It had international bureaus; it did the best coverage of Central America during Reagan’s wars. As far as social media are concerned, they are interesting in themselves. Not the Arab states, they have been pressing for it almost forever. Essentially the first thing any socialist movement does when it comes to power is make sure everyone is vaccinated. The United States and its allies were crucially responsible. Even the majority of over-50s use social media for news. It is essentially hardly a newspaper anymore. Whatever the Russians might have done is not even a toothpick on a mountain compared to that, quite apart from the fact that the US not only intervenes in elections (including in Russia), but overthrows governments. Take Boston, where I have lived for many years. The Sanders campaign was the first time in over a century of American political history that a candidate was able to get to where he did. One 2016 study showed that half of all British people get their news online now, with online news having overtaken television in its reach, and having far superseded it among those under 45 years old. Turkish forces and their allies are carrying out the attack in a mostly Kurdish area. There is one barrier. So the media should cover what is happening. It turns out there was interference in the election. And Al-Jazeera, for example, had to cancel its efforts to reach an American audience, because practically no station would allow them to appear. If he was on Mainstream Media saying what he says presently to his target market, then the average person would become aware of all that Israel is doing, and that would be counterproductive to his goal of protecting Israel. On social media, you do not find that. It comes from the corporate sector. your reply is interesting … very, how chomsky protect that piece of land i wonder? There is a lot of flow, in and out, of personnel, with a lot of influence. Now there are a few things apart from local news in it, and the rest is what they pick up from wire services. Which probably is a factor in their surprisingly high vote. One of the Warner executives saw the advertising for the book, and did not like it. They did not see any problem. If Dr. Chomsky really cared about the US, he would endorse a Third Party candidate instead the likes of Hillary Clinton, but Noam Chomsky is an Israel-firster and as such supports the Deep State because it supports Israel. And it is all across the spectrum. Furthermore, journalism appears to be becoming a less professionalized field, with fewer and fewer full-time staff journalists employed by newspapers and TV, and more freelancers and citizen journalists. When the US and Britain invaded Iraq, they had to concoct some sort of pretext. It was not Russian. The US-led Corporatocracy will allow ‘no’ dissent. One person working on his own was able to reach a large number of people. AM: Are the five explanatory filters more than an arbitrary list of possible causes for the declawing of media? This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. In the United States, elections are basically bought, as I mentioned previously. In this context, what is journalism’s future? There are two of them. If you read the New York Times—which, incidentally, young people did not read much in the 1980s, either—but if you read the New York Times or the Washington Post, or even if you watch television news, you get a certain range of opinion, not very broad—it goes from center to far-right, but at least there is some discussion, and occasionally you get a critical voice here and there.

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