"[22], The ECRB report entitled 2012 Tailings Management Assessment Report: Oil Sands Mining Industry, cautioned that oil sands operators failed to convert their tailings ponds into deposits suitable for reclamation in a timely fashion, as proposed in their project applications.
Syncrude had a lower-than-expected fines capture performance in 2011/2012 but exceeded expectations in 2010/2011. Das Akronym CRUD [.mw-parser-output .IPA a{text-decoration:none}kɹʌd] umfasst die vier grundlegenden Operationen persistenter Speicher.

Oftmals handelt es sich bei der grafischen Benutzeroberfläche eines CRUD-Frameworks um ein simples HTML-Interface. The team discovered that the contamination spread farther than previously thought. [32] Syncrude's had submitted their request regarding the Mineral Surface Lease MSL352 in 30 June 2017. "[16]:7361 The study collected data on emission rates of methane (CH4) from the "five major facilities in the AOSR: Syncrude Mildred Lake (SML), Suncor Energy OSG (SUN), Canadian Natural Resources Limited Horizon (CNRL), Shell Albian Muskeg River and Jackpine (SAJ) and Syncrude Aurora (SAU)."

[9], Syncrude used the older composite tailings (CT) technology to capture fines at its Mildred Lake project.

Es ist vor allem bekannt durch den Damm, der das Becken einfasst. [2][dead link], In 2008 tailings ponds held 732 billion litres of tailings.

CRUD-Operationen können je nach Umgebung in verschiedenen Sprachkonstrukten ausgedrückt werden: Vielfach werden die einzelnen CRUD-Operationen mittels einer Persistenz-Schicht umgesetzt. Die Persistenz-Schicht hebt die relationale Repräsentation der einzelnen Informationen auf eine objektorientierte Ebene.

Syncrude Canada Ltd. ist ein kanadisches Unternehmen der Ölindustrie. Das CRUD-Framework weist selbstverständlich ein äquivalentes Verhalten für die verbleibenden CRUD-Operationen auf. Von manchen Autoren wird alternativ das Akronym RUDI (insert an Stelle von create) oder CDUR (in Anlehnung an die Tonart C-Dur) benutzt. Ist dies der Fall, so wird letztlich die Update-Operation ausgeführt. [21], In 2009, the ERCB published an industry wide directive—Directive 074—which was the first of its kind. "[24] The government had pledged that the "turbid tailings ponds containing the byproducts of bitumen production will soon be a thing of the past. In 2007 the area was a 220-hectare pond of toxic effluent but several years later there was firm land planted with black spruce and trembling aspen.

The ERCB's first major publication was the December 2008, Directive 073: Requirements for Inspection and Compliance of Oil Sands Mining and Processing Plant Operations in the Oil Sands Mining Area, which was based Oil Sands Conservation Act (OSCA), Oil Sands Conservation Regulation (OSCR), Informational Letter (IL) 96-07: EUB/AEP Memorandum of Understanding on the Regulation of Oil Sands Development, IL 94-19: Dam Safety Accord, Agreement Between Alberta Employment, Immigration and Industry and the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board Respecting the Coordination of Services for Coal and Oil Sands Mine Projects (EII/EUB MOU), requirements set out in approval conditions for each oil sands mining and processing plant scheme, operator's ERCB-approved S-23 production accounting manual, Interim Directive (ID) 2001-07: Operating Criteria: Resource Recovery Requirements for Oil Sands Mine and Processing Plants, ID 2001-03: Sulphur Recovery Guidelines for the Province of Alberta, and Directive 019: ERCB Compliance Assurance—Enforcement. Das Unternehmen mit Hauptsitz in Fort McMurray ist ein Joint Venture der Ölförderer Suncor Energy (58,74 %), Imperial Oil (25 %), Sinopec (9,03 %), Nexen (7,23 %). Levels of carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic PAHs were substantially higher than guidelines for lake sedimentation set by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment in 1999. [9] Shell used atmospheric fines drying (AFD) technology combined "fluid tailings and flocculants and deposits the mixture in a sloped area to allow the water to drain and the deposit to dry" and had a lower-than-expected fines capture performance.

Die nachfolgende Illustration ist der Naked-Objects-Dokumentation entliehen und stellt den möglichen Aufbau eines solchen CRUD-Frameworks dar. "[12][47], In March 2012 an alliance of oil companies called Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) was launched with a mandate to share research and technology to decrease the negative environmental impact of oil sands production focusing on tailings ponds, greenhouse gases, water and land.

Syncrude Canada was planning the first end pit lake in 2013 with the intention of "pumping fresh water over 40 vertical metres of mine effluent that it has deposited in what it calls 'base mine lake.'" [2] According to a Calgary Herald article, by September 2017, the tailings ponds held c."1.2 trillion litres of contaminated water" and covered about 220 square kilometres (85 sq mi). [49][50], In January 2013, scientists from Queen's University published a report analyzing lake sediments in the Athabasca region over the past fifty years. "[22], The Government of Alberta released the 2012 "Tailings Management Framework for Mineable Oil Sands" as part of Alberta's Progressive Reclamation Strategy for the oil sands to ensure that tailings are reclaimed as quickly as possible. Werden die einzelnen Daten-Objekte zudem in einer generischen GUI visualisiert, sodass jedes Objekt durch eine der genannten CRUD-Operationen manipuliert werden kann, so spricht man in diesem Kontext auch von einem CRUD-Framework. Atomare Operationen sind in diesem Zusammenhang von Interesse, da moderne Software-Anwendungen oftmals als Mehrbenutzersystem realisiert werden.

[2] Large volumes of tailings are a byproduct of bitumen extraction from the oil sands and managing these tailings is one of the most difficult environmental challenges facing the oil sands industry.[2]. Other tailings dams constructed and operated in the same area by Syncrude include the Southwest Sand Storage (SWSS),[15] which is the third largest dam in the world by volume of construction material after the Tarbela Dam. The jello-like mature fine tails (MFT) were pumped and dredged out of the pond and relocated to another tailings pond for long-term storage and treatment. The AER decision allows Syncrude to use more public lands to develop oil sands on oil sands leases 17 and 22, under section 20 of the Public Lands Act, with a number of conditions, related to relevant laws, including the Oil Sands Conservation Act (OSCA), the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA), the Water Act, and the Public Lands Act. [9], The ERCB's 2013 "Tailings Management Framework for Mineable Oil Sands" "challenged a "key plank" of the Conservative provincial government, under Premier Alison Redford, who served from October 2011 until her resignation on 23 March 2014.
AER on cost of clean-up of tailings ponds.

syncrude (countable and uncountable, plural syncrudes) The output from a bitumen /extra heavy oil upgrader facility used in connection with oil sand production. [36][12] Sequoia Resources Ltd had defaulted on its "municipal tax payments" and could not reclaim its properties. It was then planted with reclamation plants. The ERCB was created to replace the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) and the Alberta Utilities Commission.

It has a "side hill" facility with a three-sided dyke impounding fluid against the natural ground that rises away from the containment dyke. The dried MFT can then be reclaimed in situ or moved to another location for final reclamation. The lawsuit alleges that Perpetual and its CEO Susan Riddell Rose "knew the deal would sink the buyer". Who gets paid first? [47] In 2012 the Cumulative Environmental Management Association (CEMA) described End Pit Lakes (EPL)[48] as .mw-parser-output .templatequote{overflow:hidden;margin:1em 0;padding:0 40px}.mw-parser-output .templatequote .templatequotecite{line-height:1.5em;text-align:left;padding-left:1.6em;margin-top:0}.

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