The third State of Prayer — The Effects thereof — The Hindrance caused by the Imagination and the Memory 119 - In which she tells how God began to dispose this soul from childhood for virtue, and how she was helped by having virtuous parents. XXV. Of Visions — The Graces our Lord bestowed on the Saint — The Answers our Lord gave her for those who tried her 230 IX. There are no reviews yet. I. Third Edition Enlarged. PART 2 Progress under Obedience — Her Inability to resist the Graces of God — God multiplies His Graces 186 When the publisher entrusted me with the task of editing this volume, one sheet was already printed and a considerable portion of the book was … Certain heavenly Secrets, Visions, and Revelations — The Effects of them in her Soul 327 Conclusion of the Subject — Pain of the Awakening — Light against Delusions 158 The Saint ceases not to pray — Prayer the way to recover what is lost — All exhorted to pray — The great Advantage of Prayer, even to those who may have ceased from it 51 XII. Die 27 Sept., 1904. Our Lord helps her to become a Nun — Her many Infirmities 15 Of certain spiritual Graces she received in Toledo and Avila in the years 1576 and 1577 430 The Saint leaves her Monastery of the Incarnation for a time, at the Command of her Superior — Consoles an afflicted Widow 284 Her mother died when she was 14, and she entered the Carmelite Monastery in Avila in 1535. The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus Re-imprimatur. Written from Palenciain May 1581, and addressed to Don Alonzo Velasquez, Bishop of Osma, who had been, when Canon of Toledo, one of the Saint's Confessors 440 The Blessing of being with good People — How certain Illusions wore removed 12 The Life of St. Teresa of Jesus, of the Order of Our Lady of Carmel. on November 4, 2015. VII. Of certain outward Temptations and Appearances of Satan — Of the Sufferings thereby occasioned — Counsels for those who go on unto Perfection 252 XXXV. J.H.S. VI. Fr. The fourth State of Prayer — The great Dignity of the Soul raised to it by our Lord — Attainable on Earth, not by our Merit, but by the Goodness of our Lord 124 XXXIV. II. XXXVII. What we can ourselves do — The Evil of desiring to attain to supernatural States before our Lord calls us 80 XXII. Describes how the Lord began to awaken her soul in childhood to a love of virtue and what a help it is in this respect to have good parents . The Security of Contemplatives lios in their not ascending to high Things if our Lord does not raise them — The Sacred Humanity must be the Road to the highest Contemplation — A Delusion in which the Saint was once entangled 164 Zélie Guérin, the blessed parents of Sister Teresa of the Child Jesus, for an example to all Christian parents." Divine Locutions — Delusions on that Subject 191 VII. Translated from the Spanish by David Lewis. Our Lord shows S. Teresa the Place which she had by her Sins deserved in Hell — The Torments there — How the Monastery of S. Joseph was founded 265 Divine Locutions — … Other Graces bestowed on the Saint — The Promises of our Lord to her — Divine Locutions and Visions 342 IV. XXXI. To one of her Confessors, from the House of Dona Luisa de la Cerda, in 1562 386 Written by herself. Indeed, it can be perform, nevertheless an amazing and interesting literature.

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