Left, Two, Three, Art: Tron’s Manifesto

Nobody has the power over the images, nobody owns the world.

The digital wave has thrown the old reactionary art into a smoking shambles.

Our flowing consciousness follows the billions of pictures. From the first blink to the last dying gaze. These are the strong, unique and beautiful as terrible images that our existence does worth living:

Mother, the first Christmas, a great love, own children, a line in the desert or the sea’s horizon. The unexpected images enlighten us.

Against the reign of the banal, the stupidity and the greed. Art must return as reconnaissance invading the unknown spaces of Visibility.

Can it?

Real-time digital tsunami waves have conquered our realities. In milliseconds our weak physical focus fails to set the right attention.

Will only instincts choose the important images ? What makes their importance ? Images that provoke thoughts and images that enforce our decisions. New economies ?

Ongoing, adjusting our reflexes, we test new attention filters for stimulus amplification and noise reduction. Our consciousness is a consciousness in transition.

We urge the continued expansion of our critical sense. Give us a better awareness for all! See, reflect, evaluate, act.

Reality. Claim. Aesthetics. Action. Expectation. Ethics. Say. We have a visual right. Dancing the virtual.

We create, manipulate, govern. We shock and enchant the world with new images. Frames of individual decisions becoming waves of societal change.

We are artists without art, stumbling as aging trons through endless digital spaces. We dare for a new visual future.

Light of aesthetic information: Critical projectiles hurled by the angry fists of imagination and reason.

Hans Heiner Buhr, August 2009

Hans Heiner Buhr Tron's Manifesto
Hans Heiner Buhr Tron’s Manifesto