The closest Ocean of Toledo is Lake Erie with roughly 6.52km (4.05 in miles), The closest Airports of Toledo are: Toledo Express Airport (TOL) 26.26km,Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) 60.24km,Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) 142.49km, You can reach Toledo from this Cities by Plane: London (LHR), Baltimore (BWI), Paris (CDG), Cleveland (CLE), Green Bay (GRB), Beijing (PEK), Dallas (DFW), San Francisco (SFO), Flint (FNT), San Antonio (SAT), Frankfurt am Main (FRA), Houston (IAH), New Orleans (MSY), Seattle (SEA), Madison (MSN), Cancún (CUN), São Paulo (GRU), Las Vegas (LAS), Pittsburgh (PIT), Charleston (CHS) Flint Throughout the year, temperatures vary by 28.0 °C | 82.4 °F. A series of tables gives data by year for temperature, precipitation and snowfall. Rainfall, month to date The precipitation varies 47 mm | 2 inch between the driest month and the wettest month. @êöôL} çæ˜ò‰ˆ>½‡©ðæ'ÉÛe ÚƆ¹:sõ:¸jN–Ɓeï ‰ä¾TRïhòøur&ôàVØî2>½¼Ìy뾺ÌICbeÞtž„Îsé­OÇO!/ž!嚫./8ç>–_©¤¸6çö2)Ÿ©hú-Iúyñ^¬VǼ U™ØáPid‚vi‰”mÓªÞdE}²'cÂEÞUT.À9Íô¹ê«è.+—Uº]ÇŒòŽ|ZÌA0²GÁº\±ÞŠq_ïoEþ#«vy}„7¦“øÖ3ÙQœ”ël^¢^­•×ëÿb¶ë­º†—L‹Pçã*//*Œr ä˜2–_ë!¡£ó}ñ'ŽàµæŽ£c–Vx‡QˆSˆ7Íltº°˜ªb-4g@œñ5¢%A´¶-ÈM:£ÈZs­v]³è„¼°}qŀ+ù@LYŒXá˜.Øçæóíþ¹Ü@Ðpt¹žçX&ª=¼>ô&ž¸¥g ª@ó÷ª¬WŽÿCº•¿ ‰É&r}U¥p}í¨Êeg\¾GUbü®é03c¯©LÖènŸÏèG|ݚ„Á{H«{3àf‘± '¢U:à•m²,TbVn¶ë¬Î$ˆtÈîfpÜZ­…ô𴄺3¦. With an average of 23.6 °C | 74.5 °F, July is the warmest month. Please select one of the following: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Multiple locations were found. EIGHTY YEARS OF WEATHER AND CLIMATE AT TOLEDO, OHIO HARRY K. HUTTER Department of Geography and Geology, University of Toledo, Toledo 6, Ohio Many years ago on a small 40-acre farm in Wood County, two brothers, Emil and Guido Marx, had completed a hard day's work in the field setting out tomato plants. This is about 120% of normal. In a year, the rainfall is 839 mm | 33.0 inch. The average annual temperature is 9.9 °C | 49.9 °F in Toledo. CLE Office Sarnia Social Media Dashboard. As of July 2, 2018, precipitation at Akron-Canton was 6.78" above normal for this point in the water year which began October 1, 2017. Sorry, the location you searched for was not found. Rip Currents, ABOUT This is approximately 125% or normal. Please try another search. Oregon As of July 2, 2018, precipitation at Cleveland was 6.24" above normal for this point in the water year which began October 1, 2017. This is close to normal. Ann Arbor This is approximately 130% of normal. Monroe, © / AM OP / OpenStreetMap contributors, Toledo Weather by month // weather averages. During the course of the evening, with a sharp drop in temperature after a bright sunny day … Check to see how much rain has fallen in your region within the last week, month or year. There is 45 mm | 1.8 inch of precipitation in January. Ottawa Hills Time series of operational precipitation data and the corresponding cumulative daily values will NOT be available for display or retrieval after the 120-day display period. Beach

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