If successful, that model may make a shooting attack against the model preforming the Summary Execution. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. The Tau Codex mentions that there are many alien species whom fight alongside the Tau either as Mercenaries or after having joined the "Greater Good". This may be destroyed like any other weapon. Commanding the detachment of Gue'Vesa auxiliary, the Liaison helps the Tau Fire caste commanders better utilize the Gue'Vesa. Defensive line: If an honor guard is base to base with another honor guard improve their armor save by one. We desperately need a heavy infantry ob sec unit, and an aux Tarellian/Galg/Demiurg unit can easily fill that role. [1], Those humans who have joined the Tau empire have been provided with the technology required to prevail on the Tau frontier. The snap-fires caught a guardsman right between the plates of his flak armor, and incinerated his guts. Rapid armor: Grants the unit a 4+ armor save and the fleet rule at the cost of 1 WS and 1 BS. May take a Devilfish Transport as a dedicated transport. Morrallian - Grants the Feel no Pain (6+) USR or improves any Feel No Pain rolls by +1. Even after their pacification, and absorption into the Tau Empire, Tau Fire caste members find themselves taking pains to avoid the Pakasar warriors that are being employed as military auxiliaries; but even those who willingly work with the Pakasar find themselves unnerved and nauseated by the sheer bloodlust of the Surge Warriors. Blistering Heat of the Desert Sun – All enemy weapons within 12” of the Desert Priest gain the Gets Hot! As the Hell Hounds and Leman Russ Tanks of the Imperium moved out to meet them Slowhail enacted his plan, any Crisis suit that could draw a line of fire to the weak rear armour of the tanks would open fire with their burst cannons, their greater altitude protecting them from return fire, while any Crisis suits that couldn’t would cover the imperial bunkers, pouring Pulse fire through the firing slits, and making it impossible for the occupants to fire through the hail of pulse fire. Overgrown Armour: Confers a 4+ Armour Save. He tapped his toes into the sand, once, twice.. And thrice as all six rifles kicked in unison. Those photo-shopped images make me want to start a tau army. Through the combination of Imperial Geller field technology, The Tau Ether drive, and an old Morrallian containment device designed for the transportation of dangerous waste, the anomalies can be contained and transported, either for scientific study, or for offensive use, however doing so is incredibly dangerous, and exceedingly rare, due to the current scarcity of the containment devices. For every 10 Hive guardians exposed to the mixture of steroids and proteins that turns them into Queen Guardian, 5 will reject the transformation, becoming violently ill before returning to normal, 2 will transform into Queen Guardians as intended and the other 3 will find their minds subsumed by the mix of endorphins and adrenaline that floods their body, transforming them beyond Queen Guardians at the cost of their minds. Mammon suffers an S:7, AP – hit in return, he is then either moved to a distance 1” from the vehicle if it survives, or staying still if the Vehicle is destroyed, before acting in the move phase as normal. An elite team forged by some of the most skilled Gue'Vesa in the septs. Unit is then unable to run or charge the next turn. However Hrenian forces have very few of their own vehicles to call upon for combat, making them reliant on their employers for heavier support and battlefield transport; combined with their small squad size Hrenian forces are reliant on guerrilla tactics during combat as they are easily overwhelmed by large numbers. Raising up through the ranks based on merit and his skill in war, along with contacts within the Tau caste was Arun able to climb so rapidly. As it is still in its testing phase, the Fogbank Missile Pod has been given to the Gue’Vesa Auxiliaries for the purpose of testing its efficiency on the battlefield, however the Engineers of the Earth Caste have High Hopes for the Weapon, and the Tanks they have outfitted it with.

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