What is  CryptoArt ?

Cryptoart are rare digital artworks that exist on the blockchain. They can be collected, traded and transferred between wallets. Find my cryptoart here:  at at  at and at SuperRare (Read here, how I started with “Crypto Art”)

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Why is CryptoArt so avantgarde and the biggest revolution in art since Andy Warhol ?

There are several big advantages of cryptoart for the artist and the collector:

For the Artist:

To make a digital artwork unique by tokenizing it Produce, offer, sell and track the cryptoart to a truly global digital art market

For the Collector:

To discover a worldwide fast developing digital cryptoart market and to obtain artworks it in a few seconds Keep your collected works at no storage costs in your wallet Have your collected works always liquid for sale on the different platforms f.e. on Read this excellent post about scarcity and cryptoart by yin cao on Medium

Excellent post about the recent developments in the Crypto Art sphere

Discover some great cryptoart collections




How to tokenize (mint) it ?

As an artists you can apply to curated platforms f.e. or or mint on non-curated like and Here is an easy step by step:

“How to make money with digital art on Rarible” 

How to make Money on CryptoArt ?

Read here: The main new feature of CryptoArt on the blockchain is, that it is scarceunique and as a collectible valuable. Jason Bailey describes it very well on his ArtNome Blog: “A big problem with producing and selling digital art is how easily it can be duplicated and pirated. Once something is copied and replicated for free, the value drops and the prospect of a market disappears. For things to be of value they need to have scarcity. Blockchain helps solve this for digital artists by introducing the idea of “digital scarcity”:  issuing a limited number of copies and tying them back to unique blocks proving ownership.” Please read the full post “The Blockchain Art Market Is Here” here


How to start collecting cryptoart

You are new to cryptoart, blockchain and cryptocurrency like Ethereum and you got curious ?

Follow these simple steps:


  1. Install a wallet, for example the Trust Wallet on your phone
  2. t

  3. Buy some Ethereum from inside the Trust Wallet with your Credit Card
  4. t

  5. Go to the above mentioned websites and purchase your favorite cryptoart f.e. at or at SuperRare
  6. t

  7. Need help ?  Ask anyone on these Telegram groups – @SuperRare  or @knownorigin_io

  Buy and collect these rare unique #cryptoart works on SuperRare:   The artist in his studio, 2015

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