and only one of them has anything specifically to do with being free from intoxicants. ‘and so it is a translation of the Hebrew word ‘satan’ (P.P. 1887. return to 'Jump List'. Peter calls Satan the Peripatetic ” (Cox, on Job). Through all things and in all things, pray! The last word means messengers of any kind, so that any being who carries messages or has communication on behalf of Satan may be said to be one of his angels. If this is your Godly Strength, God has equipped you generously with wisdom of spiritual warfare. Because they had no covering, no protection, and no safeguard, they were defeated by the enemy. What an entirely different interest he inspires! "Commentary on 1 Peter 5:8". Satan is an enemy to mankind in general, but more especially to the seed of the woman, to Christ personal, and to Christ mystical, to all the elect of God: the word here used is a forensic term, and signifies a court adversary, or one that litigates a point in law, or opposes another in an action or suit at law. ‘seeking’-Always seeking to tempt someone. 1. https: Spirituality is essentially a personal search for meaning and connection between all things. Be sober, be vigilant, &c.— They were not so to cast all their care upon God, as to be off their guard, or to indulge in any vice; they were to watch, like soldiers encamped near an enemy, lest they should be suddenly surprized. Be vigilant—Wide awake: and with good reason for both precepts. It does not need to follow an existing path laid out in religious texts but it can be something you can create for yourself. Compare Psalms 22:13. But, while we accept the early date, there is no necessity to interpret this metaphorical description of Satan prowling about like a lion in search of prey as being literally fulfilled by the human persecutors who acted as Satan’s agents. We can become careless in our relationship with God (Hebrews 2:1). If someone feels that life is meaningless and they have no spiritual side then they are more likely to revert back to their old behavior. Scripture says, “Do not conformed any longer to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12:2). the others advantage of our drink we use only natural or organic plant instead of fruit , meaning it is as the complexity of beer and wine together and also contain live probiotic who may help with digestion . 41. When you are working within God’s plan, Satan will use any means possible to distract you from your purpose. ζητῶν καταπιεῖν, seeking to devour (B).

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