3, We need a really good TE who can be not just an occasional safety blanket but a featured guy on the offense In the modern NFL you need to be athletic. One he was fooled. Right. There are actual playmaking WRs available (Thielan, OBJ (if healthy), Cooks, Fuller, etc.). But we won’t have 1st round picks for the next two years. Collier, Blair, D.K., Barton and Jennings. Huge chance to take control of the division wasted. I think they were confirmed long before pete talked about taylor. #34 Seattle (v/IND, WAS) — Joshua Uche (LB, Michigan) And the endzone throw was also on Tyler. And on that note, I see that all of Twitter and Reddit is calling for Ken Norton’s head like it’s the magic bullet. Dunlap will improve the defense,but only as much as Clowney did if not less. Yes. Made even worse by the fact that DK had that. Outside of a fortunate pickup of Dunbar we’ve spent very little real draft capitol there for years including not taking a single one last draft. I get it that they wanted to drain the clock. My understanding is that he wants to be the Man, wants to cook, so he can’t be fatigued after only six games, can he? Agreed. I wouldn’t be surprised to see our TEs get more targets after the bye. It will be a Wild Card and they will lose in the WC or Divisional round. Even if Carroll dances around the topic — sometimes you’ve simply got to be seen to be asking the question. Not having the same season. Also we know KJ will destroy that play if an offense try’s it against us. The ball is basically out of the endzone, and to have the body controll to catch and tap both feet…wow…And his a tiny human being (compared to most NFL players), and to throw a block as crazy as he did at the end? It comes down to whether they want to delude themselves into thinking they’re a serious contender, rather than a franchise that needs to embrace how badly they need a refresh. The Giants, like Washington, are in a strange spot. Give me your feedback: rob@seahawksdraftblog.com, #1 Cincinnati — Joe Burrow (QB, LSU) Too bad everything else had tons of flaws – D as usual, play-calling, costly penalties, OL getting Russ creamed several times, Russ getting int. I think I’m gonna roll with calling them POOOFF grades for now. Cowherd is right in his rant. However, it was the player snapping him the ball that drew my attention against Nebraska. Shanahan’s game-plan was a masterclass. Quem is the practice squad call up and Neal is promoted to active roster to replace Green’s spot. Nice for him to have a game like this. If Irving can come in and inject some talent and help increase Seattle’s sack percentage from a measly 3.6% to something closer to the 7-8% mark — that’ll be a huge boost for the defense. Somehow they’ve managed to get even worse compared to last year (4.5%). Seattle was willing to take a major, substantial risk on Brown the person — both in terms of potential disruption and reputational damage. Going deeper into the playoffs is and not just flopping out in the first two rounds. Every other team in the NFC has weaknesses too. DK is huge and he air mails it to Peterson who is 5 yards away from DK. This front 4 needs a true pass rush threat ASAP. There is no plan. Six of them need to raise over $20m just to be back in the black. It would be curious for this information to be made so public and not come to fruition. It’s relative. Seattle Seahawks Home: The official source of the latest Seahawks headlines, news, videos, photos, tickets, rosters, stats, schedule, and gameday … You want us to listen to you, meet your needs and bring in the guys you want? Testing will be important for Williams but he just has a natural ability and he looks the part of a NFL receiver. If he’s asking for high picks, there’s simply nothing you can do. They’re simply losing him to Tampa Bay. Quietly, Kerrigan has been one of the most prolific sack-artists in the NFL over the last decade. All images used on the blog belong to their owners.SDB reserves the right to delete any offensive material posted by visitors. Why didn’t the coaches or even the team leaders on the field make it abundantly clear that nobody should be rushing on that late field goal — let alone trying to jump over the protection? I meant because Gordon has had so much trouble with marijuana, and Irvin retired to be an activist for CBD and Marijuana. And while Jamal Adams’ return will be welcome — that’s not going to solve the biggest problem in terms of the lack of sacks and pressures. few players taking up disproportionate amount of resources never does good. Just wanted to see if it is only me or something affecting others too.

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