Dec 7 Neutral site, STL (10-13) lost to BOS, 96-112, 24. The Spirits of St. Louis were one of only two active teams to not survive the ABA-NBA merger of 1976. Are you a Stathead, too? 36-44, Finished 3rd in NBA Jan 16, STL (17-26) beat BAL, 136-128, 44. 3 market for college basketball regular season ratings, They played playoff games in front of roughly 5,000 people in 1967, said repeatedly that the team would stay in KC, were quietly planning their move out of St. Louis, earlier this year that he would support an NBA franchise in the city, said the prospect of expansion would be inevtiable. Kansas City’s citizens live and breathe Chiefs, and the same goes for St. Louis and the Cardinals. several years ago doesn’t reflect well on the marketability of St. Louis, but the teams still in St. Louis aren’t struggling. But make no mistake, an NBA team in either market would succeed.

Mexico City – The capital of Mexico boasts a new arena finished in 2012 that seats 22,300 people, over a thousand seats more than the current highest-capacity NBA arena. Do you have a sports website? And like the St. Louis Hawks, the Kansas City Kings had a 13-year run before moving to Sacramento in 1985. Mar 18 @ LAL, STL (34-43) lost to LAL, 120-132, 78. "I'd love to be involved with a team in St. Louis in the NBA. We present them here for purely educational purposes. Dec 8 Neutral site, STL (11-13) beat NYK, 104-93, 25. 112.0 (2nd of 9), SRS: -0.50 (5th of 9) St. Louis sports fans are lucky. – Orlando is a small-market city and the Magic don’t have much significance in NBA history, having won zero championships since entering the league as an expansion team in 1989. I completely agree with you on the issue of St.Louis landing a new NBA team and I am a proud St.Louisan and a lifelong American Pro Sports/Pro Basketball and NBA Fan and I would love to see an NBA Expansion team be awarded to our city, the Gateway City,St.Louis and I sincerely hope that with the help of local St.Louis businessman Richard Chaffetz who wants and publicly stated that he wants to be a part of an effort to finally get an NBA team to and for St.Louis that it finally does happen as well.
Feb 4 @ BOS, STL (24-33) lost to BOS, 95-117, 59. Or write about sports? April 14th, 2020 10:53 am, Jason Moser on Even more importantly, the Seattle SuperSonics franchise lasted from 1967 to 2008 and could potentially return.

With just two major teams now, St. Louis has room for another. Missouri is the 18th most populous state in the country, home to the Kansas City Chiefs and Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues., 5. makes it that much harder to bring the NBA to a relatively low-market American city like St. Louis; revenue is everything, and if the NBA is deciding between two cities to place an NBA team, it would take the city that will bring the most financial gain and stability. Mar 4 Neutral site, STL (30-38) beat BOS, 132-112, 70. Jan 24 Neutral site, STL (21-29) lost to PHI, 107-110, 51. When the NBA looks to expand, it should look to Missouri. But the NBA will be hesitant to move or begin a franchise in a city that doesn’t have much of a track record of supporting any major sports teams, so don’t bet on it. This year will be the fourth season in a row that Mexico City will host two regular-season NBA games. From 1955-1968, the St. Louis Hawks had a successful .550 winning percentage and won a championship along with six division titles (while the franchise has not won a championship since the move to Atlanta more than half a century ago).

#NBAStLouis!!!!! The 2019-20 NBA season is underway, and fans across the world are watching the 30 teams compete from October to April (and the top teams in the playoffs until June). The Cardinals’ run was stopped one round short of the World Series this October, and the Blues, of course, brought home the Stanley Cup in June. Although it was a while ago, St. Louis supported the. The Kings have not made a playoff appearance since 2006 (the longest active postseason drought), and the team has never made it to the Finals in its 34-year history in Sacramento. This summer, the last remaining member of that crew, from the team, leaving slim playoff hopes for the, KHS Journalism Information and Application, District update: Superintendent recommends online learning, Breaking: School cancelation, grading changes, event changes and more, Breaking: St. Louis stay at home order Monday, KHS item pickup, Shooting the crystal ball: NBA awards predictions,,,,,, Tentative plans for KHS return to on-campus learning, Demarius Shelton on St. Louis supported three major sports teams (Cardinals, Blues and Rams) from 1995-2015. The Kansas City Kings, an NBA team, skipped town for Sacramento in 1985. This year will be the fourth season in a row that Mexico City will host two regular-season NBA games.
This summer, the last remaining member of that crew departed from the team, leaving slim playoff hopes for the franchise’s next several seasons. Dec 17 @ SFW, STL (12-17) beat SFW, 103-102, 30.

Professional sports franchises are often staples in their communities like the Chiefs are in Kansas City, but teams like the Kings and the Hawks never enjoyed that luxury in Missouri. Louis Dellorco. Feb 24 @ BOS, STL (27-37) lost to BOS, 106-134, 65. There is a $950 million arena under construction for the new NHL team, which could also hold NBA games. Dec 10, STL (11-14) lost to NYK, 106-109, 26. Montreal has the second-highest metro population in Canada (behind Toronto) at just over four million. Nov 28 @ BAL, STL (8-10) lost to BAL, 102-110, 19. • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in, Mexico, and European and African countries. In 1957 – 1958 season. Nov 10 @ BAL, STL (4-5) lost to BAL, 117-124, 10. Dec 27 Neutral site, STL (13-19) lost to LAL, 100-108, 33. for 13 years before it moved to Atlanta in 1968. Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change.

Who’s to say an NBA team couldn’t turn their performance around after coming to St. Louis? Mar 22 @ NYK, STL (36-44) lost to NYK, 125-126, Ranks are per game (except for MP, which are total) and sorted descending (except for TOV and PF); opponents ranked are flipped; year/year calculations are also per game, Scores from any date in BAA/NBA or ABA history. Won NBA Western Division Semifinals (3-0) versus Baltimore Bullets Oct 15 @ CIN, STL (1-0) beat CIN, 111-100, 3. The St. Louis Hawks had done the same thing for Atlanta in 1968. St. Louis Hawks 1965-66 Roster and Stats. Thank you, sports. Mar 17 @ SFW, STL (34-42) lost to SFW, 112-116, 77. Since 2011, St. Louis has supported the St. Louis Surge, a women's professional basketball team owned by Khalia Collier, which played in the Women's Blue-Chip Basketball League (WBCBL) through 2018 before moving to the Global … – Although the Kings’ Golden 1 Center just opened in 2016, the Kings have been irrelevant in the league for quite a while. #StLouisStallions!!!!! Record: Jordan, a North Carolina legend, may be the biggest factor keeping the team in Charlotte. On top of that, St. Louis was the home of three Big Four (MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL leagues) teams for 21 years until 2016, when the Rams moved out to California. 6. Nov 11 @ BOS, STL (4-6) lost to BOS, 83-87, 12. Jan 7 @ DET, STL (15-23) lost to DET, 97-137, 40. Mar 13, STL (33-41) beat CIN, 115-106, 75. Jan 21 @ DET, STL (20-27) lost to DET, 108-117, 48. Final thoughts: An NBA team isn’t going to instantly become the most popular team in town in either Kansas City or St. Louis.

Feb 13, STL (26-34) beat CIN, 104-102, 61. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. Hi Hayden!!!!!

The St. Louis Bombers were a National Basketball Association team based in St. Louis, Missouri from 1946 to 1950.

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