A tree being brought to life near a meteor crater consumes enormous quantities of water. Thirty-six Superman shorts and eighteen Superboy shorts were produced for the series. Superman comes to the rescue again and dispatches the Octopod once and for all. He then seizes control of Lois's car and sends her driving up a building. Lois: Teri Hatcher. An ice being freezes tropical Hawaii where Lois Lane is having her vacation. Lois fights a hard struggle to protect one of her sources. Martha: K Callan. A scientist is using a sonic machine to control apes in the Amazon. Nula as Luna asks her to write an article on his new 4-Dimensional movie technology. Superman, however, manages to defeat the Force Phantom and in doing so foils the invasion by destroying the alien's spaceship. Lex: John Shea. Trask: Terence Knox. A general is killed at a demonstration of the army's latest weapon, by that weapon. I wasn't disappointed in the stories, they were just as I remembered them. How can Superman be one place, and Clark another, since they are the same man? Irig: Jerry Hardin. A probe into alien threats to national security leads to the Daily Planet---and a search for Superman. The New Adventures of Superman was an animated series that premiered on September 10, 1966. Superman foils the plan and brings the saboteurs to justice. Meanwhile, Lois and Lex prepare for their big day. Superman decides to help the birdmen and captures the evil blackmailer. Superman deafeats the toys and heads to the Toyman's hideout. Clark: Dean Cain. When Clyde shoots Clark during a confrontation, he must fake his death in order to hide his dual identity. Jonathan: Eddie Jones. Lois gets a bit jealous and insecure after Clark is nominated for a journalism award and she is not. Here, leads Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher have the looks and the chemistry, and the timeless question (seriously, how can Lois NOT know Clark is Superman?) Photo Credits: Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Maya Rudolph Turns the Final Trump-Biden Debate Into a Drinking Game in the, The Best Shows and Movies to Watch This Week: HBO's. Lex: John Shea. Homeless Man: Matt Clark. Select the department you want to search in. Morris: Leslie Jordan. Jimmy: Michael Landes. Unfortunately these are not included in this box set. When a UFO comes to Metropolis, it releases a bubble which captures Lois Lane. Justin Whalin was brought in for season two, and he continued the role until the series ended. Back at the Daily Planet, Perry White decides to send his two best reporters to keep spying. Overall though a good example of early Flimation work, Read more. The episodes on the first disk were in very good condition. After Mr. Schott is fired from his toy making job, he decides to get revenge and make a lot of money by creating Atomic Space Rats, which spray a substance that causes everyone to be more greedy. Martha: K Callan. He uses a shrinking ray to shrink Lois and Jimmy. A mid-ocean earthquake releases a giant lobster and a giant alligator. Complications arise when Batman is exposed to the gas. When Clark and Jimmy are on a camping trip, the Fire Phantom emergers from a deep mine shaft and begins to set fire to the forest. A sleek, sexy, Emmy-nominated 1990s take on the enduring superhero, culled from DC Comics, which has spawned numerous successful film and TV versions of him as boy and man. A magician makes a clay Superman voodoo doll and uses it to preoccupy Superman while his gang commits crimes. Superman, however, puts a stop to the plan. Jimmy, however, continues to distrust Luthor. Later Satana meets with the Warlock and the two decide to work together. When Superman comes to rescue them, he bring a lead shield. Superman makes short work of the monsters and captures the evil Satana. Brainiac is a robot that has been stealing animals from a circus to re-populate a dying world. Judge Diggs: Rosalind Cash. Lois meets a man named Vamore who is known to be a friend of the escaped criminal Professor Dujy. Lois and Jimmy are abducted by a UFO and taken to the planet Riga. The criminals want to plunder the secret vault of Prohibition era racketeer Dragonetti, and they'll do it thanks to a set of old blueprints and the information provided by their mysterious boss. Lois: Teri Hatcher. Perry: Lane Smith. Superman must stop the Sandman and deal with a saboteur before they can cause any more damage. Alien raiders forced to Earth recruit Superman to rescue hostages on their home world. Conclusion. When a group of insect men attack an ocean liner, Superman comes to the rescue. Lex Luthor traps Lois, Jimmy, and Perry White so he can lure Superman into range of a Kryptonite Transmitter. He rescues Lois and Jimmy, but Luthor reveals that he is working with Brainiac. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. The criminals want to plunder the secret vault of Prohibition era racketeer Dragonetti, and they'll do it thanks to a set of old blueprints and the information provided by their mysterious boss. Aymee: Courtney Peldon. When they finally meet, Superman fights off the Sandman's powerful sleeping sand and rescues Jimmy from a trap set by the saboteur. When Lois and Clark head to Egypt with an archeologist, Lois accidently awakens an ancient mummy from its tomb. Lois starts to receive gag gifts from a "secret admirer." Mayor: Sonny Bono. When he meets Lois and Superman, he takes them along as human specimens. Things begin to get serious when the kidnapper manages to hypnotize Superman. Lois Lane takes a vacation and happens to spy a congressman possibly making a dirty deal involving a top secret government project. This is a list of Adventures of Superman episodes. Superman must figure out a way to stop the warlock before he can get away with his crime. When aliens from one of moons of Mars invade Earth, they use a powerful energy creature called the Force Phantom in order to destroy Earth's defenses. Lex Luthor's ex-wife comes to town determined to revenge the fall of her ex-husband. But he has barely begun to explore them when a young thief steals the artifact and sells it to the worst possible buyer: Lex Luthor. Watch Adventures of Superman episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. The two villians decide to use the wand to destroy Superman. There he is met by a Toy Army. Lex: John Shea. Eventually the explosive wears off and Superman returns home. He places a sheild around it that Superman cannot break through. Jimmy Olsen was played by Michael Landes in season one; he was let go at the end of the first season due to producers thinking he looked too much like Dean Cain. They are sent to the moon where Lex Luthor has constructed a secret base. Superman saves Lois from the mysterious must. Superman rescues Lois and sends Professor Dujy and Vamore to prison. Superman rescues Lois and stops the mummy before it can do any more damage. Superman wants to send him to jail, but is unable to since he cannot prove that the Prankster is behind any of the pranks . The catch, however, is that Lois and Clark has to pretend to be a newly married couple during their stay at the luxurious hotel. Superman stops the weapon and unleashes it on the aliens in order to destroy their space ship. Unwilling to hurt the dinosaurs, Superman heads to another world to set them free. When Superman comes to the rescue, Lex and his henchmen attack him with Kryptonite ray guns. Brainiac returns to Earth on board a flying saucer. This hour long animated show featured episodes from a number of other cartoon series. When Superman tries to save a Mexican town from a volcano, he disrupts the lava flow and discovers that the lava can transform into a dangerous Lava Man. Superman successfully fights off the magic and captures the gang and the magician. Trust us. He escapes from the bubble and rescues Lois. The mist is capable of transforming itself into a person when it inhabits clothing. Meanwhile, Clark smells a rat when Lex "saves" the Daily Planet from going under. He is made science editor by Perry White. Protected from the Kryptonite rays, Superman saves Jimmy and captures Lex Luthor. Superman dumps the octopod into the water and destroys the space ship that brought it to Earth. Superman escorts the aliens back to their planet and defeats the evil dictator. Superman, however, manages to stop the lava men by cooling them off with water. Superman manages to stop their bomb, but also helps the aliens get back home. When they take Jimmy to their cave hideout, he uses his signal watch to inform Superman. When flying in the Daily Planet's news helicopter, Jimmy Olsen sees a flock of birdmen stealing food from a local farm. The Toyman constructs an enormous remote control robot insect. The target of her revenge is Lois Lane and Superman who in her mind is the two foremost responsible for the fate of Lex Luthor. When Superman tries to stop the Parasite, the Parasite grabs him and steals his power. And to stay on her good side he outs Lois. All of which further demonstrated that while Kryptonite can kill the Man of Steel, changing times can't. Luthor claims he built it as a security system for the building. Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman Also known as The New Adventures of Superman Lois & Clark Genre Superhero Drama Romance Based on Superman by Jerry Siegel Joe Shuster Developed byDeborah Joy LeVine Starring Dean Cain Teri Hatcher Lane Smith Eddie Jones K Callan Michael Landes Justin Whalin Tracy Scoggins John Shea Theme music composerJay Gruska Country of originUnited States Original languageEnglish No. This attempt is only partially successful, and worse Superman seems to be missing and Clark is found with amnesia. In the end, Superman captures the saboteur and defeats the Sandman. Saboteurs have rigged gigantic icebergs with explosives to rob a luxury liner. The Warlock tries to get back at Superman by attacking his friends at the Daily Planet. Professor Dujy and Vamore live on the island. Superman saves Luthor and the two work together in trying to send the Luminians back to their home world. Then he kidnaps Lois at gunpoint and convinces her he did not commit murder. During an interview with an eccentric scientist, Lois unwittingly learns of a great conspiracy to destroy the environment and becomes a witness to her interviewee's murder. Someone detonates a bomb at the Daily Planet forcing the paper to its knees, Perry White to early retirement, Jimmy to unemployment, Jack to jail and Lois into the arms of Lex Luthor.

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