Murray is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, though most of his hunches are at least partially right. Save Will from the Mind Flayer.Defeat the Mind Flayer (all succeeded). by Jealous, Eleven used her powers to make Max fall off her skateboard, and left to the cabin after seeing Mike help her up. by At the Byers house, Eleven tried to communicate with Will and Nancy's friend, Barbara Holland through one of the radios. Eleven agreed to help them find Will, and explained to them the "Upside Down", and explained the monster. ready or not, you are thrust amidst the unfolding war between the heroes and evil creatures. 1983 After mourning the death of Hopper, Eleven was taken in by the Byers, and she left Hawkins with the family after bidding farewell to Mike and her friends. Today, the fans are awaiting the 4th season of the show in hopes of the great finale. Eleven was trained by Hawkins National Laboratory, and they wanted to enhanced her psychic powers to her limits. Powers/Skills Like what you see here? Eleven hid in the woods for a month, and killed animals to eat, and in December, discovered a box filled with leftovers and Eggos. After Dr. Brenner's seeming death, Dr. Owens was brought in to run the lab and try to help Will get back on his feet. Eleven and the group were attacked by the Mind Flayer, but succeeded in temporally stopping it so that they can escape. Disclosure: Mathias Döpfner, CEO of Business Insider's parent company, Axel Springer, is a Netflix board member. Eleven led the group to the Byers house, but was unable to explain that Will was in the other dimension. Eleven viewed Brenner as a father figure, and would refer to him as "Papa", and a source of comfort. Think about your decisions and try to stay safe. Jane Ives was born in 1971 to Andrew Rich and Terry Ives, who was a test subject of the MKUltra program. The group created a plan on how to defeat the Mind Flayer, Eleven and Hopper would go the lab to close the gate as Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy would attempt to exorcise the flayer from Will. During their time together, she and Mike formed a strong bond and quickly grew to like each other. 22.10.2020, 22:00, by Fight those monsters and stay alive? Being raised in laboratory left Eleven shy and timid, as she didn't have much communication with others beside Dr. Brenner. Read more: Why Hopper may have made a secret link with Hawkins Lab. When the gang decided to leave the warehouse as the police were coming, Eleven used her abilities see Mike warning Hopper that they would fall into the Mind Flayer's trap. She was ordered to spy on a Russian agent, but came across a monster (later named the Demogorgon), and panicked. Both of the human and monster nature. Amidst the ensuing fight to stop the Mind Flayer, Eleven lost her powers. This also allowed her to attend the Snow Ball dance with Mike. Member of The PartyHawkins National Laboratory Test Subject (formerly) Rich was killed in Vietnam, and would never know of his daughter, Jane, who would born in the early 1970s. Do you have the right skills and intuition? Irene 246 actresses were seen for the role of Eleven. Despite this, she was intelligent, compassionate, and loyal to those she saw as friends, notably the Party. Nancy is in high school, and at the start of the first season she's just beginning to break away from her bookish habits and explore dating and a more adventurous side of herself. We’ve reached the point where the heroes have to face the greatest evil on Earth to eliminate it once and for all. He is also the go-to resource on all things Dungeons and Dragons. Only time will tell. Eleven came across Benny Hammond's diner, and attempted to steal food, but was caught and clothed and fed by Hammond. Realizing that she could not leave her friends behind, she returned to Hawkins, reuniting with them, to help defeat yet another extra-dimensional threat. Eleven used her powers to source the void for Billy, and learn the source after seeing his abusive childhood: Brimborn Steel Works. It was an immediate hit among the Netflix audience and, later, spread far and beyond. When she saw a picture of Ray and his family, Eleven felt guilty and decided not to kill him, possibly thinking of what it was like to not have her parents in her youth. The enemies and horror of the show have been escalating throughout the seasons. Enemies We do know that he was the man responsible for her mother's catatonic state and the kidnapping of Eleven. Charlotte and Clara Ward played the character younger. Required fields are marked *. Now Terry is unable to move or speak much, and sits in a halfway conscious state. 889.6k Likes, 3,409 Comments - Stranger Things (@strangerthingstv) on Instagram: “our Hawkins Heroes takin' names and kickin' demo-butt.” However, Connie Frazier from Hawkins arrived, and killed Benny before Eleven escaped. The first season ended with Steve and Nancy dating, but she broke up with him on the second season. Mike's home operates as the headquarters for his friends, but his dad Ted is generally clueless about the goings on in the home until the FBI and Hawkins Lab folks turn up at his front door. Full Name Angered, Eleven had a psychic tantrum that destroyed all of the cabin's windows. Eleven and Kali began looking for Ray Carroll, who had electrocuted Terry in the lab that caused brain damage. Your email address will not be published. Due to the experiments tested on Terry, Jane was born with psychic abilities, and was abducted by Brenner to study her powers. Are you prepared to fight the monsters? Entering the void, Eleven found Barbara's corpse, and later found Will alive, but weakened. Hopper taught Eleven how to read and signal with … He was killed inside Hawkins Lab when the Mind Flayer's army of demo-dogs attacked, though. One night, Hopper signaled that he was going to late, which angered Eleven. Following Hopper's apparent death, she was taken in by the Byers family. Let’s check in this Stranger Things test. As one of the principal characters in the show, he is best friends to Mike, Dustin, and Will. Later that day, Eleven decided to leave the cabin to visit Mike, and was able to slip away after being asked by a mother where her parents were. After removing the piece of the Mind Flayer that was in her leg, the group met up with Hopper, Joyce, and Murray. She's a skateboarder who loves video games, and has a rotten stepbrother. By the end of October in 1984, Eleven wanted to go trick-or-treating, but Hopper refused as it could risk her being seen. When she attempted to leave the void, the Mind Flayer possessing Billy warned her that it would eradicate everyone. Angered, Mike lashed at Eleven, who fled the scene due to overwhelming emotions. From Mike's friend group to all the parents and teachers, keep reading for a review of all your favorite characters. Eating eggosBeing with friends Afterward, Eleven apologized and claimed that shew as the monster for having opened the gate, and was comforted by Mike and Dustin. Read more: 'Stranger Things' producer seems to confirm Brenner's fate. Will was born as the second son of Joyce Byers and Lonnie Byers, and the younger brother of Jonathan Byers. After she grew impatient from being separated from her friends, Eleven went on a journey by herself, discovering her past in the process. Her third and youngest kid, Holly, is the only one who stays close to her side. Despite wounding Billy, the Mind Flayer was killed when the gate was closed and the key was destroyed. The first season was centered around rescuing Will from the mysterious hidden dimension, and now he's one of the few characters on the show who has an innate connection to the Mind Flayer.

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