There are 8 forwards in a team. Three of the most important attributes of a good full-back are good catching ability under a high kick, the ability to punt the ball a long distance with accurac… On attack, they can enter the back line, usually near the centres or wings, with the aim of providing an extra person and overlapping the defending players. In the forwards be prepared to make short bruising runs with the ball against their biggest, strongest players. They`re also the positions known collectively as \"the pack\". However certain characteristics would be ideal for certain positions to have such as the front rows should be square and have a stronger neck to prevent injuries in a scrum. The forwards also traditionally formed and contested scrums, however in the modern game it is largely immaterial which players pack down in the scrum. Generally, the forwards are the heavier pack on the team hence they are usually bigger, heavier and stronger. A rugby league forward pack consists of six players who tend to be bigger and stronger than backs, and generally rely more on their strength and size to fulfill their roles than play-making skills. What is the ideal body type needed to be a good rugby forward? They field any deep opposition kicks and are often the last line of defence should an opponent break through the back line. They tend to be the bigger, stronger, heavier players in the team. Despite this, forwards are still referred to by the position they would traditionally take in the scrum. These are the players who use size and strength to get the ball and move it towards the opposition goal-line. In many cases making a gain of a few metres is what you are striving for. Full-backs usually position themselves several metres behind the back line.

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