Posted in Review | Tagged archaeology, art, athens, greece, museum, place, travel | Leave a Comment ». Elsewhere, they seemed to have made an effort to minimise the amount of stuff under glass, which gives a more direct connection with the objects. “My point is, we almost got killed and your next move is to write a strongly worded letter?”. They are in the Byzantine and Christian Museum, which I’ll review next. The site-specific arrangement inevitably felt pointed in the Parthenon galleries, but if anything that made it more potent. And the collections certainly are incredible. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Yet it still managed to impress me – particularly the gradual slope of the first gallery, with its mix of large and small, odd and commonplace offerings. This is a place for me to think about the weirdness and problems of Archaeology, and try to combat some of the snobbery and elitism of the Bembridge Scholars. “We almost got torn apart,” Rick explained, “and Egypt was actually attacked locusts and flies and boils and sores and, and--" “Water turning into blood and that sand thing,” Jonathan added gesturing… In this sense, being an object in a museum is more like a productive retirement than a death. The fragments looked scattered at first glance, but groupings by kind of object emerged at a closer look. Jul 7, 2018 - 4,299 Likes, 82 Comments - Alice Crowrunner (@catinawitchhat) on Instagram: ““Take that, Bembridge Scholars!” ⚱️ A librarian, an Egyptologist, and all around woman-who-saves-…” “Take That, Bembridge Scholars!” is available free online at An Archive Of Our Own. The sort of museum I work in is full of funerary monuments, and a good chunk of the actual mausoleum is in a museum. There was also some great visual display that I’d love to show you, but I wasn’t allowed to take photos (now is not the time for that rant). So come in and look around, if that interests you. ( Log Out /  Go on. The first time I found myself telling a videogame story through a 3D space, it wasn’t much different to my (admittedly limited) experience of exhibition design. So I’m going to whack down my main thoughts about the museums I’ve seen this summer while I still remember them. The school itself was disbanded in 1997 A.D. Last week I had the strangest experience. Even objects can be thought of as having biographies in which they are born, live a life of changing relationships and finally die. Dramatic moments like the murder of Phillip II were played down. Trust me, I’ve spoiled nothing. I’ve been several times, and I always look forward to seeing the star pieces (Wikipedia has a good list but, be warned, some are not the originals), but there are also always things that take me by surprise. When Bembridge School was disbanded, the era of public schools feeding young men into the Empire having arguably closed, these collections were transferred into the care of museums. The space feels transparent, with icons that hover in glass pillars, rather than hanging on walls. It is always inspiring to see a museum that deepens the sense of place, rather than seeing objects in isolation. The Bembridge Scholars aren’t real, but sometimes I think they may as well be. A bookish chap who spends his lunch hour translating inscriptions gets so excited by a discovery that he takes his clothes off. With a title like that, on a museum blog,  you’d expect something about using videogames in museum space, or to entice new visitors. Bembridge Scholar. I found out today that at least one person has tried to leave a comment on this blog, but it has not appeared on the blog or in the spam queue. Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment ». .. @OneShotRPG A sugar-glider would be a perfect pet on a skyship! As someone who studies objects for a living, I found it a little overwhelming*. 4,261 Likes, 79 Comments - Alice (@catinawitchhat) on Instagram: ““Take that, Bembridge Scholars!” ⚱️ A librarian, an Egyptologist, and all around woman-who-saves-…” I don’t know whether this is a one-off or not. The Macedonians lived under the same political system for some five hundred years. ( Log Out /  The exhibition was refreshingly honest about instances where the gallery has been deceived or mistaken, but it also managed to show the institution’s strengths at research. There was everything from throwaway phrases by Euripides and Homer through to a large chunk of one of Alexander’s speeches in Arrian. I still want to get my thoughts down before I forget them all, so I’m upping the pace. Museums may be better for all sorts of reasons, but the fact that museums claim superiority makes them ripe for mocking by even the oddest of institutions. At its best, quoting ancient authors gave context in a way that felt vivid and concise. Rickipedia: The Mummy Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. But it’s great to be reminded of the fact that not all objects can be fully explained by members of the society that made them. They were a reminder of how much the modern experience of shopping shares with museum visiting: looking at objects, exercising taste, people-watching etc. It also discussed some of the uncertainties of the archaeological record which got overlooked like the uncertainties over naming tombs’ occupants and even over the identification of modern Vergina with ancient Aegae. Generally the only thing that real archaeology today has in common with films is the number of insects you encounter. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It was visually arresting, intellectually stimulating and well worth the dreaded X5 bus journey. Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged material culture | Leave a Comment ». At this time, the Bembridge scholars had repealed their previous decision in denying Evelyn's application, and had requested that she run the Egyptology wing of the British Museum, a position which Evelyn had considered taking. People seemed fascinated with the project and excited about how it would turn out. Search, discover and share your favorite Leader GIFs. If you’ve tried to comment and it hasn’t been published, it’s not that I have suppressed it. The fact that the Athenian empire oppressed a lot of people doesn’t undermine the fact that it produced some amazing art and thought. Although, it mostly sold not chocolate but M&Mrobilia. This was possibly because there were protests in central Athens that day, but I suspect it would have been busier if people paid a bit more attention to this part of Greece’s history. I found it particularly fascinating how the shop used techniques you would associate with a museum. You can email me at aleb4 at “Jonathan, despite all evidence to the contrary, you were not raised by wolves, kindly knock next time.”, Then she looked up at Rick and said, “And no. Anyone would be impressed. #32: "Take That, Bembridge Scholars" by seren_ccd Synopsis: Mummy fanfic in which Evie takes the Bembridge Scholars to task over their various shortcomings. Lots of people come here trying to find the answer to that question. Posted in Review | Leave a Comment ». there’s a new exhibition” story that runs once a month. “Yeah, that stuff, too,” Rick said while Evelyn frowned at both of them. Designers must guide the audience through, without limiting their options or frustrating their choices.

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