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if(document.getElementsByClassName("reference").length==0) if(document.getElementById('Footnotes')!==null) document.getElementById('Footnotes') = 'none'; Virginia elections in 2020 | Windom, Piedmont District Doe Gully

Republicans have called for 100 single-member districts, with the districts representing compact areas of common interests. The candidate filing deadline was January 30, 2016. Putney Reedyville Riderville


Breece Hoyt Morford Kilsyth table#officeholder-table th, td { padding:5px; font-size: 16px; } Congratulations on this excellent venture… what a great idea! Pleasant Valley, Washington District Sloan St. Clara Fabius Mannering }

Fisher Greenburg Tunnelton

Lockwood Seminole, Booth's Creek District

Pleasant Run Delray The state's largest cities showed decline: Charleston decreased by 3.8 percent, Huntington decreased by 4.5 percent, Parkersburg decreased by 4.9 percent, Morgantown grew by 10.6 percent, and Wheeling decreased by 9.3 percent.[24]. Red Warrior Mabscott Alexander

Victor, Nuttall District Dallas Windom Elections for the Virginia State Senate took place in 2015. Eli Lost City


Evans Lightburn Virginia Magistrates, Budget and finances | Wilco, Big Creek District Merideth Owens Virgil

Worley, Cass District Mill Creek, Mingo District

Miami White Sulphur Springs Irondale Welton, Sardis District Pritchard Each member represented an average of 18,530 residents, as of the 2010 Census. table#officeholder-table th, td {font-size: 10px; } Panther

Dimmock Fayetteville

color: white; Peck's Run Station Pink Maybeury

Hattie Fountain Spring Star Settlement Wileyville Wevaco Folsom If he approves, he shall sign it, and thereupon it shall become a law; but if not, he shall return it, with his objections, to the house in which it originated, which house shall enter the objections at large upon its journal, and may proceed to reconsider the returned bill. [7] A second special session began on August 15, 2011, to replace the House of Delegates' redistricting plan.

Friendly Lonetree Johnstown Monongah Simon Robertsburg Cicerone Flaxton Brounland Mathias Wenonah


Chapmans Lynn

Mattie McDowell The signature filing deadline for candidates wishing to run in this election was January 25, 2014. Cyclone Anawalt Pansy The top 10 contributors were:[19].


Grandview Rush Run

Democrats gained five seats total in the 2016 and 2018 elections, resulting in a 59-41 Republican majority. Dola


Findley Parrish Osgood

Denmar Seymourville

However, no special election can be held if it occurs less than 55 days before any statewide primary or general election or if there are fewer than 75 days remaining in the vacated term. Century Toad, Wilderness District Post Mill

Roaring Palatine It is composed of 40 senators and is presided over by the lieutenant governor of Virginia. The average number of top enrollment districts in a state is 20.

Cedar Grove

Greer Guseman

Wainville Ryan Bolin

Hubball Elections for the office of West Virginia House of Delegates will take place in 2020. Jenks Only three states--Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia--refer to their lower house as the House of Delegates. Gay

Burnt House Crete Lico Wiggins, Talcott District

Rockford, Union District Vivian Santiago

The Legislature is responsible for redistricting in a summer session after Census data comes in; the Governor holds veto power. Arkansas

Turkey Knob

Shrewsbury Sigman, Teays Valley District Romine's Mills Mordue Auburn Macomber Woodzell, Glade District Bretz

The average number of top enrollment districts in a state is 20. Sherwood, Greenbrier District

Ogden Adamston Hager Lerona Raymond City

State In these counties, the new magisterial districts are used only for the allocation of county officials, and the collection of census data; the former magisterial districts continue to exist in the form of tax districts. Shanks

Weirton Shaffer Municipal Courts, Budget and finances | Scrafford Williamson, Magnolia District Elections for the Virginia House of Delegates took place in 2019. Elkhurst Long Reach Carbon Article VI of the West Virginia Constitution establishes when the Legislature is to be in session.

Sandy Bend

Fonda Atwood Belfont St. Leo Coal Fork Ovapa East Gulf Proctor Woolsey, Barker's Ridge District Cairo Arlee

Lotta Winifrede The House is composed of 100 members elected for two year terms.



Nettie Masonville Coketon Vernon, Center District

Floe Adonis Calvin Sattes Thornton Wallace, Charleston District Maxwell Iuka Pine Bluff Douglas Marshville North View Uno, Baileysville District Brooklyn Export Hansford Skelton There are 133 school districts in Virginia, which serve 1,265,419 students.In the top 1,000 largest school districts by enrollment, Virginia has 30 school districts. Katy Lick Alpha Lantie Lowland Marshall

Stewart, Walker District Alfred Rosemont, St. George District Limestone Hill

Webster Springs

A majority of members in both chambers. Gip

Longdale Luzon Mile Branch

Missouri Branch Bunners



Dry Run Cabell

Elton Mt. Hiawatha

Lakin Van Clevesville, Gerrardstown District Keenan Prenter Shiloh, Meade District Bendolph War Eagle Dawson Littleburg Section 22 of Article VI limits regular sessions of the Legislature to sixty days. Pine Grove The primary election took place on May 10, 2016, and the general election was held on November 8, 2016. Mace

Rock Oak

The county court may, from time to time, increase or diminish the number of such districts, and change the boundary lines thereof as necessity may require, in order to conform the same to the provisions of the Constitution of the State.

Albatross Monterville Gamoca Wolfe, Beaver Pond District Oak Grove Dorothy




Hickory Camp Beverly Pancake Judyton Clinton Furnace Ballotpedia features 318,626 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional staff of editors, writers, and researchers. Anthony Highland Nile Wyndal, Kanawha District

Hilltop Fairview Shannon Meeker Hot Coal Sweetland, Sheridan District Fraziers Bottom After the 1992 elections, Democrats held a 32-2 majority. Boreman Elk

Rainelle Eskdale Churchville

Knapp Liberty

Cross Roads Miller


As of October 26, 2020, there are 21 Republican trifectas, 15 Democratic trifectas, and 14 divided governments where neither party holds trifecta control.

Uniontown Center Cox's Mill


[7], If there is a vacancy in the Virginia General Assembly, a special election must be conducted to fill the vacant seat.

Removal Nitro

West Fork, Williams District Burnsville Sewell Valley Congressional delegation | Terry Riley Elections for the West Virginia House of Delegates took place in 2016. Tolley, Town District Tristan Thorny Creek, Grant District Bamboo Let Kale Buttermilk

In 2018, the legislature was in session from January 10, 2018, through March 10, 2018. Hanging Rock Fry Matville, Trap Hill District Ghent Naugatuck Cranberry Sharon Judicial Selection |

Upper Glade

Clifty Mossy

Puritan Mines Sugartree, Jefferson District Circleville


Botsford Wilsie, Cross Creek District West Virginia was one of 11 states that made rare use of cost-benefit analysis in policy and budget processes. Bull Run Austen Accoville color: white; Marie Neel, Grant District Beech Run Almorris

Paddle Utica Aplin Wewanta, Harts Creek District Grimm's Landing Mt. Cowhide


Largest counties | Mooresville Montcoal Bingham Morlan

Petroleum Milan Lindsey Brush Creek Crown Hill Woodrow, Dry Fork District

Ralph Round Bottom, Grant District McGraws

Nickell's Mills A primary election took place on May 13, 2014.

Looking at data from 2008 through 2011, the study's authors found that some states were more likely to use cost-benefit analysis, while others were facing challenges and lagging behind the rest of the nation.

Lecta Hoy


Major issues during the 2015 legislative session included education, infrastructure, business retention, and the state's budget. Crawley Adaland Greenland Baisden/Blaisden

Milam Richford, Black Fork District

Cremo Katy During the 2011 election, the total value of contributions to House candidates was $25,013,110. Louther Mora The candidate filing deadline for major party candidates was January 27, 2018. Sarton The candidate filing deadline for third-party candidates was August 1, 2018. All four issues were to top the agenda for the last legislative session, but the state's water crisis took center stage instead.

Hoodsville Burdette Dunleith Barrs Valls Creek Local measures | Snowden The Legislature convenes in the State Capitol building in Charleston. Clover Smithfield Webb No partisan change occurred in the election. Energy |

Cup Elm Grove Glade Farms


Kendalia Ballot access for parties | Birchton Cumberland Ona Champwood Hatfield Squire Prince Environment | Benton's Ferry Forman Rhoda, Center District Virginia holds elections for its legislature in odd years. Benwood Junction The signature filing deadline for candidates wishing to run in this election was March 26, 2015.[9].

Fleming Once every four years, on the year in which the Governor of West Virginia is inaugurated, the Legislature holds a thirty day recess after the first day of the session. Pisgah Madison Sylvia Carter Orchard Felix Falling Springs Hundred Tophet

Hemlock Bellburn The state's districting system is unique in the United States. Nestorville

Secoal Empire

List of school districts in West Virginia, Largest school districts in the United States by enrollment, List of school districts in the United States, Analysis of spending in America's largest school districts, United States school shootings, 1990-present, School board salaries in America's largest school districts,, Submit a photo, survey, video, conversation, or bio, Ballotpedia's Daily Presidential News Briefing. Thrash

Michigan Fulton

Engle Dietz

Duncan Scarbro Follansbee Charles Town Mack Kearneysville Walgrove Blake Little Pittsburg Ronceverte Elections for the office of West Virginia State Senate took place in 2010. Sturm's Mill Tanner, Center District

Pruntytown Jennington Boomer

In 2015, the legislature was in session from January 14 through March 14. Harding The primary election was held on May 11, 2010, and the general election was held on November 2, 2010. Bolair Intermont Circuit Courts | Balderson Fairy Glen Osceola

Camp Allegheny Sweeneyburg


Jacksonburg Harrison

Grassy Meadows, Fort Springs District Brushy Run Beulah

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