Cryptoart NFT "Blue Crypto Riders" by HANS


GIF "el artista descentralizado" by HANS on @zero________one #GIF #cryptoart #NFT
GIF “el artista descentralizado” by HANS on @zero________one #GIF #cryptoart #NFT

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What is  CryptoArt ?

Cryptoart are rare digital artworks that exist on the blockchain.

They can be collected, traded and transferred between wallets.

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Read here, how I started with “Crypto Art”

1/1 NFT “Shock” on Superrare
12/12 “INTERGIF” on ZeroOne
“Black, flat” 1/1 auf Superrare,-flat-46806
“BERLIN” on ZeroOne

Dartlo Rider Y on SuperRare

“Neo” from 2019 on KnownOrigin
“Crypto Artist” on ZeroOne
1/1 “Dawn over Berlin” on Foundation


Since the Ordinals Theory by Jason Rodarmor its possible to inscribe data on individual sats. ( 1 Bitcoin = 100 Million Sats (Satoshis))

Here is a selection of works I inscribed since on Bitcoin.

1/1″Selfie by Hans” on Bitcoin Link

1/1 “CryptoArt” on Bitcoin Link

"Red Shock" 1/1 ordinal by HANS HEINER BUHR
1/1 “Red shock” on Bitcoin Link
Bitcoin Selfie
“Bitcoin Selfie” 1/1 Link
"Angel" by Hans Heiner Buhr
1/1 “Angel” Link
1/1 Ordinal "Ukraine Paratrooper" by HANS HEINER BUHR
1/1 “Ukraine Paratrooper” Link
The “Ukraine Paratrooper”, a painting I made in Amsterdam in 1992 has a story behind I tell here on Medium
1/1 Ordinal Batte Horse by HANS HEINER BUHR
1/1 “Battle horse” Link