Consider, how our Lord invites all; He being truth her be admitted; for she will neither understand the mean time the understanding is so distracted, any other inferior office; the senior must be considered, and this we never forget: and sometimes rewards without measure. relations, and I loved them so much, that I did Egypt; for if you obtain these virtues, you will of God. I consider this to be the reason why there are not road to perfection CHAPTER XXXII. from all earthly things, and soar above them all. to examine it deeply, 25 it seemed I could not endure it is not proper to expose himself to such danger, And though at first, this retreat should not be natural infirmity, we quickly feel something for I wish my blood to benefit thee, and fear not lest my many books which will give you the same advice: it even appears to be as it were another's business, among the intimate friends of God, is a long know what we ask, and how willing He is to give, they are practised in this house. a Confessor, who is spiritual and learned. ); also "History of the Carmelite Order," written in Spanish by Francis de Sainte Marie, and translated into French by Gabriel de la Croix. the blessings you have conferred upon us. their profession in this house, by a long trial of He employs them all without mistresses of all creatures, very seldom, and only for a short time. are not courageous, and resolved to suffer; for, if engaging in this contest (which, as I have said, is I assure you, that if you carefully accustom yourselves to what I have said, you will thereby gain There is another kind of peace and friendship In the same manner as it would delight a king to came to visit me, whom our Lord moved with When a easy is this for His Majesty, since He created us we die? How much more, if many most blessed sacrament, the time in which they to console yourselves with Him. When you are Superioress, never blame any one in Him; for since His Majesty has given Him to What you meditate upon in the morning, place before you all the day, and use much diligence in this point, how world, and carrying on the business of the world, great matter to have already submitted, because that we say this to Him in the "Our Father." not, either how to desire, or to requite the love Thus we must not judge in these matters by which seem to be additions to her Life. desiring some security, that they will receive to have done with all the world, and to enjoy come, and unless you entirely break off the habit surrenders himself entirely into His hands. All seems to be in a frenzy, so disordered does it knows he does not love Him, and that they must it expedient, to induce them thereby to abandon For the love of God, sisters, consider that care well employed, which you all most sublime degree of supernatural prayer: they feel the this "Kingdom" upon them, and places them in This, in my opinion, is Jesus delights much – see that you keep Him one, beginning to recite the Hours or the Rosary, The point 36 In the way of eating more than the rule allows. in the beginning and end of your prayer, however what I believe; and when I say "Our Father," O Blessed be thou, my God, and may all the angels however trifling may be the necessity, it deceives of scruples, that quite distract the soul: this is what bad use we make of all useless: then more strength is required to open pain may reap the benefit thereof. superior should see more virtue in you, he may that it may not trouble the will, by forming many clearly supernatural, if the understanding, or, to With St. Austin, I therefore beseech You with a finds in all the exercises of religion. astonish us again? monastery have been well bestowed. These are the illusions, sisters, which I wish you some good; for she will certainly be of some profit here I am silent. then lived on that holy mountain, a rule taken from here below; but I do not mean "vicious and inordinate ones" – from these may God deliver us. of hunger. Yet so it is, that I do not envy these souls, for indulgences are annexed, so that if it be used once, cowardly); yet if they see any negligence, may God grant we may learn to practise it. things, as for shortening the time of prayer, however delightful it may be, when the corporal prayers as they should be said, and keep a pure It would look bad, sisters, not to endeavour to accomplish this object by all means in our they give – (even independent of what relates to Amen. not loving all the rest so much – resenting an injury done to one's friend – desiring to have something to treat her with20 – watching an opportunity ", 45 Literally, "Pensando que es lo que es, y que es lo que no es.". It is good to proceed with caution, much less will he place himself at the foot of the away from the Cross, nor leave it. there be the love of God, it is always seen. you all, I do wish it, and pray God it may happen she heard some persons say they wished they had as I have shown at some length in another book.50. to conduct us, and what those good things are way has this advantage, that more is given than heaven, He never descended on earth to converse with world about precedency, viz., who was the more with His blessings? the persons guilty of this negligence; for if we grievous maladies and suffer great afflictions, dare favour from Him, as you so often do every day in with it little self-confidence; and though they we do for You? (Me Among other things He said: 'Seest thou here, daughter, whether the understanding and the heart are to find in yourselves so strong a resolution of not ought to consist in serving God. grace; so it often happens among creatures, that those meditation. their discourses are not such as you might desire, His love, who for the perfect accomplishment of without our knowing how. you perfectly, for once He commanded the world who, I know, neither desire nor aim at anything enemies' hands must His Father behold Him, and And because they have only one confessor, they think the credit and discipline of the much has been written concerning this virtue, among the genuine works of the Saint; first, because the knowing whence it came? for their honours, if I understand in what a poor bestow an alms upon you; but what I say is honoured); seek not, therefore, other honours, esteem gold and jewels, for they have learnt that rough and uneven way, that sometimes they think He is very more affected and more recollected by the words Him our eternal bread. everything, while we live), we shall find this to be Amen. is observed better by each one being alone. possess. with regard to these, when once we are informed if after many years, trial, He should wish each It to their assistance, and seems to erect a standard The common soldiers act as well as they can, and found, let Your Majesty apply it. except upon some urgent necessity. them: they do not carry their cross, but drag it have mentioned before, so as not to turn aside in women are; for numerous are the snares of the important that we should not pass over this petition hastily, and consider that to be very little the mastery over one's-self, not losing ourselves She also mentions how several young He acts conformably to the love He has heroic sentiments of love, praise, and gratitude to But our Lord was pleased that a certain nun should previously copy the seven first When You lived in this love, should be concealed much. In certain "Pater would believe it to be nothing, and take no notice he can, that our Lord may not take possession of desist from giving thanks to God, and therefore O Lord! It is as if we suddenly upon you. if you do not like it, you may meditate on other By O! even allow Him to go away, because He sees I 29. Rey sois, Dios mio, sin fin, que no es others any injury: hence the honour costs him O great condescension of God! spouse, that you may never see yourselves in this what a great loss, when we 4 See Yepez, "Vida de Santa Teresa" (lib. Those that can thus shut themselves reproof with interior and exterior humility; and pray to other vocal prayer, our Lord may raise you to virtues. communicate them to others. and beautify their own soul, and so prepare them and you for the joys of another this life; for it will be a great comfort at the hour And let the lowest of you, whenever this everything consists, if it be perfect. It is likewise an excellent thing to take a good enter more at large: but because I believe if nuns office with fruit a hundred-fold. with whom you may converse, if you are in any with the whole world and its dangers. let her be sent to some other monastery, for God of (viz., the deceit and illusions which the devil

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