Security camera video shows Sophie walking through the neighborhoods. She was an ice skater in her childhood. Barberie works for the prevention of cruelty to animals and has nine pets of her own—all of whom she has adopted from shelters. Her segments were always long and boring. Police suspect both men at the time were dealing in dark, dangerous and illegal underground activity. HANDS DOWN! Are you a wanna be Julie ? Julie fumbles her words, says things that don’t make sense, has a hard time transitioning from being personable and off the cuff to jumping into the weather report, she is redundant….”my friends”, “don’t forget your umbrella”, “my no mean’s is it”, “we are flirting with”… not to critize her because I am sure that it isn’t easy to speak, live without flubbing a word and to cram everything into a short segment while also trying to be personable… My point is that Vivian may need more air time to be as smooth as those who have been on air for year and years and I believe she deserves and has earned the opportunity to move into the FT spot. Interesting news. Otherwise, she’s dumb as a bag of dirt and has the mentality of a retarded cheerleader. She has a speech impediment? She is night and day from when she started. [4], Beginning in February 2014, she co-hosted Midday Live with John Phillips on 790 KABC in Los Angeles, airing from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm. 40. scratch that December date we gave you before, WSVN meteorologist Julie Durda will be saying goodbye to viewers this Friday at noon. [citation needed]. [2] She hosted the syndicated reality series EX-treme Dating. I heard WSVN pays peanuts. Plus everyone in SFL knows how cheap WSVN is and how hard they work their employees. Detective Jennifer Saint-Jean: “It’s very prevalent in South Florida and, unfortunately, it’s so easy to get entangled into it and not even know necessarily right away that you’re involved in it until you’re so deep into it that you don’t know how to get out.”. A poster shows what she might look like, but what it doesn’t show is the kind of life she might be living. She is always well put together for her weather updates. Or therapy. She gave birth to a boy, Rocco Rio Reynolds on January 11, 2010. They stop at 7am when their network shows start. The public may view the reports by going to and clicking on "FCC Public File," or by visiting the FCC's website at, Body of missing Virginia man found in car trunk after suspect crashes on Palmetto Expressway, Disney’s Animal Kingdom announces birth of endangered white rhino, Churches raise enough to erase $26.2 million in medical debt for about 20,000 families, Restaurants and organizations offering free food. The news anchors get the opportunity and so should she. What can I look at? I disagree. All reports state Julie did not renew with WSVN. The lines that she has a better offer for more cash and less drama from WSVN. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I also like the idea of Viv being promoted to weekday morning weather. In my opinion, Vivian Gonzalez, would be the ideal and best choice to succeed Julie Durda. I won’t watch 7 any more. Follow me on Twitter: @FeliciaCombsTWC Follow … HOW THE HELL WOULD U NOW,VIVIAN IS BETTER!! 9NEWS. The guy has a serious crush on her. You jealous Diana ? By. Detective Jennifer Saint-Jean, Fort Lauderdale Police: “I think about it all the time.”. People who demeaned her are envious of her . She will either be moving this weekend or enjoying an early start to her non-compete clause in SFL “hence her talk about vaca’s on FB”.

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