we slept 9 dudes to 2 super 8 hotel rooms in deerborn….this man made money at the gate EVERY game…. Your email address will not be published.

In those leagues yes you get a base salary but its still performance based you can be here today gone today that’s why some guys have families and people to support them until they make the team which may take a couple of years. Once the police have enough complaints they will then be able to charge Mr Hines with Fraud. After he was placed on the injured reserve list, he came back to Michigan to start the RPFL. Before we continue to discuss the franchise began as an expansion team in 1960 for years the nfl refused all expansion inquiries but the emergence of the upstart rival american football league changed the owner’s minds. Or maybe she gets the same smile and walk away that everyone else gets…but I’m not going to go into what I heard about Hines and his side hobbys (aside from gambling) these men are just giving their money to Hines to gamble away. You need an agent if you want to play in the XFL, Your email address will not be published. That I do not understand.

So you are now looking at $1730 out of your pocket before you step your first foot on the field. Northrop and Layoff or Rif or Reduction and 2018 and California or Ca, Next Post: What are the Minimum Entry Requirements for A Bachelor Of Medicine Degree at Wits University, hamilton county tn public property records, curriculum guide in araing panlipunan grade 3, revised pay scales public service ireland 2020, pictures on new hairstyle korean updo hairstyles, deer activity calendar 2020 south georgia, nurse practitioner conference in hawaii 2020, Fundamentals Of Human Resource Management, milwaukee business times black excellence award, upmc staff education initial incident reporting, fannie mae short term financing guidelines, the weather channel northeastern forecast video 18 february 2020, Mazda Cx3 Price 2018 2019 Best Cars Reviews, Portage Indiana County Jail Inmate Search, Quien A Ganado Mas Clasicos Chivas America. I will be giving the player I know about your website here so he can read all of this as well and maybe he too will put in his two cents on what he may like to do also. Learn how your comment data is processed. The Rolf is where football dreams go to die not get developed. The CFL will send a scout to a game, however, everyone will know days in advance that he will be coming because he will contact the coaches way in advance for film their thoughts on they guy they are looking at. Your not just paying for quality game film. All rights reserved. In the Arena league CFL and NFL its the same thing. I put my heart and soul on the field. So he doesn’t even do that. Awe you seem so shitty lil bitch stop crying and be a fucking man soft as niggas. Because the NFL is filled to the rim with racism and hatred. You can’t just expect some guy to just pay you money for joining his league. He’s charged you 105 every Monday for housing and if you do t have it he’s threatens you and kicks you out. He allowed everyone else to look at it and thankfully that night he canceled his trip to go down there to Miami and told the coach he will not be coming this is definitely not for him. On page 3 of the contract, item 6 injury: you must sign away all rights if you are injured on the job? content.

Even though I knew the contract was complete garbage and unrealistic I approached this league with the juco mindset that I’m hear for the film and to leave I’m not expecting to get paid. I NEED MORE INFO ABOUT THIS LEAGUE from people who’ve actually played. There is a lot of money involved in sending a scout out to watch someone in a game.

I could go On for days. did they have insurance? 8 opportunities to find talent for #XFL2020.#XFLShowcase pic.twitter.com/sa1Pa2uQAy. Its not a scam simply because EVERYTHING is stated in the contract. Then there is a $40 charge for a background check. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me. Sometimes I wonder if he and his girlfriend laugh at the amount of players they have scammed at the end of the day. With 10 guys in the house my son was in at $105 a week!!! It’s sad that this article is the TRUTH! Everything is unprofessional. Then there is a $40 charge for a background check. I have received class and emails from coaches, players, and officials from this game saying how Mr Hines changed the rules during the game, how he was unprofessional, and how this man is stealing from the integrity of the game.

So this contract is a set up as a four year deal. The site was started in January of 2018, within days of the announced return of the XFL. The cheapest policy that they could find was $200,000 per year. For him to allow those guys to stay in that house was a blessing although it was crowded he made sure you can lay your head some where at night. When I was 2-3 years old I would run around the yard playing with my football. So what do these guys get paid?

I was told that there are a few players that were paid, however most players are not. The most you can make on this is $5,000. We slept with windows open because it was so hot. What do you get once you have paid your money to play in this league? its really awful because the black community needs something like this. I hate the way he treats his players and I refuse to give this man anymore money. And even with that mindset you still get hustled and scammed. If your not good enough for semi pro then maybe this league is a league you can join to help get better. Hello..Is the DA still taking complaints? He went on to play for the university of Akron where he played under one of his old high school coaches. And to all the previous post defending him and this league just STOP. Hey! I feel like I need to go tho to team up with the players. Powered by WordPress. This man is robbing these players blind!!

This Quentin Hines needs to be put on notice!

All the players had to eat and drink were noodles and water. You get a nice platform to play on with great film for free. Hines doesn’t know any of your from Adam. My son will be leavin on Thursday…. My staff and I were able to place guys in Europe and Arena teams. Players talk about how he has a gambling addiction. 25 yrs and 32 teams.

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