Mustering his surviving allies, he sets out to put his own plan in motion. Quote. transtimmers. Watch Queue Queue. (dnt tag as kin/id/me for bee ty!). Is this a call out post? Send to Friend. IDW’s Transformers x Back To The Future: Murphy Puts Starscream On The Drawing Board Posted on October 5, 2020 at 11:38 pm by AzT under Comics , Crossovers Artist Phil Murphy shared steps in his creative process via closeup final pencil detail and full color images of Starscream (and Marty) as they prepare to appear in a forthcoming issue of the Transformers x Back To The Future … Starscream: Yes and I’m very conflicted about it.. Thundercracker and Skywarp:*concerned for him as Starscream just seems to be thinking*. Only if he's 3x faster than a normal Magnus. And Gigawatt can be a Decepticon. #starscream #idw starscream #starscream idw #idw #transformers idw #tw fire #fire #blood #tw blood #tw cigarettes #cigarretes #cigarrete #vintage #anime #animation #anime aesthetic #red #flames #glamour #black #blue #white #orange #tw #kin #transformers kin … [1] While those three tracked the data storage device, Blitzwing reported to Starscream that the Ore-13 was pure with no contaminants.[4]. Yes but to who? Hasbro can homage the Delorean without acknowledging these two dips**ts I believe. He scans the Delorean (and its powers) and Gigawatt is born. Share via Email Report Story Send. Photo. -He promises to never let S/O see that ever again. I mean in the fandom we let then get along and its like this. ⭐ IDW Starscream Stimboard. Video. Starscream: Heres the motherfucking tea, i diagnose myself with gay disease (dnt tag as kin/i/me fr bee thanks! Ask. SINGLE ISSUES. Transformers: Reign of Starscream #4 $ 1.99. I am predictable as always…! That's what Biff Tannen wants to know because if he can find them, hecan help his bosses-the Decepticons-find what's left of the Resistance and pound 'em into next week. Doc makes a decision to never use the Delorean again and locks it in a barn. I like how we portray Starscream as a mean girl and his fucking two sidekicks, Skybitch and Thunderfucker. starscream idw < > Most popular. He can't deal with that three times faster!!! ), source Transformers / Back to the Future #1 Comic [Cover B], also Transformers / Back to the Future #3 Comic [Cover A] (Available December 9, 2020!). Watch Queue Queue Humans are ok. Annoying characters from other fictions are not ok in my opinion though. -But when he stabbed the mech right through the chasis and let him fall, he would turn around and then see S/O. When MEGATRON falls in battle, STARSCREAM assumes the role of DECEPTICON leader on Earth. I already got the perfect fiction planned out in my head cannon: Marty uses the Delorean to go back and tell himself the winning lottery numbers. Bite - IDW Starscream X Reader 3K 49 6. by TheAvengerJedi90. You drifted away from laid back small talk you were having with Moonracer, and looked for a dance partner. Grid View List View. Doc passes away. Damn I need to write comics lol. But I never viewed it as a "cult following" type of film worthy of having a toyline, comic, or rabid fans. I mean the two even look the same, it would work way better ! IDW Revolution Wiki is a FANDOM Comics Community. Around 2001,[2] Starscream was assigned to command the infiltration unit deployed to Earth. The time now is 5:16 PM. All I see the zig-zagging bursts and I get a Battle of Loum flashback. [1], Among the pictures on Stoker's device was one of Starscream in mid-transformation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A lone Autobot from Cybertron seeking Prime crash lands next to the barn and investigates and stumbles upon the lost time machine. He traveled and cataloged worlds and civilizations trying to piece the fabric of history and how we all came to be. , I forgot to post it here afsjdldls I LOVE THEM. Around 2001, Starscream was assigned to command the infiltration unit deployed to Earth. Starscream: (Complaining) Everybody calls me chicken!! Marty: (Serious) Nobody …calls me chicken! Whos gonna get a starring role next ? Transformers: Reign of Starscream #2 $ 1.99. After further inspection AND already knowing it was Magnus, I can see it based on the head and shoulder 'towers'. Headcanons of Starscream’s (Neutral femme) s/o seeing him kill someone, be it on accident or self defense. ), tried to draw starscream from windblade and i gave up with his body so i just kept his head(s). Chat. cattyfabz . Im a car guy. Thats a good storyline too. Cause I would never have guessed that was Ultra Magnus. Decepticon Earth Infiltration Unit members, Share. Skywarp:What’s wrong Starslut didn’t Megatron ram you hard enough or do you want more? Gigawatt would make an awesome Decepticon. Starscream is a former Decepticon and current leader of Cybertron. -He would end up throwing the other mech to the wall and he would have the typical smirk on his face. Use the times when the delorean is unoccupied. At Megatrons trial: What’s yer testimony Starscream. but some times i feel like they make the humans save the day way to much when its sopose to be the autobots. Arent there enough annoying humans in Transformers fiction ? He was now seen as a higher up and now that S/O knew, would she tell everyone and he would be thrown in jail? COLLECTIONS! IDW please? -He is too afraid of being alone after that. He could turn on Marty and impale him with that lightning rod accessory as Doc looks on and laughs wickedly. This video is unavailable. Honestly, yes. IDW’s Transformers x Back To The Future: Murphy Puts Starscream On The Drawing Board, › Credit: Phil Murphy, PREVIEWSworld, IDW Publishing, Transformers AoE Dinobots - Grimlock, Strafe, Slog, Slug, Snarl, Scorn, Slash, TRANSFORMERS Toys Generations War for CYBERTRON DELUXE WFC-S41 BARRICADE Figure, 12" ~ BLUE & YELLOW ~ TRANSFORMER ~ TRUCK ~ 2014 HASBRO, Megatron Fusion Blast Transformers - Sealed In Box, Transformers / Back to the Future #1 Comic [Cover B], Transformers / Back to the Future #3 Comic [Cover A]. 48 notes. Transformers: Reign of Starscream #1 $ 1.99. Follow. He ends up getting extorted by the mafia and whacked for snitching. Check out the artwork after the jump, then sound off on the 2005 boards! Transformers: Reign of Starscream #5 $ 1.99. The Delorean has been merged into TF Fiction without adding 2 more annoying human characters into the mix. Flo the insurance lady with the name your price tool thats a real gun ? View attachment 28804426 View attachment 28804427. i know im going to get flack for this comment. Or S/O they were causing a ruckus and I had to kill them. ), (please dnt tag as kin/id/me fr bee tysm! Share via Email Report Story The Cybertronian music, upbeat and techno, suddenly filtered out into a slow song. -Starscream would more than likely come back a day or two later and then hold S/O tight and say the words “Im sorry.” over and over again. qwq this for some reason looks like absolute crap what happened the sketch was so good. #starbee #starscream idw #idw comics #maccadam #transformers #taao #rid #bumblebee tf #myart #fanart. DescriptionWhere-and when–are Marty McFly and his pal, the Autobot Gigawatt? REIGN OF STARSCREAM. Gigawatts adventures are about to get a whole lot bigger…, Vs killing Marty and doc. A trait he still kept from being a con. Due to USPS restrictions, IDW is unable to offer shipping to the following countries and u.s. territories. There you have it. source Transformers / Back to the Future #3 Comic [Cover A]. -S/O was so shaken up that he would slowly walk over, his optics wide and scared looking. Skywarp:What’s wrong Screamer? Filter by post type. But in no way would I say that its obviously Magnus. One that clearly wasn’t from this time era. ⭐ Credit/Sources under cut! by TheAvengerJedi90 Follow. so the only thing you like about back to the future is the car? Ok since you guys love Doc so much, I propose an idea: How about Doc becomes twisted after one of his time travel adventures and he comes back as Dr. Arkeville ? -Out of sheer guilt, he would transform and fly away in order to give S/O space. Unfollow. Im buying the figure but I hate these dumb crossover stories. Did Megatron bone you? Or buried waiting in a mineshaft via Back to the Future: part 3, Transformers / Back to the Future #1 Comic [Cover B] (Available October 6, 2020! Posted on October 5, 2020 at 11:38 pm by AzT under Comics, Crossovers. And im also an 80s guy so it has nothing to do with lack of exposure. Audio. Did he take you out the twink zone and showed you the power of hunk? And if Biff can't find them… well… he'd better prepare to be on the receiving end of a Decepticon whupping! but i like to see humans in transformers to interact with them i feel make them more human granted there robots and all.

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