A young boy, able to transform into the superhero Captain Marvel, travels the country fighting evil and helping people. They insist Clark go with them to save their world, New Krypton, from domination by an evil tyrant named Lord Nor; Clark leaves Lois, taking her wedding ring to remember her and as a promise to return as quickly as possible. Year: Season 1. Initially, she resents Clark not telling her. This mystery was never solved on the series. Lois and Clark finally wed in the third episode of the season entitled The Adventures of Superboy The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened? The final season had several two-part episodes. Luthor develops an interest in Lois Lane and through most of the first season tries to woo her. Criminals who have perfected insect powers must stop Superman from foiling their wave of crime. Mayson dies as Lois and Clark have their first date. A master criminal scientist named Luna captures Lois in order to send her into space within his 4D movie as his revenge on her for sending him to prison 7 years ago. The Sorcerer uses a voodoo doll to stop Superman. Views: 212,648. If you have found an episode that is not seen on this page, please add it to this list, and the appropriate Season's list. With the beast in tow, Superman sets off for San Francisco where, after a short tussle, he uses a large net to capture the second Pterodactyl. Newspapers report that Lex's body has been stolen from the morgue and hint he may not be dead. In the third season premiere, Lois has discovered Superman's secret identity. Season three averaged more than 18 million viewers per episode and ranked 44th for the season. They spend more time together and after having a few disagreements which then get resolved with them being even closer, she accepts Clark's proposal in the seventh episode, "Ultra Woman." After they separate for a time, Lois dates Patrick Sullivan, an antique dealer who is plotting to kill her in a sacrificial druid ritual, and she and Clark carry out assignments where they either pose as a married couple or are alone together for an entire weekend. They demonstrate their powers by causing massive earthquakes to hit Metropolis. An additional element that reflected the post-Byrne comics was the portrayal of Lex Luthor (at least initially) as a corrupt corporate tycoon, rather than the traditional mad scientist. The series opens twenty-seven years later, on the day Clark moves to Metropolis after leaving his position as a newspaper editor of Smallville Press and interviews for a job at the Daily Planet under editor Perry White (Lane Smith). This season also featured the debut of fan-favorite villain Tempus (Lane Davies) and H. G. Wells appeared as a time-traveler. Michael Landes portrayed a modern-day Jimmy Olsen and Tracy Scoggins a comedic portrayal of Cat Grant. In the premiere episode, in responding to Clark's marriage proposal, Lois reveals that she knows Clark's secret identity and expresses concern about how she can trust him when he has kept that secret from her for so long. Luthor decides to coincide his nuptials with the death of Superman, whom he traps in a kryptonite cage in the wine cellar of Luthor Tower, which also contains the chapel where the wedding will occur. Summary: The world's most famous superhero returns in a series of adventures - set just one minute in the future.

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