With a budget of $500 – $1200, it is possible to buy a fully vaccinated Persian kitten with limited registration and health certificate. Show or peke-fa… I received my cat king July 25, 2015 he is a lovable cat smart kind and loving he just needs a new home the landlord we can’t have him he PKD - Polycystic Kidney Disease is an early onset form of kidney disease that Persians are genetically predisposed for. We do NOT import our kittens from China or any other county. Designer Persian Kittens For Sale – Luxury Kittens (660) 292-2222 – (660)- 292-1126 – Shipping Available!! They are very easy to raise. We are passionate cat owners and love raising our little tabby boy cat Harley. We generally do not work with white Persians for a couple of reasons. You may fall in love with a cat, even with health issues. Age appropriate vaccines, complete vet inspection. Its coat is known to be glossy, long, silky and can come in the following colors:  white, black, blue, cream, red and chocolate. So you don't end up one of these people please buy a book and do LOTS of research on them before getting one. A poor diet will reflect in a dull, shedding, shabby coat. a pure-bred persian will set you back a bit, maybe around £450 - £500. Specializing in Doll Face Persian Kittens for Sale since 1989 – A+ rating with the BBB! Below is some information about their price, where to buy a Persian kitten, as well as details on their characteristics and personality. Age and sex also factor into the price of the Persian cat. A health guarantee will protect your investment upon adoption. You may not be looking to breed your Persian cat, but that probably won’t change the price you pay for it. If you are one of those people that crave originality in life, you have arrived at the right website. You can fill that application out by clicking HERE. The average cost of a Persian cat is $1300 – $1500 for kittens and $600 – $1800 for adults. Reputable breeders should include a health guarantee that lasts up to 90 days, and this is going to protect the person adopting from paying vet bills if the cat has any health problems. While cats are notorious for being adventurous creatures, you will still worry about them going... Hi there, and welcome to FAQCats. With anything you purchase in life, the geographical location will play a role. Cheaper Persian cats might have known health issues or a flaw in the fur. The Persian is one of the most popular cat breeds among pet lovers. Age appropriate vaccines, complete vet inspection. Pretty Boy is a very attractive male Persian/Domestic Medium Hair who was born about 3/2007. It also means that you’re saving your new pet from a life in a cat and will become its new best friend. One thing is for sure: Persian cats are certainly show stoppers, but show stoppers come with a hefty price tag. They only choose healthy cats to become breeding stocks. A website like OLX shows the different prices of Persian cats so that you can see the picture of the cat and the price. Sorry, we do not hold kittens on verbal promises. Being higher or lower than the usual price might be a red flag. Best GSP breeders & websites, The Important Reasons Why You Need to Buy Dog Foods. White Persian Kittens | Blue Eyed White Persian Kittens | White Persian Cats | White Kittens | #whitepersians, #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #persiankittensforsale #dollfacepersiankittens #kittens #persiankittens #teacupkittens #cats #persiancats #persians #cat #kitten #cutekittens. my persians in the past havent been the nicest cats, so i dont highly recommend a pure persian. However, this very low price comes with health risks, uncertainty about its origin or the possibility of other defects as kittens at this price point are commonly unregistered. We do not work with any third party transport companies. Browse Persian kittens for sale & cats for adoption. If you want a young female, the price may be even higher because the cat will have more time to have kittens. Don’t settle for imitations, it could cost you thousands and a broken heart in the long run. Is the environment they’re living in clean? How healthy is the cat? The Persian has a very special appearance: a large and rounded head, a short face, an upturned nose, chubby cheek, ears with rounded tips and large round eyes. They only need to be fed regularly, given toys or feathers to play with and most importantly, a lot of love. What could be better than that? The first answerer is wrong, and doesn't seem like a very nice person at all! Also, cats with a rare color or pattern can fetch a higher price tag as well. Such kittens are more expensive, around $1300 – $3000/ kitten. Don’t forget the recurring costs such as food, cat litter and routine/unexpected vet visits. Your email address will not be published. Check these shelters on a weekly basis to see if any Persian cats have come in for adoption. Our Kittens are healthy and well socialized, ready to go at 3-4 months old. A Persian's coat must be fully combed at least EVERY OTHER DAY ALL YEAR LONG to prevent matting. A Persian doll face, a popular “type” some search for, can cost $500 to $850, for instance. Doll-face Persians, on the other hand, have rounder faces and standard pointed snouts. This will ensure that you’re doing all that you can to avoid getting scammed. You will also have yearly vet fees, or perhaps more often. I have had her for a month now and she is so loving and easy to care for, she likes to be brushed and I enjoy doing it for her. The man who brought her to the shelter asked that she be euthanized because she was not taking care of herself and he said she was ugly. There are lots of things to consider when looking to get a Persian cat, and the price is a significant consideration in that decision. We already talked about breed, sex, and location. They do require frequent combing and cleaning around their eyes. Why Are Female Persian Cats More Expensive, The color, age, and orientation of the Persian cat make the price different in every situation, but you’re looking at the cost of ₹8,000 to 25,000. Over 75% of white Persian cats are deaf and we have found that our clients wish to have their kitty's hearing intact. Champion lines. What would the price range likely be like? Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair Persian Kittens also available! With their flat faces a simple cat cold can easily turn into a full blown URI. This, of course, can create more demand, increasing the costs. Originating in Asia, the Persian was brought to Europe in the 17th century and soon became a favorite pet in Western countries. Here, you can mingle with other breeders to discuss their upcoming litters. Don't get fooled. Several factors affect the price, which is why there is such a broad range of prices. Annual check-ups are a great idea, but you also might need emergency care or flea medicine. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The easiest way to get the best price on a Persian is if your Persian cat is not purebred, which means the parents are not entirely Persian. Persians do not like noisy places. Cat food, toys, grooming tools, and maybe even an outfit you’re, Is Adopting Or Buying A Persian Cat Better, link to Why Do Cats Cry Like Babies - Myths & Explainations, link to How Long Do Cats Go Missing For - Finding Lost Cats. Persian cats are not a particularly active cat breed. Price of Persian kittens for shows or competitions. In saying that, they are gorgeous creatures :) xXx, Honestly We don't think that it really matters to most guys. You can do a lot of research before you even start calling any breeders. What Else Affects The Price Of A Persian Cat? Email me, i will send you a link with available kittens. Join millions of people using Oodle to find kittens for adoption, cat and kitten listings, and other pets adoption. How much should a white persian kitten cost? Email me, i will send you a link with available kittens. Many breeders will charge a high price. A cat with PKD can end up in renal failure as four years old. Spending any more than that just doesn't seem rational. Only pay for shipping if you know the seller. Cat Breeds List says the average cost can be between $500 and $700. Be prepared to take care of a baby for 15-20 years. But I have never owned more beautiful or affectionate cats. We do NOT buy and resell our kittens (All cats/kittens listed on this website are born, bred and raised right here in our home) 2.) Rs 14,000 Persian punch face. The fluctuation in price depends on many factors such as where their breeder locates, where the owner lives (it is widely believed that Persians cats in East Coast are more expensive than ones in Central and West Coast), the breeder’s reputation, their lineage, age and color. Older cats can commonly be found at shelters such as the Humane Society. Rs 8,000 Grey smoky Persian kittens triple coat.

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