Once form is confirmed, you will be directed to pay your application fee and Immigration Health Surcharge (compulsory charge for access to NHS in the UK for the duration of the visa). Our family migration team has years of experience dealing with this type of work and will work with you to take as much of the stress and uncertainty out of the process as possible. The appointment is made through selection from an online calendar. Mrs. Gill and her team is very efficient and expert in the immigration and visa section. The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster has up… https://t.co/Q9rhAMakvkabout 8 days ago, 2nd Floor 8 Elmbank Gardens Glasgow G2 4NQ Tel: 0141 248 6552, 34 Lochrin Buildings Edinburgh Midlothian EH3 9ND Tel: 0131 228 2083. Our online contact form is the best way to get in touch with us. This guidance relates to UK visitor and tourist visa online application form 2020. Previous passports. Get a family visa for the UK, live with your spouse or relative - eligibility, proof, renewing, financial and English language requirements. After you have attended your biometric appointment, and submit your documents in one of the many ways allowed, you enter the waiting period for consideration. Pay particular attention to all information being factually accurate and consistent with any previous application. Start completing the spouse visa online application form #1 Go to the new ACCESS UK online application website . This is normally collected from a post office closest to your residence in the UK or a different location, if you selected an alternative place when completing the online application form. We have broken down the general procedure into 10 bite-size steps in our fourth webinar. Evidence aside, you will need a good understanding of the procedures involved. Because of their efficiency we got the documents done before the expected time. This involves completing a lengthy application form which asks detailed questions about your background and current circumstances. This next stage consists of arranging and attending an appointment to enroll your facial image and fingerprints (known as biometrics) and also arranging for your documents to be sent to the decision-makers. If you are struggling or feeling overwhelmed with this process, please do get in touch with us. Please let us know the nature of your enquiry. It ensures I can check all evidence uploaded and that I do not have to rely on a third party scanning things. As with all countries, the first stage is the submission of the visa application form on the gov.uk website. This involves completing a lengthy application form … Copyright © McGill & Co 2020. Like in option one above, the passport is usually retained unless the optional service of keeping the passport is purchased. The financial, accommodation and relationship requirements are the most confusing for most applicants. As with all countries, the first stage is the submission of the visa application form on the gov.uk website. After payment successfully goes through, the application will officially be considered submitted. In my experience, applications in Pakistan, regardless of which VAC is chosen, usually surpass this timescale, despite meeting the qualifying criteria and presenting no factual or evidential complexities. Following that email, they either text or email you again to confirm that the actual passport and decision letter is ready for collection. The above link is the new ACCESS UK … Once you click on that link, you will be directed to the VFS Global website. If interested, purchase this on VFS Global’s website ahead of your appointment. The making of a decision is conveyed through a cryptic email which informs you that a decision has been made on your application (they don’t bother to tell you the result). Visa application - stage one. Both of these are done using the link provided on gov.uk at the end of the submission screen. For spouse / partner visas this will be valid for 30 days. All Rights Reserved. Two passport-sized colour photos that are in line with the requirements set by the UK… There are four centres in Pakistan to pick from: Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and Mirpur. Under this option, all scans have to be correctly uploaded before the appointment and proof of upload provided together with the usual passports and any other ancillary items taken to the biometrics appointment. After arrival in the UK you will then collect a card (it looks like an ID card) called a Biometric Residence Permit which sets out your full visa details and duration. And accordingly explains: how to plan travel and trip itinerary, use supporting documents to fill and download the online visitor visa form 2020 PDF for UK tourist visa application? The UK options are usually best for those that have all documents in the UK and do not want to bother scanning themselves, nor send the documents onwards to Pakistan. For a general overview of the visa types and evidential requirements, check out our short 6 minute introductory webinar here. Each country does however differ in practice to some degree, prompting the need to provide this guide specifically for applicants from Pakistan. To ensure that you use the correct online application, check out our spouse visa UK application form 2020 article. We can work remotely with clients abroad. Valid passport with at least an empty page in order to be able to affix visa. They will usually retain your passport unless the ‘keep my passport’ service is purchased (criteria and fees apply). I recomend their efficiency to all. There is a priority service offered for those that meet the criteria at an additional cost of PKR 121104. Proof of English language requirements for a spouse visa; UK visa application form. How to apply for a UK spouse/partner/fiancé(e) visa from Pakistan. McGill & Co is a Scottish immigration law firm specialising in UK immigration, nationality and refugee law. For those who do not wish to go back to the VAC after the decision is made, can purchase a courier service for delivery of their passport following decision. Those granted fiancé visas will not collect a Biometric Residence Permit, rather, their whole 6 months will be endorsed on the vignette in the passport. Grace has been wonderful and I highly recommend her. The general service standards for settlement application indicate that a decision will be made within 12 weeks from the date the biometrics are enrolled. Data Protection Registration number: ZA215411 Any reference to the Partners should be read as Directors. McGill & Co is the trading name of G M McGill & Co. Ltd ( SC503508 ) registered office at Edinburgh. VFS Global’s guide to options 3 and 4 can be found here. Once collected, the decision is revealed inside the package. For the spouse visa, you will need to submit the form VAF4A. There are four ways to submit your evidence to UK Visas and Immigration, the decision making body, through VFS Global: This is usually my way of doing things. It is worthwhile therefore being mindful of delays when considering purchasing this service or planning ahead. The service costs PKR 2750 and is advertised on their website as ‘safe and convenient’, a statement which is yet to be tested by any of my risk-averse clients. Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association, Self-upload supporting documents to the VFS Global website (no additional charge), Document Scanning Assistance Service at the Visa Application Centre (additional fee PKR 4790), Walk-in UK settlement scanning service – the UK based sponsor walks in and has all documents scanned for an additional GBP 75 fee, UK settlement scanning service – postal, for an additional GBP 100 fee (with GBP 25 extra for secure return). You may already know that there are a number of different visa options depending on where both of you intend to live and what your present circumstances are. Once the appointment is made you will have to decide how to submit your evidence. How do I show I have Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (CSI)? If you are a Pakistani citizen with a partner who is either a British citizen or holds indefinite leave to remain in the UK, you’ll no doubt be actively on the hunt for ways to plan your future together. Our second and third webinars provide further detail as to the evidence required, both on a compulsory or recommended basis. This option can be purchased ahead of time on VFS Global and the receipt to be brought to the biometrics appointment together with your originals passports and appointment sheet. https://t.co/666ysoNUIL https://t.co/HpIuSDJI2Rabout 6 days ago, EU Exit: Update on negotiations and the work of the Joint Committee VFS Global, for those who are unaware, is an outsourced service specialist company that the Home Office has hired to handle the administrative tasks related to visa processing. If visa is granted, you will receive your passport back with an entry-clearance vignette stamp which will enable you to enter the UK. They were updating me always about the progress. I had applied for presettlement and a dependent visa. I was looking into the ancestry visa and she has been so honest and helpful during the process. SmartMove2UK’s latest 2020 guide for UK spouse Visa application - UK Spouse visa document checklist for meeting the income requirement 2020. I look forward to working with her as we move forward with our options. The staff at the VAC will scan everything and pass back to you. Download our free guides which cover a number of key areas of immigration law, RT @john_vassiliou1: I was asked to write a practical guide to building a child's best interests case for a migrant child or their parents.…about 1 day ago, How do I show I have Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (CSI)? Under this, UK Visas and Immigration aims to make a decision within 30 working days from the date the biometrics are enrolled. The caveat of course is that this is their ‘aim’ and not a guarantee.

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