points of sale were scarce. It conveys what it does, and how it gets it done by relying on intelligence, leadership spirit, and above all, the sum of all the talent that lies within its employess. Find out our latest news and press releases about Repsol. Our hydropower plants in northern Spain feature an installed capacity of 700 MW. We develop innovative smart solutions to improve your home's efficiency and comfort. At this time, Refinery was being consolidated in Spain and 1951 saw the inauguration of the Repesa Society (Refinería de Petróleos de Escombreras) that would become a pioneer in commercialising a brand name of fuel, oils and lubricants. That's why we've taken on the ambitious challenge of transforming the energy sector through the passion of our professionals, people who question things to make them better. After this milestone, the time came for us to create a clearer identity that would stand out and stick in people’s minds. Gradient has been used in design since 2012. Our solutions give you the high efficiency Repsol is known for. Moreover, we do everything within our power to prevent impacts directly related to the activities of our business relationships. We pay our taxes responsibly and efficiently, and we foster cooperation with governments, thus avoiding serious risks and unnecessary conflicts. We pay our taxes responsibly and efficiently, and we foster cooperation with governments, thus avoiding serious risks and unnecessary conflicts. We work to be part of the solution to climate change. Copyright © 2020 We maintain a participatory dialogue with communities in order to respond to their expectations by promoting sustainable development.

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