2. The impossible trial without taking damage was a bitch. Another Treasure Map - located in The Mountain - also points to this region, specifically the main Council of Valkyries. Also, freezing and kicking enemies to the wall is my new best friend. I'm going to try to play the game on Give me God of War and with an immersive HUD, see you all in like 100 hours cause this will probably take more than double the time. I know people have trouble with this area, but I am trying to 100% the game and I'm worried I didnt do the realm tear here before the post game. The odin room is right after you crash through the travel room. There's also a nearby Coffin holding Solid Svartalfheim Steel and World Serpent Scales, and a path back to the entrance. To make sure you can identify and avoid them, stay far away from her for most of the fight and keep your back close to the wall. Close. I have 8/9 in Midgard so I know there is an open tear somewhere here and am worried its Thamur's corpse and Ibcan not reach it. Plus my man Kratos deserved a rest. alchemist_XVI 2 years ago #1. Posted by 18 days ago. Can you return to the area in thamur's corpse (where where you fight Magni and Modi) and the outside area where a bunch of ogres and wulvers jump you? If you skip it you miss it. Head up the ledge on the left to bypass the rubble and look down on it to spot shatter crystals on the back. I used my rage to prevent damage. There is a Nornir Chest that contains a powerful enchantment in Helheim the second time you get there. Goddammit. You can start with a heavy attack then throw down your available Runic abilities. I was level 7 or 8. So I used it when the ancient shows up to get him while he's attacking cause there's so many projectiles during that phase. My boi also had the armor that gives you hp stones. Never seen burn effect process if the hit is negated by the traveller armor. This subreddit is dedicated to discussion of the games and sharing news about them. Personally I find Apollo runic useless against a boss since the health gain is proportional to the damage inflicted. I don’t remember a realm tear by Thamur’s corpse, and now I’m worried I’ll have to wait until new game+ to get it D: Or are you referring to the one by where you fight the ice ancient? After I killed the ancient and most of the draugr it was like a single draugr at a time and I played that so safe hahahaha. His summons aren't all that effective either, so the best option is usually Ratatoskr. And Apollo. Press J to jump to the feed. Rage does not prevent damage. Recommended Level: Level 7 for a reasonable difficulty fight. The runic attack for one and a light crystal-activated realm tear. The wolves also help break her combos from time to time, but it's hard to give up that chance to get extra health from the squirrel. Fuck. Mists weren't too bad after a few playthroughs you just get the pattern and need to grind, those area effect runics were a must to kill many and save time. The chest plate by Sigri gives a moderate chance to prevent damage. Yes, the ice ancient area after you fight wolvers is one of them (where you put a I've Crystal to activate it). The queen took me around 6 tries and I needed that resurrection stone that gave rage. But almost seems like we played different games and this totally suprise me. From Santa Monica Studio and creative director Cory Barlog comes a new beginning for one of gaming’s most recognizable icons in the epic PlayStation 4 entry in the God of War franchise. ... Take that to the Eastern corner of the lake and put it in the socket to open a Realm Tear. Consider using your rage as a safe way to pick up health crystals as opposed to dealing some extra damage. I'll be sure to do that in my next playthrough. All collectibles are pain in the ass, but its worth it once you get the platinum. I still can't believe I actually got platinum in this game. This means this fight will probably take longer, but many of her attacks involve her diving toward Kratos. Also immediately went home because my son was pretty persistent with going home. Apollo runic was definitely super useful and prevented me from dying multiple times. Detonate the shatter crystals embedded on the ledge to climb up, then look behind you at the nearest boat that the giant statues ride. I definitely explored almost always throughout the main story, until the second water dropped. God of War is a third person action-adventure video game developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It turns out that Fafnir himself is still alive and roaring about. The queen took me around 6 tries and I needed that resurrection stone that gave rage. There is 1 Lore Marker in this area, and it found in the same arena that holds Fafnir near the Alfheim Tower. And yes I defeated all the Valkyries, just need the tears, the ravens, and the treasure maps. 1 at the Alfheim Tower, 1 at the Niflheim Tower, 1 at the Forgotten Cavers, and finally 1 at the Council of the Valkyries. Friendly Reminder: Thamur's Corpse - you can miss a realm tear here. Rage resurrection is almost useless with Sigurn since it does almost no damage and she moves so much it's a very inconsistent method of getting back health.

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