One way to do so is to watch out for their behavior. I think they are important for healthy living. Lack of 'feeling' isn't the same as Actively doing people harm and/or getting a 'hit' or a 'good feeling' , A Power over others about their Demise. Sounds tough to downright heartbreaking. In the meantime, I personally, have a sweet dog that keeps me company and need nothing more for the time being. My whole extended Family knows it, but it's me they ostracize for not accepting their own sickness by their own. You go on to Say: "The fact is that society by and large make sociopaths into criminals by harassing them at every single turn and trying to 'turn them into normative members of society'." The difference is that quite a few people today do not have to do that to survive or thrive so we try to bash on other people who do it. I could keep on going here but I think you get the point. So you see, the Psychopath will not save their own to prove a point. Their words are mostly, if not entirely false. You deserve to be punished after what you did! What or who are you defending? Thanks forr finally writing about > Add new comment | Psychology. I find it curious that the article makes you defensive. I recuperated, but did not forget. In the meantime , just keep saying NO when you see a red flag of a user, and soon enough you'll weed this out. Also, the author says his rule applies to 90% cases. I am sorry to hear about your experiences, also. These people are parasites and should be locked up permanently. It is interesting as I am also very fond of animals. I went 32 years not talking or seeing them and have only seen them recently. I really didnt want to get into specifics. That is a sign of a deviant mindset, as is violence IRL against other people. Examine how you came here. Im always told Im too nice, too helpful, that Im an empath etc...etc... Like you, I think it was a decision as a child not to be like them. There is something Very freaky that the Psychopath doesn't get caught. Even in egregious circumstances, the LAW often sides with the malicious and evil manipulative perpetrator. I believe most of Society don't recognize Sociopaths in their midst for the most part. Maybe someone would smile or laugh inappropriately, but if there's an involuntary neurological cause, they should explain that to others who might wonder about it. I too am suspicious of the OP. Their words are mostly, if not entirely false. I think I have trust issues but am often told I trust too easily, almost naïve. Thank you so much, Dear Hope, With my connections and your brains, we’ve got it made. If you have survived being a child of Sociopaths or full blown Psychopaths , its often hard to hold down a job or have successful relationships. Psychos who kill peoples Dogs need a Special Place in Hell and if I can help him get here I Would. Sometimes, we just don't care because 'someone else' might be dragging on you, needy, you might have a person who is a NPD, The National Domestic Violence Hotline, 1-800-799-SAFE, is a good place to start. Nobody can judge you for that, and if they do, then they're not the loving, understanding followers that they portray themselves as being. You have to escape Karlie, for the sake of your life. I've been a victim of people with personality disorders including family members for all of my life. I am not denying your experience, but let's not think ANY family Bullying moment is Sociopathic. The switcheroo. Love does not hurt. Where I got the term antisocial is the DSM-5 that is used to diagnose mental disorders. What do you mean by this? You cannot do that. So it’s unlikely you are a sociopath. He says he loves me everyday and sends me text messages expressing he undying love and at this point I refuse to believe any of that. I do believe there is a genetic component. I.E. the incidences , the freaky drama gets smaller. Infatuation. I highly doubt it. People I would like to avoid either way, regardless of cause. I agree people do tend to over analyze everything about a person; however, when it comes to the killing animals and stealing and lying...... that is flat out not the norm.

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