Silk road

A fly Below the Saksaul A white line A dead camel, bones Ants, on the rotten skin Barren horizon, a moon Tracks into space, concrete, Industrial wasteland, very far to Aral Miles of freight trains to Russia go along the flat lakes with the millions of birds Fresh water from Pamir to Kattakurgan I take my Cabrio ride with my maps, clock, glass First to Sharshara Tandyr-Kebab caraway lamb and pine and then Over the pass with the Chinese traders to Fergana I buy a grey quail, a chukar partridge, a golden oriole, a vulture, a warbler and an owl, Let them go to their homes I buy the fine painted porcelaine of Rishtan A rusty Kalashnikov in Margilon was whispered Eat the herbs with citrus salad in Kokand With Uzbek cats And Vodka and Chai With the Georgian lady Smoking Under the territorial roofs of the state of the Khan 26.04.2020 Tbilisi

2021-03-05 19:49:57